Super Bowl Ads: Are They Really Worthwhile?

The cost of everything seems to be on the increase these days, with Superbowl ads being no exception. Sure if you are like me, Superbowl ads are one of the main highlights of the game but with a 30 second spot going for over $4 million dollars, one has to ask themselves is it really worth it? The short answer is “yes for some while no for others.”

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R.I.P. – Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites

As you read this, more than likely Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn are as common to you as the Internet itself. However, many have already forgotten the large social media players of the past that have utterly failed. It doesn’t seem that long ago when names like MySpace, Friendster, and even Digg were all the rage. These monster social media sites had their “time in the spotlight” but now they are long forgotten, slowly dying or even worse, drifting along with little to no growth.


SEO Top Trumps: Know Who To Follow

With the vast amount of SEO content available on the Internet, how do you know what is valuable, what is relevant, who is knowledgeable, and ultimately in learning from others, who to follow? Let’s face facts: there is a lot of information out there and sadly, some of it is not good. That’s why it is vitally important to make sure you are listening to those who know their stuff, those who have years of experience, those who have been in the trenches.