Google Officially Acquires AdMob

Following the clearance given by the FCC, Google has finally sealed its acquisition deal of mobile advertising company – AdMob. The Official Google Blog just announced the closing of the deal. And it’s official – AdMob is now part of Google. And Google’s mobile search advertising strategy has just gotten a big boost.

Google is now preparing the smooth transition of Admob to Google’s platform as well as studying on how AdMob’s mobile ad serving technology would fit into Google’s own mobile search advertising program.  As early as now, Google is giving hint at how AdMob would interplay with Google’s overall mobile search ad strategy.

Clearly, AdMob would be situated in Google’s mobile search advertising program, similar to the way Google serves ads on its content partners’ websites. It will also play a great role in Google’s mobile display ads and text ads strategy for web optimized mobile websites and mobile apps including on the iPhone and Android platforms.

Google believes that mobile advertising will play a significant role in every single marketing campaign. And Google wants to be ahead of  the game and has began its quest to conquer the mobile ad space with the AdMob’s acquisition.

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579eb45f0fb1810cdbe2fdf8fb3acd7b 64 Google Officially Acquires AdMob
579eb45f0fb1810cdbe2fdf8fb3acd7b 64 Google Officially Acquires AdMob

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