AideRSS: What’s the PostRank of Your Blog Posts?

AideRSS is a very handy blog evaluating tool that can help you understand and grade your blog posts.

The service grades all your blog posts based on PostRank:

…a scoring system that we have developed to rank each article on relevance and reaction…

The posts are listed along with the most important evaluating data:

  • post date;
  • the number of comments;
  • number of reactions (per Google Blog Search);
  • number of bookmarks.

You can also get more information on each post by clicking more link:

  • number of Diggs;
  • number of Twitter mentions.

What’s more, you can sort the data either by post date or PostRank (or overall popularity):

AideRSS blog analysis tool

The tool will help you to analyze:

  • which content appeals to which audience;
  • which type of content encourages discussion and which type of content attracts links (or both);
  • which type of content is more successful in social media;
  • which pages of your blog are more powerful (for you to further promote them);
  • which ideas can be further developed.

Here are a few more tips on blog analysis:

Ann Smarty
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6 thoughts on “AideRSS: What’s the PostRank of Your Blog Posts?

  1. Hi Ann — Thanks for the write-up!

    For those not familiar with our service, there’s lots of good info here:

    For those interested in blog analysis, our Thematic PostRank analysis can be pretty handy. While standard analysis (like on our website) is what we call Feed-based PostRank analysis, and looks specifically at a single site’s performance over time, Thematic PostRank compares a group of feeds that you’ve selected and compares the performance of all of them over time to each other.

    At the moment Thematic PostRank is available in folder view via our Google Reader extension, but we will be expanding its availability over time. (And launching the new version of our website next week, in which we’ve added a lot of cool new features!)

  2. Hi,

    I find this very good to come up with ideas to create new blog posts – by checking out on rss fields related to my blog – to see what they are talking about, what is hot!

    Thanks a lot

  3. Thematic Post Rank compares a group of feeds that you’ve selected and compares the performance of all of them over time to each other.