Global Keyword Bid Optimization With OptiMine

OptiMine is Bid Optimization Software that claims it “improves paid search results by 25 percent or more and backs up the results with the industry’s only performance-based price guarantee.” OptiMine is focused on maximizing the performance of paid search campaigns to achieve financial goals. Their strategy is to analyze the individual click, cost, conversion and value data for every keyword every day. Additionally, every week, OptiMine trains up to 24 models with as many as 116 variables for every keyword.

I think OptiMine has produced a fantastic video explaining how their software works and the benefits of using it. If you are searching for a way to improve your paid keyword performance I suggest you take a peek at the video.

Why Optimizing Keyword Bid Prices is Important to Paid-Search Performance

If you want to be effective in paid search your keyword analysis should be done daily because the marketplace is dynamic; customers, competitors and marketing strategies are constantly adapting and moving forward. However, most businesses do not have the time or resources to properly review each keyword daily. This is where OptiMine can help you make better decisions that could results in a better ROI. If your paid search efforts are effective the ROI/effects can be seen immediately and this is the goal of OptiMine; to help you see better results

OptiMine Features Include

  • Completely automated bid management –  all it needs is access to the click, cost, conversion and value data from Google and Microsoft for analysis and bidding.
  • Total control: OptiMine puts the customer in the driver’s seat, giving them compete control to decide the financial goal and constraints.
  • Granular level control: Goals and constraints can be set at the account, campaign, or ad group level, allowing maximum control.
  • Transparency: The user has full access to the models, variables and bids through the standard interface.
  • Override: If necessary, users can override OptiMine’s automated bidding.
  • Reporting: OptiMine offers a full complement of reports including several for each of performance, bid management, statistical modeling and administrative.

Did You Know Global Optimization Comes in 2 Forms?

  1. Cluster-level modeling: aggregates data, sacrificing performance of individual keywords
  2. OptiMine Uses keyword-level modeling: the gold standard of bid optimization, preserves unique conversion data for each keyword for optimal performance

Global keyword-level optimization treats every keyword as an individual market, offers bids based on each keyword’s conversion data and drives superior performance improvement.

OptiMine Offers Educational Information on Methods of Paid-Search Bid Optimization

OptiMine’s website breaks down bid optimization basics, such as:

So check out OptiMine and see if their bid optimization software can help you. Their site discusses a trial; contact them for more details.

There are many keyword research and SEO strategy tools like this on the market, but if any SEJ readers use OptiMine and would like to chime in about your experiences, please feel free to leave a comment below.

How has OptiMine worked for you?

 This post is a sponsored review.

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Melissa Fach

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  1. Sweet review, Melissa! And you’re right – Optimine’s video on their Keyword Bid Optimization software is actually pretty decent. Never heard of them before, but dig their informative site. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Thanks Melissa for sharing such a nice post with us! This post is truly very informative and I specially like this Bid Optimization Software called Optimine. This software is really very helpful and all its features are also very interesting. Truly speaking, I have never come across this software before and it would be a definite help for the search engine optimizers. Great work done!! Thank you.

  3. Like Melissa’s “sponsored review” asks, I would also be interested i hearing from anyone who has real hands-on experience with this product. Also any pricing info would be helpful. Since no pricing is mention in this article and on the Optimine website, I am going to assume it comes with a hefty price tag.