20 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic, Engagement and Sales

Boost TrafficWith the explosion of sites like WordPress, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook, content can go viral very quickly. By creating high quality, engaging content your brand can be shared around the world within minutes – something that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing costs ten years ago. The social media revolution has changed the way we market content. Here’s some numbers that support the revolution:

  • 2 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube
  • 200,000,000 blog posts can be read on WordPress
  • 50 million tweets per day on Twitter
  • More than 1 billion active users on Facebook

But the shift towards content marketing can also be credited to Google. In February 2011, Google launched the now infamous Panda update that penalized websites for low quality and thin content. The chart below from Google Trends clearly shows a major increase in ‘content marketing’ searches since February 2011.


An if that wasn’t enough Google launched Penguin in April 2011, an update to the algorithm that penalized websites with low quality links and over-optimization.

Both of these updates lead to a change in the SEO industry. Pre-2011, SEO techniques may have involved automating content and links in order to get websites to rank higher in search. Post-April 2012, these techniques no longer work. Now links need to be acquired naturally through websites and social sharing, and the only way content will be shared on the web is if it is of high quality.

Content marketing is a must-have if you are an online marketer, and it is fast becoming the most valuable way to increase brand awareness and nurture leads. At the end of 2012, Content Marketing Institute released a report titled “B2B content Marketing: 2013 benchmarks, budgets and trends”. The report found that:

  • 91% of B2B Marketers use content marketing in their marketing strategy
  • 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute content
  • 74% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation
  • 54% of B2B Marketers plan to increase content marketing spend in 2013
  • 33% of B2B Marketers marketing budgets are spent on content marketing

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy, you are losing business to your competition.

The report also covered the biggest challenges that B2B Marketers face with content marketing, with 64% citing the biggest challenge was producing enough content. This post aims to reduce that percentage.

20 Ideas For Content Marketing

These 20 ideas for content marketing cover a range of media for you to promote your brand with. They include video, audio, white papers, blog topics, surveys and more. Let’s get started!

1. Interview industry leaders

Interviewing industry connections provides a great source of content that is engaging to your audience; insightful content from industry leaders. By displaying this content in the form of blog posts or webinars, you are generating high quality, link-worthy content and increasing industry leader’s exposure.

Tip: Use LinkedIn to network and ask connections to appear on your blog or in a webinar. Using my own personal network on LinkedIn, I was able to feature Neil Patel, Linda Bustos and Rank Fishkin on my blog.

2. Conduct a Survey

Make the most of your online community and conduct a survey. Use Survey Monkey or other online survey platforms and gather important data for free. Survey questions can include:

  • What is your biggest [industry] challenge?
  • What stopped you from subscribing today?
  • How often do you buy [insert product]?
  • In 2014, what marketing channel will you increase the budget for?

Using the data in the example below from Marketingcharts.com, you are able to share insight such as ‘42% of marketers will increase mobile marketing spend in 2013’. Once you have collected enough data, create a summary in the form of a blog post and share this with your readers.


Tip: Get started immediately and use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter to survey fans and followers.

3. Report news in your industry

For each whitepaper you read or webinar you attend, create a blog post to summarize key-takeaway points. And if possible, follow-up with the author of the whitepaper/ host of the webinar with questions and include in the post. Stay ahead of the competition and start subscribing to:

Tip: Alternate takeaway posts between webinars, whitepapers, industry events or books to keep content fresh.

4. Share presentations

Each time you give a speech, presentation or hold a webinar you will most likely use a presentation for support. Use this presentation (remove sensitive information) and share it with your community. SlideShare makes it quick and easy to share presentation slides and this is a great opportunity for displaying your expertise and increasing awareness for the next time you hold an event.

Tip: Get your subscribers engaged with your content from day one by including a link to your most viewed slideshare presentation within the newsletter sign up welcome email.

5. Build a knowledge base

FAQ’s are found on most websites, yet are not particularly useful. Create a more content driven FAQ section by identifying the top 10 complaints or questions customers wrote about in 2012 and build a content program (or knowledge base) to help answer those questions.

Tip: Find the most asked question of the week and turn it into a weekly Q&A blog series.

6. Host a webinar

The easiest way to find a topic for a webinar is to create a webinar about your company and what you do. Webinars can be created using services like WebEx or GoToMeeting. Set a date for the webinar, create a landing page for participants to register and then send out a newsletter to your customer database and inform them. Make sure you support the webinar with a PowerPoint presentation and record the webinar.

One of the benefits of holding a webinar is that you can use the webinar content to promote in several channels. For example, instead of archiving the landing page for registration, update the content to include the webinar video and copy and paste the transcript below it.

Tip: Make sure you post the webinar presentation on SlideShare and send a newsletter all participants of the webinar and link to the updated landing page and SlideShare presentation.

Steven Macdonald

Steven Macdonald

Content strategist at SuperOffice
Steven Macdonald works with Content Marketing at SuperOffice and has been working with online marketing since 2005. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Steven has had his content featured on Unbounce, Search Engine Journal and Moz and has been cited by CrazyEgg, Search Engine Land and Visual Website Optimizer.
Steven Macdonald

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20 thoughts on “20 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic, Engagement and Sales

  1. Wow..amazing tips, Steven. I created my first Ebook last to last month and have started working on my next Ebook. Do you know of any software that can help in creating Infographic?

  2. Great post, Steven. Most known, but I like that you’ve added some helpful tips. Always nice to add new tips to the ever-expanding content marketing tank.

    1. Thanks for the comment Nathan.
      What makes this post different from the regular content marketing posts is that the tips are actionable and something that you could read and then implement immediately.

    2. Absolutely! Great post Steve! The content which after reading, the users feel like sharing on social media, link to it etc. is what gets the deserved reach. Especially post Panda, Google has become far more superior in making the best content rank over the good. With search engine algorithms becoming more and more human, now the onus is on a brand to produce the best possible content that the users are looking for and would like to read consistently.

  3. Nice! A lot of these tips are part of this beautiful move towards pull marketing: the idea that if you just be a good dude or dudette, and share some stuff with the world, we’ll like you for being rad and come join you as a client.

    More and more I’m seeing small businesses hanging out together, meeting up just to talk about problems, share, support one another. Community building. It’s gorgeous!

    There’s even one company called Green Ant in Melbourne that have made this their central platform. You rock up to their events and learn how to hold your own lunches and communities. Selling gets done, but it’s so genuine and friendly. And, at the end, there’s a camera at the door where you can record a quick video testimonial, ala point 16. on this blog post.

    We shoot video, and we’re creative types, so we’ve always loved just hanging out, having fun, shooting a nerf gun as well as a kick arse video. This new push towards pull marketing sits way more comfortably with us than the 80s model of being a shark-like sales guy,

  4. Steven! Yuo described the things very well. In fact content marketing is really helpful to fetch traffic on website. But one request, please write a separate article on White papers. Still it is not bright clear to me.

  5. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for commenting.

    I will happily explain a white paper in a separate blog post. White papers are a great lead generator for B2B companies, but can also work for B2C companies as well.

  6. I like the idea of starting a top 10 bloggers to follow. Would it offend others that were not selected? There are certain bloggers that I follow and it does change as different topics become more important.

  7. Thanks for the comment, Jennifer.

    The web is so big that it’s not possible to include everyone. And those you do include will only be to happy to feature on the list (and will be more likely to share the content as well!)

    Plus, if your top bloggers list continues to change, then it means more content as you can update previously published posts/ articles.

  8. Great article! I’m a softie for lists like this. Kudos for listing Meetup groups. There’s nothing like that face to face approach. You can have a small list and still make some money with product sales and such with folks that you connect with in person. (Of course I would recommend getting to work on building a list – :))

  9. Thanks for the post. Content marketing can be tricky especially when its done on a global scale. Like you advised in bullets 8 and 16, my company is expanding into video and infographics that can be used for our digital campaign management. Content marketing campaign execution in different languages is a meticulous process.
    I’ve bookmarked this entry and will refer back to it. Thanks again.

  10. I like the four metrics to measure the performance of any website by traffic, engagement, conversion etc. Social networks are not enough for getting good traffic, search engines if the site optimized will help in getting more unique visitors. So, content is in central point, whatever a marketing strategy one will use for their site.

    1. Completely agree!

      Great content marketing results in increased organic traffic, engagement and eventually conversions – And it can be one of the cheapest strategies to implement

  11. Thanks for the comment James. I appreciate it.

    I’ve been involved with several websites and multiple languages and content marketing never fails in terms of bringing in new traffic and increased organic traffic.

  12. I think that the more you market your products on the internet the more ideas and ways you will find. It is an amazing article. You have listed it very well. Here are some of my suggestions.

    Besides doing these other activities will include
    1. Writing Articles and submitting to hub pages and other articles directories
    2. Installing and running wts traffic magnet 2.0. Which gives you direct hits not referred hits like traffic exchange websites.
    3. Working with submissions for directories and search engines
    4. Working on SEO of your website

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I would be careful of article and directory submissions but focusing on user experience and making sure your website provides great content will result in success.

  13. Hi Steven, your Content Marketing Tips really boost ed the traffic of my website. I usually received 30-50 hits per day, but now I get 150 to 200 visits per day. It is amazing! Thanks