Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

All tools listed below fall under the following criteria:

  1. they are all useful for SEOs;
  2. they are all web-based (no desk-top ones or FireFox extensions so far);
  3. they are all free.

If you know of any online SEO tools that were not mentioned here, please comment and I will update the post. I will do my best to continuously update the article to delete the tools that are no more available and add new ones.

Table of Contents:

1. Backlink Analyzing Online SEO Tools

Backlink Checkers






Back Links




(currently not working)



Link Hounds Yahoo Backlink Info
Checks links toPagePageDomainDomain, page, all deep links
Best featureFast and smoothKeyword-in-anchor-text searchMultiple sorting and filtering optionsData organization based on the linking domain
Anchor Text+++
Linking page outbound linksInaccurate+
Nofollow highlight++
Firefox Extension++
Sorting options+
Set Preferences++
Useful linkswhois data; site web archive; Google cache; linking pages.

More backlink checkers:

2. Keyword Research and Brainstorming Tools

Keyword Brainstorming Tools

Keyword Brainstorming Tools

Tools that help expand your keyword lists with synonyms, related terms and keyword phrases.

Tools/FeaturesWhat you will find there
Google SetsRelated terms (i.e. terms that are likely to appear in lists).
MSN clustering toolWord clusters (keyword phrases).
SearchradarTag clouds and keyword definitions.
Keyword MapRelated terms (synonyms and keyword phrases).
Urban DictionaryRelated terms (related synonyms and urban words).

Social Media Based Keyword Analyzers

Social media keyword research tools

Use social media sites to explore how people use and tag your core term, its popularity and related words.

Features/ToolsTweetVolumeTwitter related terms Facebook Lexicon
Data sourceTwitterTwitterDel.icio.usFacebook
How to use it.Compare up to 3 terms popularity.See your term in live context.See your term related tags.See how often your term is mentioned across FB walls.

Online Dictionaries and Glossaries that Help with Keyword Research

DictionaryWhat you can find there:
The free dictionaryYour keyword definition(s), set phrases/ idioms (use them to lighten up your writing style), examples of usage,


words of the same root (inflected words and derivations), thesaurus, classic literature mentions, keyword phrases, related acronyms.

WordnetDefinitions and sample sentences using your key term.
Rhyme ZoneRhymes (can be real fun to play with by the way), synonyms, antonyms.
Synonym.comKeyword synonyms and antonyms.
Cambridge online dictionaryEssential definitions and keyword phrases.
Meta GlossaryThe word definitions, related words and synonyms.
Reference.comYour core term synonyms and definitions.
Merriam-Webster dictionaryDefinitions and derived terms.

3. Domain Name Online Tools

Dynamic Tools for Domain Name Brainstorming:

Domain Name Brainstorming Tools

TLDs6 ( .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us)3 (.com, .net, .org)3 (.com, .net and .org)
Brainstorming helpdomain name suggestions based on your previous searches and related termsshows domain names one-character shorter than the one specifiedMixes the given keywords, suggests synonyms, adds prefixes and suffixes, shows both singular and plural versions, drops last vowel, checks for both hyphen- and non-hyphen versions

Additional domain name checkers and generators:

  • DomainsBot (dynamically checks the availability of domain names for 6 TLDs: .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .us);
  • InstantDomainSearch (dynamically and really fast checks the availability of domain names for 3 TLDs: .com, .org, .net);
  • DomainNameSoup (suggests alternative terms for your core term, has a handy typo generator, adds words before and after your term);
  • Suggest Name and (DotoMator) – has a fairly large database of available prefixes and suffixes that are sorted out in categories;
  • NameBoy (generates the list of domain names based on your primary and secondary (optional) terms).

4. On-Site Analysis Online SEO Tools

On-page Keyword Prominence Research Tools.

Online SEO tools that help analyze keyword on-page usage.

Element to analyze:RanksSEOworkersRankQuest
Title tag+++
Meta Description+++


Alt tags+++
Anchor texts+++
Bold text++
Text 1-, 2-, 3-word phrases1-, 2-, 3-word phrases1-, 2-, 3-word phrases

SEO Browsers

SEO browsers

Features/ Tools Domaintools SEO browserSEO Browser
General benefits
  • find prominent elements (keywords) of the page;
  • check page elements visibility and accessibility.
Additional featuresoptimization score and tips on improving itpage meta tags, domain IP address, header response, page size, total number of links, words and images,

One more great tool to see text-only version of the site: LynxView

Page Size and Load Time Checkers

page size checkers

Features/ToolsWeb Page Speed ReportPage Size Extractor
Total page size++
Imagestotal size of the imagestotal number and size of the images
JavaScript size+
CSS size+
Each page object size+
Download time+
Additional featureslist of useful recommendations on reducing size of particular elementstotal number of hyperlinks, full list of all links on the page

Additional Site Diagnostics Tools:

  • Bad Neighborhood Tool (scans external links on a page and detects ‘bad links’).
  • Search engine SPAM detector (detects a few types of black-hat tricks: hidden text, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, etc).
  • (Recently improved) Trifecta Page/ Site/ Power tool (allows only one search per day for non-pro SEOmoz members) – offers an exhaustive report on your site/ page power and ways to improve it.

5. Search Related Online Tools

Keyword Rank Checking Tools

Online tools that check any term(s) rankings across various search engines.

Rank Checking Tools

Most valuable rank checkers:

Features/ToolsSeoMoz Rank CheckerSearch Engine Forums ToolShoemoney Serps ScriptSEObook Rank Checker
best featureArchives the resultsChecks multiple termsFast and easy to useAdvanced search options (+ international data centers)
export the resultsYesNoNoNo
several terms at a timeNoYesNoNo
# of results checked10010~1001000
overall # of SEs4141
# of SEs at a time1141
link to the actual results pageYesNoNoNo
registration requiredYesNoNoNo
term of usePaid (with daily free 5 searches)FreeFreeFree
browser pluginYes (Browser Button)NoNoNo
main drawbacksWould be great if the history/reports could


be split into projects (i.e. domains checked) and SEs

Checks only top 10 resultsNo way to export/save resultsNo export feature.

Note: the tools may be checking different data centers, so the results can be slightly different from tool to tool.

More rank checking tools:

Tools that Compare Different Search Engine Results

Compare different search engine results

Features/ToolsPraseThumbshotsFuzz Find
# of SEs3 (Google, Yahoo, MSN)2 (Google and Yahoo)3 (Google, Yahoo, Live) (
Additional FeaturesSort by Google PR; start from any result;


set the min. PR to filter low-PR sites

Graphic representation of ranking differences.


Highlight the site you want to track

Sort the results based on


any Search Engine or

More search related tools:

  • Pagerank Search allows to sort Google search results by Google PageRank or by relevance.

6. Website Traffic and Demographics Report

traffic and demographics tools

Features/ToolsAlexa.comCompete.comGoogle TrendsQuantcast
Traffic unit of measurementpercent (compared to overall Internet users measured by Alexa)number of people(average)number of unique people/ number of visits
Time range3 monthsper month(average)per month / per week
Compare trafficup to 5 domainsup to 5 websitesup to 5 websitesNo
Demographics reportNoNoNo(U.S. only)


visitors’ gender distribution; age; household income; ethnicity; education.

Additional featuresShows traffic distribution across different countries; related websites; sites linking back to the one being checked(U.S. only)


Reviews time spent on site compared to overall time spent in the Internet by US people (average change in this metric); average time spent on site by one person; number of pages per one visit.

Reviews stats over different periods of time (e.g. past month, past year, in a given month/ yeah) on different territories (countries, states, cities). Besides, the tool will also show you “related” search queries and websitesShows audience composition (passers-by, regulars, addicts)
Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty

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363 thoughts on “Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

  1. @Software Testing : I think I should definitely add Google PR section, thank you.

    As for the second part of your comment, ALL SEO FireFox extensions will be reviewed in my next huge overview (like I said in the beginning of the post, here I review only web-based tools).

  2. @ Ann, Thank you! I am waiting for that Huge post, it is one of my requests in some earlier posts :) Thanks again!

    Forgot to mention about – a free broken link analyzer. the report generated via this tool is really good when compared with the desktop tool, Xenu.

    Excuse me if i am off-topic :)

  3. @Software Testing: actually this post is the first part of the overall tool collection… so stay in touch :)

    Linktiger reg page is unavailable for me now… but I will surely check it out – thank you!

    @Jim: corrected, thank you!

  4. Great list Ann (as usual) :)

    It was a bit of a hurried launch before my holiday, but we released a new tool to query the new Google Safe Browsing API. It sends you an email or RSS alert if your site(s) are blacklisted.

    Not sure what category that would fall under but maybe useful for future tool posts. It’s a fairly large spanner in the works for any SEO strategy if Google has warned off all the traffic! :)

  5. @Nick : sounds great – I’ll check it out!

    @SEO/SEM blog : I’ll add a section for best free traffic tracking tools – thanks tons for the suggestions.

    As for iwebtool, can it do anything more than just showing the number of backlinks?

  6. @Ann Smarty It’s all it does:P
    I thought about other tools like, and
    The last one is really good to check how a website looks in text only web browser.

  7. – added – added

    as for I will need to look into it.

    Oh! and thank you tons btw

  8. I am an avid user of SEObook’s rank checker. I am not following why you say the product can’t export results… because it can. Also it is a browser plug in. Am i missing something?

  9. Ann, check out PageRankBot, mentioned @ Its an internal link structure analysis tool.

  10. We have used many of these and find some a waste of time and others very useful – thanks for consolidating into one list

  11. Anne – fabulous list! This is why “premalinks” exist.

    One (minor) criticism: your table column on the SEOBook Rank Checker tool appears to be inaccurate. It’s easy to check up to 100 search phrases at a time across G-Y-M and export the results to CSV. It identifies the highest-ranked page for each key term on each engine, and runs as a browser plugin.

    Are we talking about the same tool? This is one of my favorites.

  12. @Tom : like I said, SEObook rank checker and SEObook rank checking FireFox plugin are two different things – they exist separately. In this exact post I was reviewing the web-based tool, in the upcoming article on FF plugins I will surely review SEObook plugin (the one that has export feature)…

  13. No. Don’t add a section for PageRank tools. :-) It’s long past the time that people stopped obsessing about that little green bar. It does more damage than it is worth.

  14. Ann … Another excellent Post!

    The TouchGraph Google Browser is a great tool to gain a visual depiction of the relationship for a search term to sites in Google … It’s online and it’s free, yet it does require Java to run … once you use it … I think you’ll really love it …

    What a great post.


  15. @Bob,
    Re: – out of all their tools, is their any you would specifically recommend? I checked a few and wasn’t impressed so far. Thank you for the contribution!

    @Edward Beckett,
    Re: TouchGraph – did it work for you? It kept killing my FireFox one I pushed “Graph it”.

  16. Great collection of free tools. I use many of these and I would recommend them as well.

    For keyword ranking, there is a brand new free one that you don’t have here at that lets you check multiple words at once, and it’s a very nice looking site.

  17. @load balancing : thank you for your contribution! I’ve added seochat PR search. requires Google API, so I hesitate if I should add it. Webceo is a desktop tool.

  18. @Ann Smarty: the API key is free! also add to create xml sitemaps for google webmaster tools. and there was a webinar a few weeks back where google have a tool that gives you the ability to split test designs for conversion purposes just by adding a bit of google generated javascript on your pages which i intend to use shortly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. The tool is the cleanest easiest to use SEO Browser I have seen.

    I really enjoy the ease of navigation, but I did not like how it was a web application and not a true internet browser. Some one needs to make a browser from the Firefox source code. Social media has theirs, Flock is a neat browser. Um… maybe someday it wil be worth it for to do that. but not now.

    However, the “Link Stats” tool in this SEO Browser is not what I would call consistent. They give you back links from Live, Google, and Yahoo.

    But the queries they use are not the types. For example on Google they do a search for links but then negate all the internal links. But on Yahoo they do not negate internal links. Which is not a consistent comparison.

    Now on Live, all they search for is a the domain. No special query, at least not one they are showing us. And the numbers are way off.

    Thanks for the post Ann, I loved how organized and deep your research was.

  20. I tend to ue Yahoo Site Explorer for backlink checking but one of the things that bugged me is that it’s difficult to aggregate the results in Excel.

    I found that many sites have most of their links from one or two sources so I wanted to aggregate up to find those sources.

    I wrote a small simple tool to take the .tsv file and aggregate the data based on the domain.

    I hope you find it useful – if you have any comments or feature requests then please let me know.


  21. @ Gregor, I tried your tool and got the following error :-(

    “Oh dear. Something has gone wrong. Make sure that the file is in the right format. If it is, then I give up!”

  22. Anny, I noticed you didnt really mention the google analytics.
    I find its a pretty good graphic tool to research were the traffic
    is originating from, ie. direct, email, search engine, ect…
    I also like to use the website for a quick
    density check. Although I think the values on that site are not
    accurate they do give me a good quick look.

  23. Here’s my SEO toolkit: toolbar+site
    back link analyzer
    yahoo site explorer
    a little elbow grease and research!

  24. What a great list of tools, thanks!

    I just developed a free web based domain name generator tool at I invite everyone to please check it out and give me any feedback as to how I could improve it! It’s got tons of word lists to use and with a few clicks you can look up large lists in batches of 300 through Dotster. You can also look up batches of 500 in GoDaddy (which is a little awkward due to GoDaddy’s set up, but I think it’s important to offer a GoDaddy option).

    Also, you can customize the search by adding your own keywords. I hope that it’s truly a useful tool and I will keep improving it.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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  28. I’ve hugely improved so that when you do a domain generation of words, from a few to thousands, it now checks them all on godaddy and actually shows you what is available easily in one screen. Then you can just click the boxes for the ones you want. It’s INFINITELY better than it was when I first posted about it :-) Please check it out for domain name generation using hundreds of word lists and the ability to use your own keywords.

  29. What a great list of online SEO tools, thanks!. It has helped a lot in supplying me with very important and necessary information.

  30. Thanks Ann for the wonderful list

    Thanks Mercy for the addition, although Trifecta was down when I went to check it out. But I’m impressed with their description so I shall be checking it out soon.

  31. You should also try the free seo analysis sessions that some of the SEO services consulting firms give out from time-to-time. I find software is helpful if you already know the SEO basics. But for others, they really need someone to explain it to them. It’s like the difference between taking a class online vs from a real professor. More interactive and human is always better. Plus, you can’t ask software questions….

  32. I work with SEO Elite to find backlinks. It works OK and once you buy it – it is yours. They do updates too no charge. Monthly service fees on backlink search sites gets expensive – like cable rental.

  33. hi Ann,

    A little late in the party here, and certainly am not in for link spamming either. My question is genuine: I am wondering if you know of any tool that can help extract title, meta keywords, and meta description into excel. Thank you in advance!

  34. Ho RKA, I need some clarification: do you mean extracting meta-data from one page or from whole site? Your site or the one that doesn’t belong to you?

  35. Google and other search engines put a lot of importance on online media reports. If a website was featured in, or other major online publications, it will rank much higher than the sites which have hundreds of link-farm-generated links. Does anybody know of a good list of PR firms specializing in online publicity? Publicity Guaranteed ( looks like an attractive option, as they only charge for the results, without any retainers or hourly rates; however they don’t do online-only publicity. seems to be the most comprehensive database of publicists and I posted there my RFP for publicists to bid on, but all resulting bids included traditional media. If I had a larger budget, I wouldn’t mind good coverage in traditional media, but I only seek publicity for my SEO campaign, so I need online publicity only

  36. No. Don’t add a section for PageRank tools. :-) It’s long past the time that people stopped obsessing about that little green bar. It does more damage than it is worth.

  37. Amazing !
    Good list ! I’ve been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your posts.

  38. This is a great list of SEO tools. We have a great list on our site as well. ………..

    Do check us out for your site’s analysis. You can see what is needed for getting targetted traffic to your site and rank higher in search engines for your keywords.

  39. This post will help me a lot to get my new self help WordPress blog to start ranking higher in the search engines. I am applying one of your techniques right now as I leave a comment, so others can see that this works. All that is needed is being willing to help yourself to become a self-taught expert in anything, including SEO.
    Thanks a lot

  40. I recently finished a tool that I thought might be a great addition to this page.

    The tool lets you see what a web page might look like in searches based on the page meta-title, meta-description, URI, bold search phrases, line wrapping, and more. I’ve never seen such a tool, but have often wanted one, and think it might be a great resource for web developers as long as they can find out about it!

    It’s located at:

  41. I am looking for a website analyzer tool that is online and will output a simple one page health check if you will giving me a score based on its findings

    any thoughts?
    pls email me

  42. Research and Engineering Center is a fast growing software engineering company established in Wroclaw in 2007, with roots back to the year 2000. Our offices are located in Wroclaw in the south of Poland and in Koszalin in the north; we currently employ over 100 engineers. We are an IT outsourcing company with wide range of services including technology and solution consulting, program and project management, software design, software development, digital signal processing, web design, software testing and quality assurance, system and software integration and maintenance services.

  43. Thanks for this wonderful post. I was looking for this information but couldn’t get it. No way now its all because of you that I got it. I hope people will gain a lot from this post.

  44. I use the following service to grab some extra domain names and relevant keywords to use on my page.

    Its good to use a lot of synonyms because the engines understand them and they provide a more interesting reading experience.

  45. I liked the list of back link analysing tools. Immensely useful for the beginners like me. Thanks a lot!

    Please delete the previous comment. I have misspelled my website name.

  46. I liked the list of back link analysing tools. Immensely useful for the beginners like me. Thanks a lot!

    Please delete the previous comment. I have misspelled my website name.

  47. At iNamics, one of the biggest challenges we face constantly is educating our clients. When it comes to SEO, they question the degree and type of work we must do in order to optimize their web pages. Also, a lot of the time, we encourage clients to help, to save them money, such as writing their own copy and registering their site at directories while sitting in front of their TV at night. Your list of tools is a great help in this effort, and we will direct them to your page to help them and us on all these fronts. Thanks Ann.

  48. 20 Free Page Analysis Tools

    By Anand Saini

    When developing and maintaining websites, analysis plays a significant

    role in maximizing the effectiveness of the site. There are a number

    of resources and tools for analyzing web pages, and this post looks at

    20 of the best free tools for this purpose. Almost all of them require

    no account or download to be used.

    There are a variety of different tools represented here. Some will

    analyze one specific aspect of a page and others will give an overall

    grade to the page as a whole. Most of them will help you with your SEO

    efforts. Try a few of them that looking interesting and helpful.
    Website Grader from HubSpot and

    1.Website Grader is one of my favorite tools on the list because of

    how helpful and usable it is. You’ll get a lengthy report broken into

    various sections with an evaluation of the page and recommended

    changes. While the grade is helpful to know where you stand, the

    suggestions are more valuable because they help you to identify areas

    for improvement, and many of them can be pretty simple.

    2.Trifecta from SEOmoz

    One of the more unique tools in this list, Trifecta will analyze a

    page, a blog, or an entire domain based on slightly different

    criteria. Trifecta will produce numbers based on a variety of factors

    and it will give you an overall score. Without a pro membership you’re

    limited to one report per day.

    3.Spider Simulator from Summit Media

    This tool will give you a good idea of how search friendly you site

    is, and it will also give you a percentage rating. It bases the rating

    on factors like meta tags, use of headers, images and alt tags, load

    time, and links.

    4.Web Page Analyzer from

    This free tool will give you plenty of information to work with. It

    will test how long the page takes to load, how many objects are on the

    page, the size of the objects and more. The most helpful part of the

    report that is produced is the “Analysis and Recommendations” section

    where it will list 11 aspects of the page and give you a rating. Red

    items are warnings, yellow items are cautions, and green items are


    5.SEO Analysis Tool

    Get a lengthy and detailed report from this tool. It will analyze

    things like your meta tags, keywords, and anchor text on the page.

    It’s a good resource for getting a nice overall look at the SEO of

    your page.

    6.The Escape’s Web Page Analyzer

    This tool will help you to identify problems with heading structure,

    links, use of keywords and content. It’s not as detailed of a report

    as some of the others, but the information that’s provided is helpful

    and it features a better presentation than most other tools.

    7.Seed Keywords

    Seed keywords offers a “plain English SEO review” that analyzes

    certain aspects of a page and makes recommendations. It provides a

    basic explanation of why elements that are analyzed will impact the

    SEO of the page.

    8.Web Page Analyzer from

    This tool gives you a general overview of the page and a number of

    specifics that have been analyzed. Like many of the other tools, it

    will analyze your meta tags and make suggestions if it finds that any

    improvements are needed. It also looks at the size of the page and the

    load time, keywords in the anchor text of the page, keywords in alt

    tags, and the keyword density.

    9.Spider Test from We Build Pages

    The Spider Test tool will give you a quick, simple look at how your

    page appears to search engines. It will show the page title,

    description, keywords, size of the page, the text of the page, and


    10.Web Page Analyzer from Webmaster Toolkit

    This Web Page Analyzer will allow you to specify a URL and a targeted

    phrase for search engines, and it will give you some feedback on how

    well the page is optimized for this phrase.

    12.Link Appeal from Webmaster Toolkit

    Do you want to see if a certain page (on your site or on someone

    else’s) is valuable place from which to get a link? Enter the URL and

    it will give a score based on a few factors like PageRank and number

    of outbound links.

    13.Full Page Test from Pingdom Tools

    This tool from Pingdom will analyze a number of aspects of the page,

    including load time, objects, CSS, RSS, redirects and more.

    Enter a URL and a targeted keyword or search phrase and you’ll get a

    basic report that will give you an indication of how well you are

    doing in competing for that phrase.

    15.Web Page Speed Test from Self SEO

    This is a simple way to see how your pages compare to those of other

    sites. You can enter up to ten URLs to test at one time, which makes

    it easy to see how your pages stack up.

    16.Similar Page Checker

    Help to detect and avoid duplicate content penalties from search

    engines by comparing two pages to see how similar they are, from the

    perspective of a search engine. If they’re too similar you can make

    modifications to distinguish them and avoid having them seen as


    Dead links can be extremely frustrating for visitors, but checking for

    dead links can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, this tool will

    allow you to enter a URL and it will crawl through the site and look

    for links that return 404 pages.


    The Firebug add-on for Firefox provides a number of development tools.

    For the purposes of analysis, Firebug will allow you to monitor and

    debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from within your browser.

    19.YSlow for Firebug

    Another Firefox add-on, YSlow will analyze your page to make

    suggestions for how you can speed up the page. YSlow is integrated

    with Firebug.

    20.Google Webmaster Tools

    Google provides a number of helpful analytical reports within

    Webmaster Tools. You can see which phrases your ranking well for, what

    pages are causing problems for Google when crawling your site, which

    pages are getting the most links, and much more.

    21.Web CEO

    Web CEO is a full suite of premium tools for optimization and

    analysis; however, there is also a free version available for

    download. The free tools will help you to get started with optimizing

    your site according to its recommendations. With the free version you

    can get keyword suggestions for your site, optimize your pages, check

    your rankings, and more.

    1. First of all, thank you Ann for the great list and the effort. Some of the services are out of reach nowadays, but I noticed the article is from 2008. Nonetheless there are still some extremely useful ones still available, that I didn’t know about.
      Also, thank you Anand. I found few services in your list that I’m really interested in,

  49. hmm, really i dont know what is your blog tells and describe about, i just nubie blogger that have big dreams to make a famou and potential blog, i wish you support me,

  50. Thought your readers might be interested in a new domain names search tool available at The tool shows domain names available for the most popular searched Google queries. There is also a widget available at

    Here are some comments about the tool…
    1. Awesome tool that I’d never heard of before this
    2. Seems better than using Nameboy which has been around for quite a few years.
    3. Very interesting tool indeed! And could be very helpful. For those who look for free domain names there are many applications that can help but this search engine is something new for me – I have not seen one yet. I must congratulate the idea, seems to be fine piece of mind-work that gave outstanding results. Now when this tool is available many will benefit from its existence
    4. This is indeed a very nice tool to check for a perfect domain name, something I’ve never heard before

  51. Thanks for the post, i had a few mixed results from the list of backlink checker tools though, there is a great little tool somewhere on the web which tells you which links are counting in which search engine and what the pr of the page is, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore

  52. wow, this is just great, i think there’s no need for me to add SEO tool coz it seems you have evreything written here, and your site is a great help for me, thanks for the tips and info..

  53. This comment is my idea, hope I don’t mess the party:

    1. Keyword Brainstorming Tools are interesting tools for key phrases research.

    2. All the other tools are good to have – it is more for curiosity than anything else. .

    The best tools for searching titles for articles are –
    1. Your Brain (of course)
    2. Google external tool
    3. inanchor/intitle(for competition)
    4. Taking ideas from other websites
    5. Google insight + Google trends.

    Suggest to leave page rank and other tricks for others. You get the PR anyway if you’d do a good job.

    Of course the structure of the site is important too. agin sorry that I interrupt the serious of “great post” remarks.

    p.s. key-phrases-variations is one of the best tools. (hey, it is not a site.. it is an SEO trick).

  54. Know that is a list of tools. Here is one to think about how come there is no one company that can package just the simple tools needed to help with you website .

  55. I know I’m a bit dizzy when it comes to building websites, but you’d think there would be more out there for learners or newbies, I think the term is.

    Sandra x

  56. HI. I don’t know if I at the right place to ask this question.

    I am rather new at being on the internet with my business. Starting slowly with a very smiple website, that I refer people to by doing a mail piece.

    Several weeks ago, in passing, a friend said that there was a way of finding out who many searches for a given category com in to a defind area. As an example: How many visitors to the web are looking for a steak house in Salem, Oregon. Or, how many people are looking for – dental, dentists – in
    Tacoma, Wa. Is there a program that I can get to accomplish this?

    Thanks for your help

    John stoecker —-

  57. Great list of tools. Thanks. Most of these are helpful, but really insufficient for developing a really good SEO link structure. For anyone interested in learning more about cutting edge SEO strategy, check out this site:

    This group is really doing amazing work.

  58. I’m always looking at ways to improve the pages of my sites and their SEO site structure in general. In the past I have paid for some tools and used other free options. To be honest, a lot of what’s offered can just add to the overwhelming experience of SEO, and many tools have bells and whistles that are totally unnecessary.

    The ‘Ultimate Collection’ above however, seems to be carefully selected and I look forward to going through them all over the coming days. Thanks for posting them Ann.

    Andy (Thailand)

  59. Hello Ann,
    why don’t you add it is a free tool for webmasters that controls your backlinks. It is very useful. I am a frelic addicted because every now and then it founds some webmaster that removes my backlink or inform me about some website that has gone. It is completely free.

  60. I wondered if anyone might be able to help…

    I am looking for a tool that I can enter, say, 100 domains, and the tool will fetch how many backlinks each of those domains has…

    I dont need the locations of the links, just the quantity…

    Anyone have any ideas?

  61. I’d like to add a few to the list: – great tool for determining how clean your page is from a programming standards perspective

    – google analytics – a must have in terms of understanding traffic to your website a good way to understand how “readable” your content is. – how many pages have each of the major search engines indexed? – is your page mobile phone ready?

  62. I'd love to really see a similar list for payware tools as well…it seems so difficult finding widespread opinions or ratings for them and I'm wondering if there are any that are truly worth their cost. If anyone has tried either Market Samurai or Advanced Web Ranking I'd be very eager to know how you feel about their usefulness and value and also which you think is better.

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  64. This is a great collection – I wish I'd seen it before I put my list together!! I'll be back here for sure!

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  66. This begs the question: What info should your website contain that will
    bring people back frequently and regularly to your site?
    For a sports site, it used to be things like realtime scores.
    Now that you can get that info without clicking away from google, it bears some reconsideration

  67. Another big thanks to add to the list of comments above … a great collection of SEO tools. The spam detection tool was a new one to me, as were the social media keyword analysers ….

    Edwin Kyalangalilwa
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  68. Not sure why FireFox extensions are not included here, but I just installed SEOQuake to FF and it seems like a useful tool.

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  70. I really want to thank you for writing this blog. And more importantly, I want to thank you for managing it after you first published it. Changing the blog information as the actual sites change is critical.

  71. Great comprehensive list. Was wondering if anyone has reviewed Market Samurai. I use this for several client accounts and find their tools very useful. They do not have a KEI factor in their keyword research, however, they do have title competition and can be focused in on in your project country.

  72. Many unknown tools for me here. Appreciate the time invested to give us this awesome info. Just wonder why I am using other “commercial” seo tools, like market samurai, and other popular ones….are the owners of these using them?


  73. They do not have a KEI factor in their keyword research, however, they do have title competition and can be focused in on in your project country. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own BlogEngine blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it.

  74. Thanks for providing table of index with the technical details to .SEO tools are really proven when it comes to a part of implementation..After google panda and penguin all the updates related to tools are must….Good job

  75. For successful offsite seo methodology to be implement tools are a must ..whole results offsite seo can be tracked down with the help of this tools good job mate

  76. Minimum sites are getting effected by google panda and penguin updates if the white hat offsite seo methodology is followed .white hat is a time taking process but the results are sured in it .Thanks for a worthy share mate…

  77. Hi Ann. This is a very useful list. I had no idea about the existence of backlinkwatch site which is very useful to me.
    Thanks for that. I would like to add few tools that I use as ad-dons to my browser. The action is taken place online so I guess they can be listed here as well. This is up to you.
    1. opensiteexplorer. org is allowing you only 3 searches per day, unless you get Pro, but these 3 searches are very valuable as they show you the domain metrics and page metrics as follows :
    domain authority, page authority, linking root domains and total links. These metrics are from Seomoz a very trusted service. Also a toolbar (mozbar) can be installed which shows all metrics for a domain name when searching for a term on Google.
    2. seoquake. com it shows Google PR, Semrush links, Semrush link domain, Bing index, Alexa rank, domain age according to archive. org, Delicious, FB and Twitter number of boogmarkings, whois, keyword density !!, and more.
    These 2 tools combined are very powerful in analyzing your own domain or competition’s.
    I hope this helps.

  78. Wow! That’s a great list, and I managed to collect some other tools from the comments.
    Thanks all for sharing. We really need some SEO with all these Google updates.