Link Building Search Queries Collection

After Paul did a great job explaining how search queries can help in link building, I decided to expand offering the list of such link building queries and also some tips on how to search effectively:

  • keyword sponsors
  • keyword sponsorship
  • keyword sponsor charity
  • keyword benefactors
  • keyword donate
  • keyword donations
  • keyword donors
  • keyword "add url" / "add * url"
  • keyword "add site" / "add * site"
  • keyword "add website" / "add *website"
  • keyword "submit url" / "submit * url"
  • keyword "submit site" / "submit *site"
  • keyword "submit website" / "submit * website"
  • keyword "suggest url" / "suggest * url"
  • keyword "suggest site" / "suggest site"
  • keyword "suggest website" / "suggest * website"
  • keyword "recommended links"
  • keyword "recommended sites"
  • keyword "recommended resources "
  • keyword "favorite links"
  • keyword "favorite sites"
  • keyword bookmarks
  • keyword resources
  • "list * keyword * sites"
  • "add comment" keyword / "add * comment"
  • "post comment" keyword / "post * comment"
  • keyword "leave a comment" / "leave * comment"
  • keyword "no comments"
  • keyword "powered by wordpress"
  • keyword "notify me of follow-up comments"
  • keyword "wiki" (
  • keyword forum / keyword forums
  • keyword discussion boards
  • keyword members
  • keyword join
  • keyword "advertiser testimonials"
  • keyword "related URLs" / "* related URLs"
  • keyword "related sites" / "* related sites"

More options: take advantage of inurl: search operator:

  • inurl:tag / inurl:tags
  • inurl:blog / inurl:blogs
  • inurl:forum / inurl:forums
  • inurl:add-link / inurl:submit-link

Also don’t forget these restricting queries that will help you to narrow search results to whatever you need:

More resources and tools:

Ann Smarty
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54 thoughts on “Link Building Search Queries Collection

  1. Great list.
    I never heard about this
    keyword “advertiser testimonials”
    keyword “related URLs” / “* related URLs”
    keyword “related sites” / “* related sites”

    Good find.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent list.

    You can also add terms like “dofollow” or “ifollow.gif” to narrow your search to dofollow blogs only.

  3. Hey Ann!

    Thanks for the nice shoutout and for compiling such a great list of search queries. Really took my list to next level so way to go! Nice to meet you and it’s good to see some other young faces in the SEO industry, take care!

  4. Good list – but typically sites you find using those types of queries are already saturated with o/b links.

    I think its better to search key phrases that are relevant to your site but include other terms that would more likely return results of sites that don’t compete with you.

    Example: If i was selling ice cream machines online I would look for potential link sites by searching something like: The best tasting ice cream. Results will be relevant, but most will not be direct competitors.

    The best chance for maintaining good rankings is not getting the easy to come by links.

  5. Ann! What a valuable gift to all. We have quite a collection of search queries that we use internally. It took us a long time to accumulate them and treated them as our intellectual property. So I commend you for sharing some very valuable info… I think :-)

    We have lots of tools to find links, but we still find some of the best via these search queries. It takes work, but that’s what link building is all about.

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  13. Hi, really useful post. I only new one or two ways like submit link, add link to search for link partner. But with your elaborated way now there are lots of ways we can use to find potential sites for link building.. Thanks for sharing

  14. Its very useful tips for us.. Really its helpful for beginners. Even i know some new search queries here. Link building is based on keyword. So Keyword based search queries is more useful for submissions and building links to other sites.

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  18. Thanks! I will definitely try using these as footprints for my tools. I was just about to another big URL harvest as well. I always filter by PR and number of outbound links when I’ve got a good list.

  19. I’ve tried some of your Link Building Search Queries, and I find this list very useful. I use some of .edu “wiki” for my site, I’m waiting the results.