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Melih (“may-lee”) Oztalay is a veteran of the Internet with over 20 years experience and expertise. He is the CEO of SmartFinds Internet Marketing located in Birmingham, Michigan, providing Internet marketing solutions and services to businesses. The agency’s recent focus on Geographic Marketing solutions for multi-location business to reach local consumers through web and mobile searches. Some of SmartFinds' clients include ComForcare Home Care, Proforma, Ziebart Inernational, Kaydon, Soave Enterprises, Delphi, Guardian Industries, McCann Erickson, Wendy's and more.

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SEO, Local Search, Social Media, 1, Content Marketing, Blogging, Display, Entrepreneurism, Marketing Processes

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Wordpress (open source)LinkedInSearch Engine JournalGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster Tools

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Matt Cutts

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