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5 thoughts on “Content Marketing with The New Instagram Direct

  1. Hi Murray,

    I am big fan of Instagram so thank you for sharing the updates. I personally thing the changes are great to be able to send direct messages to my followers with out the need of sharing it with every one else. This is a great way to market to targeted customers.

  2. I used Instagram Direct to help me to sell a bicycle (by posting a pic and saying “leave a comment to have a private, real-time conversation”

  3. There must be clever people at Instagram Direct as well as at Snapchat. But the idea of deleting messages and photos after a short time is somehow frightening. We must see how things will develop and where social media will lead us to. I think in the end one dominant platform will win. It might consist of a mix of messaging, real time chat and photo sharing. But I don’t believe that it can become a new market place. Other platforms are much stronger.