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Tool Time: A Breakdown of SEO PowerSuite [Sponsored]

First, an overview…

SEO PowerSuite consists of four software-based tools. They are laid out in an orderly, progressive fashion that takes you from point A – knowing where your site ranks – all the way to point Z – managing your linking strategy.

Step 1. Where do you rank? – RankTracker

Step 2. Get your site in shape – Website Auditor

Step 3. Make a plan – SEO SpyGlass

Step 4. Implement the plan – LinkAssistant

So let’s start at the beginning. Where do you rank?

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6 thoughts on “Tool Time: A Breakdown of SEO PowerSuite [Sponsored]

  1. Excellent tool, one of my favorites! Like it more than many web-based tools because of its accuracy (espessially when it comes to rank checking) and NO limits (when it comes to web tools like Moz etc, you’ll have to pay for each extra project, keyword, backlink, etc, but desktop tools like SEO Powersuite don’t have such limits)

  2. Good post Laura. Thank you for sharing.
    I was curious about:
    How are the four tools integrated with each other?
    And can one account allow multiple users?

    1. Hi Karan,

      The four tools are independent desktop apps, and each of them needs a registration key of its own. You can choose to buy them separately or as a complete SEO PowerSuite toolset. Buying in bulk reduces the cost per tool.
      One licence can be used on one computer at one time, so multiple users are not allowed.