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It’s well known that link-building is one of the most important factors in SEO. It’s also well known that it’s not as simple as just building a link. Relevancy, content, link type and quantity are just some of the things that differentiate between an effective link and one that may actually do damage. At SMX East this past September I met a company called Sorezki and got a glimpse of their link-building platform, Linkr™. From the preview I saw then, I could tell that Linkr™ was a bit different than other link building services– and I recently had a chance to test the platform out and realize my hunch was correct.

Here are some highlights and top features of Linkr™:

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

Even before I got a short demo of the system, strolling around the platform was a breeze. Creating a linking campaign was simple (selected my domain, targeted country and search engine) as was adding my anchors and landing pages (easy upload of large files or hand entry).


Diverse Link Service Selection

Next, I ordered my links. Linkr™ offers 5 link types: Blog Comments, Bookmarks, Directory Listings, Forums and Q&A. A unique feature is that in the Blog Comments service you select the PageRank of the page the link will be placed on, and not just the PR of the domain.

After selecting which anchors and landing pages I wanted for each link type and the quantities, I placed the order and waited to see the results.

Only Published Links

My order (30 links) was complete within 25 days (the company commits to completing the order 30 days after you place it). I got an e-mail announcement that my order was completed, and I logged into the system to check the results. There’s a very straightforward full link report where I viewed a list of each link service I ordered, the links’ URLs (not hyperlinked), the comments made for each link and the PageRank of the placement. While I was checking the links I noticed that they were all published which, I later found out is Linkr™’s policy.

There’s a Link Warranty

Something that makes Linkr™ stand out is that all links come with a 30 day warranty. Every link in the report has a DISPUTE button next to it which I could click and then select my reason for disputing the link. The link would then be rebuilt at no further expense.

A nice treat was the 2 bonus links I received. When I asked Dana (a customer service rep who was my contact) what they were she explained that to ensure links are published by site moderators in time to meet order due dates, they often create extra links. If those get published they are given as bonus links, free of charge- it’s not often you get something for nothing.

High Link Quality

I was also informed by Dana that all links are built by trained link builders who are taught how to find relevant link placement, how to write great comments and who are fluent in the language they link in. This training was evident in the links I received- the comments were rich and relevant to the anchor and landing page of the link. I could actually understand what was written and the comments were certainly not generic sounding.

Informative Statistics

As soon as a link is built it starts getting tracked for Google Rankings and the information appears in a simple graph which makes it easy to see the correlation between link quantity and type and Google Rankings.

Linkr™ just moved into Alpha meaning it’s a great time to get started with the platform. To do so go to and request an invite.

Laura Cruz

Laura Cruz

Freelance Writer | Consultant at Laura Cruz Speaks
Laura Cruz is a freelance writer, speaker and online marketing consultant. She has been in the affiliate marketing world for over 11 years and now helps companies create comprehensive marketing plans.
Laura Cruz

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10 thoughts on “SEJ Linkr™ Review

    1. I wouldn’t describe it as natural because this post doesn’t show any examples of the links that were posted. It could be just another private link network

  1. Are the links on blogs & forums nofollow? I’d be interested in seeing an example as I am a bit dubious to the actual quality.

  2. I have a small clothing boutique and when I decided to ship internationally I knew I needed some help promoting my site on Google. That’s when I decided to give Linkr a try. I have to say one of the things I like about them is that they do not reveal their clients (or links built for their clients).. I really don’t want or need other online stores knowing how and from where I get my links.

    I’ve only been working with them for 3 months but from the reports I viewed thus far I can say that the links are organic, some are dofollow and some are nofollow. From what I recall from their terms they don’t have a dofollow links guarantee.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the nice review, is there a way to see the list of websites that you have on the Linkr system before making a financial commitment or a free trial to test the system? another thing I’m interested in is that, do you have any Australian website’s in the list?

    Best Regards,

  4. I recently tested Sorezki’s Linkr product and was very disappointed – I found the links to be low quality and incredibly over-priced.

    While I think that Linkr has potential – the interface is great and the concept is wonderful – the execution is lacking. I do not recommend this product to any SEO firms.

  5. Linkr looks great, someone emailed me their demo (the one on their YouTube channel) and I was very intrigued. It seems very user-friendly and easy to use, and I love the fact you receive a full report once the order is completed, the 30-days warranty is also encouraging. Can you tell us more about the kind of statistics Linkr provides?

  6. Hi Laura, do you have any idea if they’re planning on adding social media activities (likes, retweets etc’) to their services?

    I like the concept of this platform but am not currently interested in links from blogs and forums.