Internal Site Linking : An Easy Way to Improve Your Rankings

Taking care of your site internal interlinking is one of the easiest way to increase your rankings as that’s what you can totally get control of. Of course, this should be done with caution: I have previously mentioned webmasters’ experiments sharing that global internal anchor text change can lead to penalty.

So let’s see how you can easily increase your rankings for important phrases:

Step 1: Find your site sub pages that have some ranking potential: i.e. find pages that already rank in top 30-50 for competitive terms that are important and relative for your site.

Actionable tip: I use a new awesome tool SEMRush (previously reviewed by me at SEJ): just submit your domain name and it will collect all useful information for you: the keyword, it’s average Google search volume, your site URL that was found for that keyword and its position in Google.


Alternatively (and additionally), you can dig your Google Analytics (or other stats tool you are using), get the list of most powerful Google keywords your site receives traffic for, run them through rank checking tools and compile the list of your most promising URLs.

Step 2: Find more pages that are relevant to your most powerful pages. So once you have the list of the URLs and the keywords they rank for, find pages that also mention those keywords: run [ keyword OR keyword related term ] for each term and compile the list of relevant URLs.

Step 2

Step 3: Interlink your pages using your important anchor text: add relevant in-content links (that will be both useful to users and search engine crawlers) to your most promising pages to increase their current rankings.


Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty

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47 thoughts on “Internal Site Linking : An Easy Way to Improve Your Rankings

  1. At some point don’t we really just spin our wheels? The real true only way to get high ranking and earnings is to have a great site with content or services that people need and bookmark. Too much is made of the little things that seem to bump a site up just a few up. Lets be real and get to true site creation.

  2. Thanks smarty.I always knew the importance of internal building.But i have also seen certain webmasters just linking from every subpage to the homepage [ with different anchor text] – iam not sure if its a a good thing .

  3. great post but im still wondering if we can exist in a land filled with 301 redirects? can there be too much internal linking, sometimes even Wikipedia gives out external links for more detailed information.

    you can be too much to everyone and lose sight of why you have the website in the first place

  4. Arshad, people who systematically vary the anchor text to their home page just don’t understand search engine optimization. Sometimes it makes sense to change your anchor text, but if you’re optimizing through anchor text you’re doing it wrong.

    Good internal linking helps both search engines and visitors. The anchor text is important to both. People should not be agonizing over how much it helps with search.

  5. Ann – I thought that only the first link’s anchor text on a page held any value. Which would typically be in your navigation. Is that not true from your experience?

    If we link to our homepage in navigation with anchor text of ‘Home’ and then again on the same page inside the content with anchor text ‘keyword’ doesn’t just the first one count?

  6. @Jason, that’s a question that has no definite answer. From my experience, only 1st anchor text counts but then again, I’ve seen claims of quite the opposite opinion.

  7. @jason – I believe youre talking about the experiments that SEOScientist, David Eaves and Rand did. What i gathered from the experiments is that they cant really make a conclusive decision on whether it does or it doesnt.

    @Michael Martinez – would you recommend varying external link anchor text (not too much but a little) to make links look more natural?

  8. doesn’t this still (just about always) come down to pure logic? if the link over to another page will benefit the user and enrich their experience or offer more information, can’t we use that as the final measure of whether or not to do something on our site?

  9. Thanks for a great post, Ann. We’re real believers in internal links. Thanks too for the tip on SEMRush.

    Question – if a website is small (under 10 pages) and wants to rank for 3-4 target keywords, does it hurt their se rankings to create global links for those target terms that all point to the homepage? Typically we create internal links that point to relevant sub-pages, but with a site this small, we figured the best approach would be to target the homepage with internal links since (i) the homepage is the strongest ranking page of the site and (ii) it is relevant to the keywords.

    We welcome any feedback.

  10. Nice post with excellent information – too many so-called webmasters just don’t realize the importance of internal linking, especially for high competition keywords where every aspect of SEO is more important.

  11. Typically we create internal links that point to relevant sub-pages, but with a site this small, we figured the best approach would be to target the homepage with internal links since (i) the homepage is the strongest ranking page of the site and (ii) it is relevant to the keywords.

  12. I have been doing some of this by accident. Smarty makes it look simple. Thanks for the explanation and tutorial.

    Even if your Google score does not improve, this will serve your readers well, and it helps navigation.

  13. Nice post
    I am not sure whether internal interlinking is the best way to achieve higher rankings. Personally
    I would recommend homepage optimisation, relevant keywords & content, a targeted marketing communication and implementation plan, effective e-marketing, clean code, database profiling….ect

    Who said “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”…

  14. You are so knowledgeable lady. Your every post is simply the best. I will certainly add your blog to my seo blog. If you please as i think you are better than me.

  15. Very useful info for all. I’ll try to practice it.
    How about the use of related post plugin?
    Is it give an effect too?

    Thanks before

  16. Thanks for this post. I have talked to a lot of clients that are trying to get their website ‘ranked’ and so much focus goes onto that without much focus on content and why people would want to come to their site in the first place. I will definitely have a look at SEMrush – sounds cool.

  17. Internally linking is very important. But I want to share my experience while working on product based sites.

    1. We are having almost 400 products on our website.

    2. Main Product page layout is done in such a way that users and crowlers can see links to all 400 products as well as the main product details.

    Now my question is if I am google-> : “product 1”

    Then I get almost all product pages in google search result. This is because we have a list of all products in every product details page.

    I still have good ranking in several search engines for few product details pages. But the above behavior is dangerous for my site or not??????

    I am confuse please help.

  18. Generally, internal linking experience has been that just as with backlinking it has to be done steadily and varying anchor text is vital to avoid Google penalization. Once this general rule is observed, some big benefits are seen.