How Google Makes Money From Mobile – Grading Google’s Top 20 Mobile Products


Mobile is taking the world by storm, and far be it from Google to be left behind! The search giant is tackling mobile from (almost) every angle, with a full suite of mobile products including mobile advertising, mobile apps, mobile content and mobile devices.

In addition to building amazing products and user experiences, we all know that Google is also thinking about the bottom line. So how exactly is Google making money from all this mobile madness?

A new info-graphic from WordStream details Google’s top 20 mobile products in its four key areas of focus explaining what each mobile product does, why it’s exciting (or why it isn’t), and how Google derives revenue from that product.

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3 thoughts on “How Google Makes Money From Mobile – Grading Google’s Top 20 Mobile Products

  1. With Larry Page, the current Google CEO and Co. founder wanting to focus on fewer products and in making the existing products more innovative & creative, Google’s profits are yet to rise.

  2. This is a really cool graphic, looks like you put some time into it. Everything is going mobile, it is so exciting to watch. Every website is being redesigned, advertising is shifting and users are trying to get more done without opening a PC. I think Google is going to cash in on this one. I really feel like mobile CTR for ads will be better than on a PC. On a PC, you take more time, you scroll more. One mobile people want it right now! Really cool post.