DoNanza Trends Report: Analyzing Blogging Platforms and Work-From-Home Market

DoNanza, the search engine for work-from-home and freelance jobs, has released today its quarterly State of the Work-From-Home and Freelancing Economy. The whole report can broken into two main categories:

1. Analyzing the Rivalry Among CMS/Blogging Platforms

The report comes up with several interesting conclusions:

  1. Most CMS sites use wordpress while the largest budgets go to drupal developers;
  2. CMS professional project demand is showing extraordinary growth;
  3. WordPress is peerless in terms of demand for professionals;
  4. Drupal professionals are the highest earning:

Drupal Professionals are the Highest Earning

2. Analyzing Work–From-Home Market in General

An obvious but great-to-be-reminded-of conclusion here: Changes in Top 50 requested work-from-home skills show a rise in iPad and Android development:

Here’s the table sneak peek:

Changes in Top 50 Requested Work-from-Home Skills

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8 thoughts on “DoNanza Trends Report: Analyzing Blogging Platforms and Work-From-Home Market

  1. What about platforms such as Tumlr??? I think it as a great infrastructure with better features and it seems from the report that its not in the champ court….

    will be happy to get some other perspective


  2. I think DoNanza is the world’s largest work-from-home job search engine database aggregating jobs from hundreds of work-from-home job sites. DoNanza users are a wide spectrum of users from Professional freelancers to WAHMs (Work-at-Home Moms), part time students and hobbyists earning from home doing what they are good at and interested in.