27 Cringe Worthy Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

27 Cringe Worthy Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Having a website is kind of a big deal. Everyone from major corporations, local businesses, lifestyle coaches and artists require websites to not only sell products or services, but to keep visitors informed on the latest news, contact information, and provide customer service. In the 21st Century, it’s a crucial part of your business

One of the most important parts of a website is its design. But, how vital is a website’s design? For starters, 94% of people have cited design as the reason they do not trust a website. If people don’t trust your website, you’re losing out on customers or visitors. If you avoid stock photography and pre-made templates, you can earn visitors trust.

However, having a website that looks nice is only part of the equation. It needs to flow, load quickly, and be organized. It also needs to contain a purpose and relevant content for your niche and target audience. Finally, it has to be functional. If the email link on your website isn’t working, how can people contact you?

Albert Costill
Albert Costill is a co-founder of evolvor.com and a freelance writer who has written for brands like ForRent.com and Search Engine Journal. When he’s not writing and brainstorming content ideas, this New Jersey native spends his time traveling, blasting music, and keeping his chocolate lab at bay.

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16 thoughts on “27 Cringe Worthy Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Honestly, I’m not sure what the point of this piece is, other than to just be snarky. There are a million examples of horrible design to every one example of great design. No secret there.

    1. Hi Ron,
      Thanks for commenting. We published this post because we thought it was a fun look at unique design, some of which has gone horribly “wrong” and some of which that it actually working out for the designer/owner (as the commenter mentioning Ling’s Cars brought up).

      While I try to stay pretty relevant in the web design world, there were a few I hadn’t seen yet that Albert found. Just a good reminder that bad and good design is all around us, and most of us judge its quality based on our own preferences.

    1. Hi Marie,
      Thanks for commenting and reading SEJ! While most of our posts are designed to teach a thing or two (no matter what level of marketer/professional we are), we occasionally publish articles that are still of interest for our industry, even if it seems obvious to most.

  2. Wow, these websites are hilarious! Out of all of them I was surprised at number 20. John Procario, then I went onto the website to check out what was so bad about it. Once I was on the website there was nothing on there. There was no navigation, only the logo redirects you back to the main page. You know what else is great, sometimes when you click on the image, another image will show up instead. That’s a really great design.

  3. Erm Ling’s Cars is actually a very successful business and is a perfect example of how to rip up the rulebook when it comes to a building a successful website. While not easy on the eye, the actual content makes a lot of sense and they have also won awards for their live chat system.

    Your article makes snide comment on something you clearly haven’t researched properly.

    1. Hey Justin, I knew about Ling’s Cars and it still blows my mind how smart Ling is. While the purpose of this article was to be entertaining, we don’t mean any true harm to anyone who has a “bad” design that actually works for them. Just like interior design, it’s all dependent on the person living with it!

  4. I think I (sort of) figured out Number 20 John Procario. Once you go to the site and are on the homepage, click on one of the images. Then appears a slideshow with larger images. You have to click somewhere (anywhere) on the page and then use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move from left to right (and vice versa). Thanks Kelsey for the needed diversion! Oh, BTW, if I had loads of cash, I’d love to own some of the works of John Procario!