Track Keyword Positions with BLVD Status

BLVD Status is a great free traffic analytics utility allowing for a number of great features, tracking search referrals and keyword positions being one of them. In short, it allows you to:

  • Watch search referrals real time;
  • Compare current and average search positions;
  • See conversions of each search term;
  • View all search referrals for any individual page;
  • In-depth stats for any of the search term you need to research.

Now, let’s take a brief look at how we can actually do that.

(“Live”) Search Referral Tracking:

BLVD Status offers real time traffic tracking and reports search referrals in a separate window. This window allows to quickly switch between several options as well as set filters:

  • View all search engines stats or select one of them (Google, Google Advanced, Google blog search, Yahoo, MSN/Live, Reddit,, Comcast);
  • View recent or all-time stats.
  • [For all-time stats only] Click between AVG and CUR to see average or current search position and compare them.

blvdstatus - average

  • [For recent stats only] See the page the person referred by the search listing landed on.

blvdstatus - recent stats

View All Search Referral for Any Page

Accessed via Site URLs -> In Depth, this feature allows to view all or recent search referrals and moreover,

  • Hits each referral has sent;
  • Each term position in SERPs;
  • Conversion of each one.

All in all, quite enough to judge about each word “effectiveness” (e.g. hits versus conversions).

blvdstatus - pages

More analytics tools that allow to track keyword positions:

Further reading on keyword position tracking (via external tools):

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14 thoughts on “Track Keyword Positions with BLVD Status

  1. I have been using BLVD Status for almost two years now (maybe more) but LOVE it and it only keeps getting better. Besides some of these sweet new additions, I have been talking with Chris Bennett (97th Floor) about some other ones they are working on that will make it even better. I suggest giving them a try – you will not regret!

  2. @Hamlet, still sitting home with my baby – no traveling so far. Just can’t have enough of her – so probably later :) But I’d love to meet you either!

  3. Hey Ann,

    It’s free. Needs to install it on my blog and have to do little research about it that how effective is this. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. @Ann Smarty Whenever I go to Site URLs > In Depth there’s an error… It used to just not provide the data, but now there’s an actual error message. An email to support resulted in no reply. Sounds like this problem isn’t happening to everyone, though. Weird. I agree, it’s a nice service – just wish it would work for us. Anyway, enjoying your blog posts, as always. Thanks.

  5. Ann,

    thanks for the mention of BLVD Status we really want to make it a for us by us kind of analytics tool. We have some killer new functionality coming out in the next week or so and I will make sure and get you a beta invite. We will be giving out more on the blog too.


    Please fill out our contact us on the site or email me at chris @ and we will have a programmer look at your specific situation.

  6. It’s free. Needs to install it on my blog and have to do little research about it that how effective is this. Thanks for sharing it.