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I’ve been covering quite a few backlink checkers that can turn handy for competitive research as well as looking for the potential penalty reasons and evaluating your own link building efforts. Throughout the past week a few people shared another cool backlink checking tool with me that has a number of useful features.

Followtopia , initially a “Dofollow” search engine,  has actually more options to check in. Let me cover the ones I liked most of all.

First, let’s try to search for anything there:

[diabetic diets]

The tool generates the list of most powerful pages and shows if “Nofollow” attribute has ben applied to the external links on the page (for you to know if you need to waste time trying to get a backlink there):

Followtopia - nofollow

What’s more, you will see that search results page contains lots of useful information. For each listing the tool fetches:

  1. Links to the page;
  2. Links to the domain;
  3. Keywords found on the page;
  4. MozRank;
  5. Domain MozRank.


This info listed above turns particularly useful for backlink research. The tool supports [link:] operator that finds the page (or domain) backlinks and displays them together with all that data I just mentioned. I found it cool for backlink power research.

Followtopia backlinks

Now, a couple of suggestions to the developer (looks like they are eager to make the tool better!):

  • Put some work into the design. While I don’t actually think a good look is really an issue for a free tool, I think a few styles would help to make the data easier to scan and analyze.
  • Add some “About” and “FAQ” pages. The tool really lacks some well-put tutorial. And I wasn’t able to find any info on the data sources (looks like they are using Yahoo! but the home page says “Followtopia search indexes the entire internet (well, as far as we can crawl)” that sounds as if they have their own crawler).

The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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9 thoughts on “Research & Build Links with Followtopia Search Engine

  1. Sorry noFollow does not make a link worthless! I’ve seen many instances where actual traffic and sales are higher from nofollowed or forwarded links so lets not decree a link less valuable because of it’s nofollow that is absiolutely not the case! In fact the majority of dofollow blog links aren’t doing shite for you a month after the post unless there are lots of IBL. Geez if only SEO were as simple as “is it followed?”.

  2. Looking through some results that are appropriate to what my company offers and I found a reference to our site. Interestingly, it flagged the site as “NoFollow” but that is only the case on a couple of the links on the page that they were showing.

    So, I agree with Terry’s comment that just because it is NoFollow doesn’t remove the value of getting linked (even if not SEO-related), AND it pays to dig a bit deeper if there is a site that says it’s NoFollowed – just to be certain.

    It is a great resource, though, for finding appropriate sites to approach – and they have put some great information together in one place!

  3. I dont agree with you on worthiness of Do follow links. as do follow links are useful for gaining rankings while no follow doesn’t help a lot for keyword rankings.

  4. This is a great post! Everyone in the industry gets bombarded with these Search Engine opportunities, and this is a great discussion on the possible consequences of outsourcing to the other side of the world.

  5. I know Do Follow Links are increase Keyword Ranking and Page Rank Compare to No Follow Links..than What is Use of No Follow Links It is Useful or not please inform me.