Extracting Images from a Word Document – Very Easy

By Melissa Fach

I know some people may wonder why I am explaining this. I have run across several people who were unaware of how it is easy to extract images from Word. This industry is involved with a lot of guest blogging, so I  thought help people save some time.

Extracting images from Word is very quick and easy, and here is how to do it.

Start With an Open Document

Once you have a document open you want to save it as a Web Page, Filtered:

Web page filtered Extracting Images from a Word Document   Very Easy


A Folder is Created

When you have saved a document as a “Web Page, Filtered” a folder is created in the location you choose to save the “Web Page” in. This folder will hold all the images in the document. Here is how the folder will look : (Note, the folder name is the same as the title of the document.)

Saved Folder Extracting Images from a Word Document   Very Easy


Inside This Folder

The images in the original document will be in this folder, but the document itself will not, so make sure you save your document and your “Web Page, Filtered” in the same place.

Image Folder1 Extracting Images from a Word Document   Very Easy


As you can see in the image above, the document images will be automatically saved and given “image” names. You can always rename them if the author has a preference for names of images.

Saving a Word document in this manner can help you in another way. Say someone sends you a zipped file with specifically named images for a post, but there are like 10 of them and there is no number order. Organizing a post like this requires a lot of back and forth. If you extract the zipped images to this saved Web Page folder you will have the images listed in order and you can use them as a guide for the named images.


If you are cranking out a lot of blog posts/articles, like we do here, this technique will save you time and keep everything nice and organized. Once I finish with a document and their images I just place them in a finished folder and keep my main working folder for SEJ clean.