Important Google News: Recap for Last Week

If you were sick last week or on vacation or in a coma you missed A LOT of Google news. Here is a must read recap of articles on Google, Google changes and Google news.

Industry Related

- Google PR Nightmare: Search Giant Apologizes for Evildoing – SEJ


- “Ask On Google+” Links Appearing In Google’s Search Results – SEL

- New Gmail, YouTube, Blogger Users Join Google+ by Default – SEW

- New Google account users forced to join Google+ – MSNBC

- Larry Page: Google+ Now Has 90 Million Users – Mashable

- Search Plus Your World: Google and Twitter Exchange Blows – SEJ

- Why Google’s Biggest Problem with ‘Search Plus Your World’ Isn’t Antitrust – Time

- FTC Investigating Google: Google Launches Ad Campaign to Control Damage – SEJ

- Why Google owes you nothing – CNet

Above the Fold

- Pages With Too Many Ads “Above The Fold” Now Penalized By Google’s “Page Layout” Algorithm

- Google Announces Above-the-Fold Algorithm Change – SEJ

- An Interview With A Google Search Quality Rater – SEL

- Does Google Have An Interest In Pinterest? – TechCrunch

- AdWords Search and Display Networks Will Soon Get Impression Share Metrics – SEW

- Is Google Selling Investors Private Search Data? – SEOBook

Non-Industry Related

- Google’s 4Q disappoints as advertising prices sink – AP

- Google Trims The Fat – TechCrunch

- Google’s Mobile Ad Revenues Could Surge To $5.8 Billion In 2012 – TechCrunch

- Google Tops Fortune’s List of Best Places to Work – PCMag

- Google Plays Both Sides in the Web Piracy Fight: Susan Crawford – Bloomberg

- The White House Joins Google+ -White House

- Google Fires Rogue Contractors for Vandalizing Competitor’s Database - SEJ

 Important Google News: Recap for Last Week

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 Important Google News: Recap for Last Week

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3 thoughts on “Important Google News: Recap for Last Week

  1. This all happened in one week?? This really took me by surprise, was on vacation for 2 weeks. The top article was a good read, found it rather surprising that Google would falsely claim a partnership. Will be interesting to see if Mocality will take legal action or not.