Meta Search Engine Sold for $101,000 on eBay

Meta Search Engine Sold for $101,000 on eBay

Remember Jux2, the award winning meta search engine which was jetisoned by its owners who are focusing on other projects, then relaunched just in time for a listing on eBay auctions? Well the Jux2 meta search engine was just sold on eBay for a bid of $101,000.

Not a bad price for a search engine & meta technology which has been on the shelf for over a year. Just imagine how much the engine would have brought in if it had actually been up and running since April of 2004 and had more than 128 incoming links indexed on Google. I had originally predicted that Jux2 would go for $20,000, which was tremendously different than the selling price. Guess I’m not ready for the Price is Right after all.

If you missed out on the Jux2 auction don’t be let down. Such a good idea and the $101,000 price tag will probably lead to copycats on eBay. Do a search for “search engine” on eBay and you’ll see listings such as SurfCactus and SeekRacer fetching about $10 to $15 each, probably just trash PPC scripts that have been up and running for a day or two.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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8 thoughts on “Meta Search Engine Sold for $101,000 on eBay

  1. If such a simple meta-search engine like Jux2 can be sold for more than $100k, what could I get for eTools which is running on top of a solid J2EE framework, capable of accessing any protocol and format (not just HTTP and HTML)?
    Ok, I live in Europe…

  2. Please, don’t be a moron. Stupidity is painful to all around you and as such you should be punished by watching BArney reruns until your death.

  3. That auction was shilled to that price. If you take a look you will see 3 bidders with 0 feedback all registered on October 25th. Beware

  4. Nice, it was a good search engine, but the results are not at the good side of the whole thing. With spamming your keyword description tag and meta tag you achieve good placements. That not the way you have to do it!

    Otherside, i love gsm simlock verwijderen, simlock vrij maken.