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How VAT Can Drastically Affect Business Email Marketing

Most businesses that have an online presence already struggle somewhat with the fierce competition in their respective industries, especially if it is a small or growing business. Add to that the possibility of the government assessing an increase on the rate of value-added tax, and that business could face a gloomy financial future.

However, in light of that possibility, businesses still have a chance to avoid that blow if they decide to turn to and focus marketing energies on email marketing. Businesses use many diversified online marketing strategies, but email marketing is one resource that will offer the business more benefits.

LinkShare recently conducted a research study that showed where businesses seek and desire a greater investment return once the new value-added tax rate goes into effect. Businesses are quite open to the idea of utilizing various marketing strategies to encourage customer sales and to draw them to their site. Since many businesses offline and online want to minimize the impact of the tax on their businesses, using various creative methods is a plus.

The LinkShare study also showed that email marketing campaigns and other targeted promotions similar to it, will soon be the preferred and most effective method to reach customers. This way of shopping not only gives the customer flexibility and convenience, but also gives the company multiple opportunities to connect with the customer, offering them more sales, discounts and opportunities for steep savings on products.

Businesses realize that customers want value with their purchases, and providing those things towards encouraging their business will be very beneficial to both. With add-ons like free shipping or gift-with-purchase, online shopping offers more benefit than street shopping.

The increase of the VAT will surely encourage more businesses to lean towards web marketing methods and to focus more on that community.