9 Tips to Write Effective Google AdWords Copy

If you are doing Pay-Per-Click Advertising for some time, you have probably figured that your Ad Copy plays a vital role in the success of your PPC campaign. Even after having your best keywords & a very compelling sales copy – your PPC campaign may fail. And among many reasons, the one that I’m going to elaborate on is your Ad Copy.

Sometimes we tend to forget that no matter how technical the whole PPC gets with things like Quality Score, Campaign Optimization etc. – An Ad Copy is still just an Ad Copy. It has much less technicality and if you can keep it plain and simple, it would probably work best for you.

So here are 9 tips that you can consider while writing your next PPC Advertisement:

1. Be Specific: Don’t write a generic Ad copy for all your keywords. You should try to be as specific as possible, so that your Ad can deliver the right message to your customers. For example, if you are selling shoes and you have different types of shoes in your inventory – e.g. Mens shoes, Women’s shoes, Tennis Shoes, Walking shoes etc.; you should make few set of keywords for each of the different type of inventory that you have and then write compelling Ads for each of those set. The best way to do this is to have multiple Ad groups for your different set of keywords so that you can easily write specific Ad copies for the different ad groups.

2. Highlight your Unique Value Proposition (UVP): How different are you from your competitor? What makes your product or service unique? What benefit would the customer get after buying what you sell? – If you can answer these questions then hopefully you will get your UVP. Your Ad copy must highlight your value propositions. Your proposition must be something that your competitors either cannot, or does not offer. It must be unique and something that your customers can relate to and can benefit from. Examples of some of the popular Unique Value Propositions:

  • Olay: “You get younger-looking skin”
  • Domino’s Pizza: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”
  • FedEx: “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight”

In the above examples, all the UVPs are pretty straight forward and uniquely describe the products purpose of existence and proposition to their respective customers.

So when you are writing your Ad copy, you must include your UVP that differentiates you from your competitor. A searcher would naturally want to know, why he should buy from you; and your copy must answer that question. For instance, if you offer free shipping, 24/7 support, money back guarantee or you are professionally certified, won awards or anything else that can help you to boost your initial credibility and trust – then Include it in your Ad copy.

3. Don’t forget your keywords: Advertisers often try to make their Ad copies very creative. But sadly very few of them do well in terms of Click-through-rate and conversion. Creativity is good and is essential for writing any sort of advertisement. But when it comes to PPC, sometimes too much creativity can hurt you. Because of the nature of PPC Ads, it’s very important for you to grab the searcher’s attention right at the beginning. Think of a traditional Google search page for instance – When a searcher performs a search, he is presented with a page full of blue colored links in a white background. He is looking for a particular solution of a problem and Even though you offer the solution and you have put up your Ad on the right side of his screen, he just can’t spot you! Do you know why? – Because your Ad copy probably doesn’t include the words that he is searching for; this makes your Ad irrelevant to his search! Try to Think, Isn’t that how exactly you perform a search? When you search for a term and you are provided with 10 results, you naturally would go with the results which have the exact same words of your search query on them. Google by default automatically bolds your searched keywords in the SERP. Thus if you search for blue widgets, all the occurrence of the word ‘blue’, ‘widget’, the phrase ‘blue widget’ and all their synonyms would be bolded.

So when writing your next Ad copy, make sure to include your main keywords in your Ad Headline and Ad Description so that they are automatically bolded when the searcher includes those keyword in his search query. Having your keyword in the Ad copy also makes your ad more relevant thus gives you a better Click-through-ratio (CTR) and a better quality score.

4. Include A Call to Action: Many advertisers forget to include a call to action in their Ads. Having a good call to action can increase your CTR and also increase your campaigns effectiveness. A searcher needs to know what’s in it for him if he clicks on the advertisement. He is already in a page full of related links that he was searching for and you are just one of those guys. So if you are going to take him away from this great page, you will have to make sure that he knows what he will get from your page.

For instance, if a searcher is thinking of getting Auto insurance, he needs to go to a destination where he can straight away get what he needs, an insurance quote. He doesn’t want to end up on a site where they will give him insurance tips, articles etc. Below are some live examples of call to actions that some advertisers are using:

Google Adwords Copy

Saad Kamal
Saad Kamal writes about Search Industry News, Social Media & Online Marketing for Small businesses and other daily tech news in his Search Marketing blog. Contact Saad via Email or Twitter for more information.

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26 thoughts on “9 Tips to Write Effective Google AdWords Copy

  1. I never think I’m going to enjoy these lists but I inevitably get all nerdly excited when I read them and dream about the potential. I look forward to my next Adwords project, thank you!

  2. Thanks for a great list.

    People also respond well to numbers, like ‘Save 50%’, Lose 13 lbs. in 3 weeks’, or a list like yours: ‘Learn 7 ways to …”

    I also look at the ads already on the SERPs.

  3. I personally found that testing only 2 ads at one time agaisnt one another is the best way to go. You cannot test 3, 4, etc. against one another effectively. And get the best results.

  4. Remember to serve your ads evenly, not best performing by default. This way you get to “split test” :)

  5. @ SEO…

    I personally found that testing only 2 ads at one time agaisnt one another is the best way to go. You cannot test 3, 4, etc. against one another effectively. And get the best results.

    Why not?

    Sort by lowest CTR and either remove or enhance. Repeat repeat repeat until you get the most desired results.

    Not hard really.

  6. Excellent article. My company personally sets up a lot of Adwords campaings and we follow a smiliar process. We generally start with the landing page first so that we can identify the UVP and thus write ad copies that highlight those. Great job.

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  8. One of the best articles I have read about creating your own adds, you nailed it. I needed to be reinforced and it did the trick… Just starting my own small business and will be creating my Web Site this week. I’m really excited, so much information on the Net what a great time for people to start a business, if we use all the resources available to us it has to create enthusium for what ever kind of pie you are into. My creative juices are starting to flow and it feels great…So, thank you for keeping it (sssimple) just kidding with the mispelled word.

    Darcie Eilert

  9. Brilliant Saad,

    I can’t agree more on “call to action” for ads. It is extremely important to have a strong call to action so that people will take action to click NOW! Also, be specific and straight to point so that people don’t think twice and just click your ads!


  10. Great information and lots of detail on the specific cases thanks.
    I’m in the process of creating my 1st PPC ad, so feeling overwhelmed, but this post has helped quite a bit.