Work Smartly by Using SEO Diversity & EMD Recovery Tips

seo diversity

After major updates there is no doubt regarding spamdexing and low quality work that it will be caught and hit sooner or later by Google. So, it is essential to work according to the webmaster guidelines and more importantly is to work smartly rather than working hard and getting hundreds of low quality back links to the website. What we (webmasters) have learned after panda and penguin updates is;

“Google is much smarter than ever before and we have to be over smart”

Google is not compromising on unworthy links and content. We have seen the Panda and Penguin updates, LSI and EMD hits and there are many more to come. So, hundred dollar question is “how to tackle smartly with search engine spider” There are lots of suggestions like increasing social signals, writing quality content, mobile sites optimization, getting natural links, focusing on relevancy and relativity, markup validation, but at here I want to share one of the greatest ideas that is SEO diversity and it’s not a new thing for the SEOs.

On-Page Diversity

Keyword Diversity: First of all you want to know that what keyword diversity is because there are different explanations given by webmasters on this term. According to some it is the total number of link pointing to their site and some says that it is the total number of phrases for which my site is ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Actually it is the list of phrases you are playing with. I mean the terms you are optimizing via content or back link no matter by on-page or off-page optimization.

Keyword diversity in Content

Using Phrases for Diversity: Start by research work to find out related phrases and useful terms. Take advantage of different keyword research tools, Google & Bing suggestions, competitor websites, etc. Visit to get valuable information on this keyword research process. Now key is to phrases instead of focusing on core keywords. It’s an old practice to use many keywords variations to make the most of the core keywords and in 2013 these seems to be more useful when it comes to diversifying the keywords. For example for a service based business discount, cheap, affordable, services, hire, buy, purchase, are some general words used with the core keywords for diversity purpose and it will help to cover up the larger part of the industry.

Using Synonyms: Before LSI, using synonyms is one of the key tactics of SEO but now Google is considering the synonyms as the same words and playing with synonyms to diversify the keywords will not going to be easy. However, it definitely helps you if you mix it up with different phrases. I just want to add an example over here to clarify this point but not to promote any industry. For instance if you are dealing with sports clothing industry, using athletic and apparel in place of sports and clothing will definitely help you out and adding some general keywords will make the most of the diversity. The point of concern at here is relevancy, so use relevant synonyms and too much diversity can mystify the crawler so keep it to a certain limit.

Keyword diversity in Meta

Muzammil Hussain

Muzammil Hussain

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Muzammil Hussain

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5 thoughts on “Work Smartly by Using SEO Diversity & EMD Recovery Tips

  1. Hi Muzammil,

    Thank you very much for sharing this post. I totally agree with you. I believe that you need to plan your off-page strategy to get traffic from different sources and you have to promote your site by various off page techniques. One cannot just focus on simply one technique no matter how useful and credible that strategy is.


    1. Thanks Charles and i totally agree that you should include multiple channels for off-page optimization and that is one of the crucial factors to get success in post penguin and panda world.

  2. Hi Muzammil,

    Nice informative post buddy. I like the on page diversity & anchor text diversity points which you’ve explained nicely. Keep up the good work.