A Tour of the New Facebook Business Page Redesign


You may have noticed the new look of the news feed and personal timelines that Facebook rolled out over the past few weeks. It’s begun debuting got business pages as well, and will eventually be mandatory. Here’s the scoop to help you prepare for the transition and plan for the future.

Some have been given the option to implement the new timeline before the adjustment rolls out for all business pages. If you get the option to begin editing your page for the new timeline prior it to going live, I highly recommend doing so to ensure your page is where it needs to be.

readyThe new Facebook page timeline design has been updated to make posts look consistent to how they would appear in the news feed. In looking at the presentation of the posts themselves, the new format eliminates the back-and-forth component and streamlines them into a single column on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side, everything else is now housed. It used to be that reviews, recent posts by others, and other pages the page liked resided on the top right of the timeline.

Along with all these features, photos, contact information, and apps are now listed on the left as well. Here is a bird’s eye view:

new timeline
The top portion is quite different. Currently, “photos,” “likes,” “events,” and customized apps appear as tabs just below the Facebook cover photo.

With the new timeline, these tabs are no longer present in this location. The default aspects now appear simply as words, while actual apps have evaporated from their prominent placement and are now housed in their own box along the left-hand column once you scroll down.


The back-end for administrators is also quite different and it’s worth taking some time to explore the new interface and functionality.

First, the large administrative dashboard that was at the top has been condensed:

“Page” takes you literally back to your page, while “activity” now refers to your notifications and “settings” takes you to all your back-end goodies like page info, admin roles, and activity log. The “insights” page is still identical to its predecessor.

To the right of the cover photo is what Facebook deems the most important data, like how many ads you have running, your number of page likes, post reach, and notifications:

importantPerhaps the largest and most controversial aspect of this change is the relocating of app tabs. Rather than being prominently placed below the cover photo to immediately catch users’ attentions, apps are now located in a box on the left side, blending in with everything else.

app box

Many business relied on these for contests, linking to their various other social media pages, videos, custom categories (for example, many hotels and restaurants utilize custom tabs to allow users to make reservations directly from Facebook; animal shelters use them to show available animals, etc.), and more.

Although Facebook revised their former rule that all contest must be housed in a Facebook app, many businesses still host contests through apps since it allows the most customization and control. It will likely be imperative for businesses to explicitly advise entrants to locate any apps in their new location while users get accustomed to the transition.

“A work around is to share the links to your apps every now and again, or, better yet, post pictures which describe what your app does (‘Follow us on Twitter,’ ‘Watch our YouTube videos,” etc.) and put a link in the picture description,” notes Louis Tanguay of Circle Marketing. “To keep the message fresh, use different pictures and graphics so you’re not posting the same looking thing all the time, and you’re keeping your posts new and fresh looking.”

What do you think of the new timeline layout? After we adjust to the change (which is always the hardest part), do you think the new streamlined look will be embraced?


Screenshots taken April 2014

Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller

Social Media and Content Marketing Professional | Writer at Social Hospitality
Debbie has been working in digital marketing for 8 years. She is the President of Social Hospitality as well as the Digital Communications Manager for HyperDisk Marketing. She writes for a variety of Internet Marketing online publications and blogs including SEJ, Maximize Social Business, SEMrush, and AgoraPulse. When she's not online, Debbie enjoys spending time with her spoiled dog children; watching movies; reading; and drinking copious amounts of coffee and/or wine.
Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller

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34 thoughts on “A Tour of the New Facebook Business Page Redesign

    1. Sorry, I see that you explain that but saying they’re gone, instead of moved through me off. As for them being less noticeable, I don’t agree. I think it’s a more logical placement.

      1. Hi Hugh, I just revised the wording so hopefully it comes across more clearly now. Sorry about the confusion and thanks for the useful feedback. Thanks for your input, too, about the new app tab position. I’ve had some clients ask about this and so far they seem disappointed with the new location, but hopefully once everyone is used it to, it’ll be more well received.

      2. I agree with Hugh. I prefer the new navigation bar beneath the cover image; it looks and feels more like a webpage with a left sidebar for widgets!

  1. I see that most Facebook users access Facebook via the Facebook moblie app. I also see that Timeline Apps/Tabs are not visible on the Facebook mobile app.

    So, moving them over for a shrinking desktop user base doesn’t seem, to me, like it will make much difference…unless they start showing the apps in the mobile app timeline as well.

    That said…a work around is to “Share” links to your apps every now and again, or, better yet, post pictures which describe what your app does (Follow us on Twitter, Watch our YouTube videos, etc), and put a link in the picture description. To keep the message fresh as you do this here and there, use different pictures and graphics so you’re not posting the same looking thing all the time, and you’re keeping your posts new and fresh looking.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I’m in the middle of running two contests/giveaways for two clients (good timing Facebook!) and I’m a bit bummed about it too. I’ve just been focusing on sending as much traffic as possible straight to the app so they bypass the confusion altogether.

    A couple of tips:

    1) Be sure to include the url to the app in each post about the contest so your visitors don’t make the mistake of just going to your page (Debbie I think you mentioned that).

    2) If you’re going to run an ad for your post, create a new post (in the ad manager) that won’t be shown on your timeline so you can link the image in the post to the app, as well as including a link to the app in the text section. Also include the button (like “Learn More”) so they have 3 chances of getting it right 😉

    1. Thanks, Jeff! Great feedback. Indeed, sharing the link to the app will still allows users to easily access it. Your second point was great as well, thanks! Perhaps if we do a follow up post on what this change means for advertising, I’ll ping you for a quote and some of your experiences.

  3. One thing that I think is missing is the option to “switch to use Facebook as…” from the admin panel. At least I can’t find it anyway. I know you can access it from the drop down menu in the top right, but it is kind of annoying when you admin many pages, the scrolling option does not always function properly.

      1. I cannot figure our where to find my newsfeed – my page follows other pages and previously I was able to use Facebook at the business page, click “home” and see what other pages posts…cannot find that in the new format. Any ideas about how to access

  4. facebook have also implemented card styles like google had started with google now and then every where. it is good one but it require more customizations. well i like to see if it is in alternative colors.

  5. Great, Facebook redesigns the business pages, but leaves in place an algorithm that suppresses how widely posts are seen by people who have liked the page in order to goose their ad revenue. Thanks for nothing, Facebook.

  6. when does every business page roll over? i had a link to move to it that never worked and disappeared. my page looks the same…

    1. It’s really strange – we got the notice on our fanpage that the new layout was to become mandatory on the 4th, but most pages still appear to be the same. Maybe it’s delayed.

  7. Two quick questions … Any idea how you “add to interest list” on the new page? And also, how do I see how many people are “talking about” a page? Thanks for your help!

      1. Thanks for the reply, Debbie. I did find that link as well, but unfortunately it doesn’t address how to “add to interest list” with the new format. I hope Facebook isn’t phasing them out.

        I did find the “talking about this” too. You can click on the number of “likes” for any page and it will give you that information.

        I appreciate your taking time to respond! Thanks for the info! :)

    1. I just saw that when I am logged in as a business page, and I go to my news feed for that business page (so hit the HOME link) I can still get the “Talking about” number – it shows up in the top right hand corner in a box. PLEASE OH PLEASE FACEBOOK – do not take it away.

  8. Hi Debbie,

    Our page has just moved over but I am not seeing any business information at all in the left hand column, no matter how far I scroll down!

    Is this something you have seen with others or has anyone else mentioned this? Is it an option you need to turn on for info to show?


    1. Paul, we have the same problem. The page changed today and now there is nothing at all in the left column. This is so on 2 of our desktops, but one desktop it shows up, so there must be a compatibility problem with some browser settings some where!

  9. Hi Paul, it looks like business information is housed exclusively in the “about” tab at the top. I haven’t come across the option to turn it on, but I’ll do a bit of research and see if I come across anything. If you have any other questions, please let me know. I plan to do a followup post and will do my best to research/respond to peoples’ questions in it. Thanks!

    1. Hello Debbie.
      How is it that some of pages that i own have got the new redesign look but some are still showing with old design? Is there any chance to update them to new look too or any option?

      1. I’ve noticed the same thing with many of the pages I manage. So strange. On my pages that are still the old layout, I’m not seeing the option to transition them, but they will all transition over eventually.

  10. Hi Debbie, great review about the last changes in Facebook, they keep going and going and going! I manage two Facebook pages, and one of them have changed already but not the other one. Your post has been very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Im a bit confused by some of its features. You can now post to other business pages form your business page. but I resized an image improperly and cant figure out how to delete it to fix it.=(

    1. Hi Carrie, when you hover over the top right corner of a post, a little carrot appears and you can choose to delete or edit a post. For photos, you’d need to delete and then re-upload the image in the desired size.

  12. I really do not like the new timeline layout. The previous layout allowed more viewing of posts, rather than the one location on the right, where you have to scroll down, and wait, then scroll, wait…then people just stop viewing before the time consuming continuation.