10 Advanced SEO Tactics That Will Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Starting a blog is pretty simple. Actually getting people to visit it is hard. It’s not enough to just create great content and hope they will come…

Because they won’t.

Today’s successful blogs dig into a deep bag of tricks that include SEO, design and analytics…and then combine these elements into ever more advanced tactics that help them drive traffic to their sites, grow their audience and rank high in the search engines.

Here’s a list of ten of those tactics that I’ve had great success with in the last couple of years to help you increase the traffic to your blog.

Make it easy for people to find your content over the web

One of the latest developments at Google is author markup. This feature allows you to connect all of your content across the web beneath one author/bio profile.

For instance, here’s what Danny Sullivan looks like on the search engine results page on a search for “SEO advice”:

The image of Danny sets him apart from other SEOs, and if you click on the “by Danny Sullivan” link you land on his Google+ page:

Click on the “More by Danny Sullivan” and you get a Google results page dedicated to his content:

As you can see adding author markup feature to you social identity will improve your chances in search results, increasing click throughs to your content.

Implementing author markup isn’t easy, however, unless you check out AJ Kohn’s guide on how to implement REL=AUTHOR. This is a great guide that AJ put together with the help of three Google engineers.

Strategically join relevant audience communities

One thing about link building and SEO strategy that gets missed so often is the relationship…actually getting to know people is the bedrock to getting links.

You do this by participating with your audience where they are hanging out. A really great way to make this very strategic is to use Google’ doubleclick planner.

Here’s how it works. Drop in a relevant web address…

Then copy down the list of sites that it creates:

You can start at the top of that list and start visiting, reading and sharing comments on those sites. In time you will start to create relationships with some of the other readers that will lead to links and traffic.

Doubleclick will also give you an idea of the typical interests of your audience (based upon the web address you enter):

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at Quick Sprout.

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31 thoughts on “10 Advanced SEO Tactics That Will Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

  1. Another great post, Neil. Keep it up! I really appreciate how informative your posts are and that they are not just the same three “tips” we see everywhere already.

  2. Really helpful post, Neil, thanks! I’ve never read anything that explained the true value of Quora until I read this. As a result, I signed up!

    Next up, author markup. I’ve been dancing around that one for a while.

    Thanks again!

  3. its a really helpful information… i followed you in every social media sites Neil. You are doing a wonderful work for newbie in this field.

    Again Thanks a lot and waiting for your next Post….

    Thanks :)
    Vipul Makwana

  4. Hi Neil, great post. Its quite comprehensive and cover lots of points. I definitely agree with you about the Google author markup, its a great feature for blog writer’s to get visibility and the ‘due’ for their content.

    Thinking outside the box about social media box is a great one, specially in the current times when everybody is harping on the social media angel.

    Your point about using picture on blogs is quite right one. I have noticed my own blog post receiving much higher views when they include pictures and other forms of media.

    Thanks for bringing in the fresh perspective on social media angel

  5. Super Post Neil, i like espeically the piece about Google Adplanner, because it does make sense for authority in in your own peer group and linkbuilding but as well urges you to commit to your own community.
    And by the way as John said next thing to do is rel=author

  6. Hi Neil,

    I would also add:
    Determination, Self-discipline and Patience: building an authority (no matter how small) on any social network doesn’t happen overnight.

    Great article. I’ll feature it in my Friday post on my blog

  7. Thanks, Neil! Just when I think I’ve got everything covered, somebody points to an obvious trick I’ve been missing… In this case the Doubleclick AdPlanner is a tool I’ve not used but can see the sense in doing so immediately.

    Also, I think there’s value in old fashioned PR releases to news sites, particularly where your products or services are local, getting featured in local news sites is a lot easier than trying to get featured in the international media but provides *reach* far more effectively to your target audience.

  8. Neil some great tips here, thinking outside the box is definaltley a winner, even though you may get less traffic, but it will be targeted and high converting traffic. Which is what a business owner wants, traffic that contributes towards the bottom line.

  9. Great post! FYI the link here is broken:

    This is a list that ranks the top marketing blogs based on a few key KPIs. The genius behind the list is how it drives traffic back to its site, making it a very ***powerful link bait tool***.

  10. Always looking for some new ideas with SEO and you have certainly delivered some good ones here!

    Double Click Ad planner seems a great idea, lets you cast the net for your potential customers!

  11. Damn I am baffled. I do Web design mostly but SEO is such a discipline of the details. And it changes just as fast as designing websites. At least you had a good word for designers. Looks DO matter, trust me. Nobody likes to see those asstastic sites.

  12. Once you establish relationships with other bloggers, look for guest posting opportunities. A guest post can help to build links to your blog and drive traffic. If readers like what they see, they will click over to your blog for more information.

  13. These are great ideas. But the issue with blog traffic is that it rarely converts as well as traffic for main site keywords. This is why it is important to create soft conversion on your blog to justify the work for traffic acquisition. Overall this is a great post and Neil knows his stuff!

  14. wow, really awesome article. but i’m confused how to verify author markup on my blog ? would you please tell me.
    Thanks Neil for writting this wonderfull post.

  15. Thank you for a really good article. I am still learning about driving traffic. I feel I can do a pretty good job creating websites and providing good information, but making a good (or even great) website isn’t really enough. Thanks again!


  16. This is one of the best articles I have ever seen. THANK YOU NEIL…

    With all your techniques, tips and tricks we surely can increase the traffic. But then we get another issue. How to manage the traffic???

    So we really do not consider abut this issue. We think, ok we have a website, started doing SEO and other techniques to improve the site rank, now getting visitors/traffic, we are done. But you need to consider whether your server/host can manage it or not.

    I had this issue few years ago. I was using a Shared Hosting since it was cheap. So after receiving a huge number of visitors I saw that the server couldn’t manage it well. I was searching for a better way to host my website.

    So I found that using a Dedicated Server or VPS is ideal. I didn’t have fund to spend for a dedicated server (they are really expensive) then I bought a VPS (from VPSWEBSERVER and still using it). My VPS can handle any number of visitors and also it is always up. I had to upgrade my plan two times with the progress. So I always recommend people to use a VPS with the progress of your website/blog.

    Just wanted to add this since I found that your article is really great.

  17. Neil, great post! I agree with your recommendations. Although SEO takes a lot of time and effort initially, I truly believe you will reap the benefits of your hard work. Not only will you drive traffic to your website, you will also be building relationships and valuable connections with your peers and potential customers.

  18. Those tips actually do work. But people still need to know how crucial paid advertising is, or free blogging privileges on sites like seomoz and increasetraffictomyblog.com. Let’s face it, the internet is wrapped up and even with the best seo, you have to spend money or write high quality content. It is what it is.

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  20. Great article . I saw some new sites under the think outside of the social media sharing box section that I am going to visit. I believe that giving something of value to your visitors is important and you really do Neill.

  21. Great tutorial. I know about finding competitor backlinks and using them. But I want to know more advance techniques then this.

    Thanking you in advance.

  22. Yes Really a informative article. It will helps us for increasing traffic to our blogs. Actually I think Now a days it is more important than the ranking. What do you think?