3+ Awesome Ways to Make Sense of FireFox Tabs

If you are an active Internet user (which I bet you are), you probably always have numerous open tabs in your FireFox at the same time. Trying to make sense of them and find the one you need often takes time and frustrates. So in this SEO productivity post I am sharing a few tips to better organize and quicker access your browser tabs.

I have once looked at a few really useful FireFox shortcuts (as well as those FireFox shortcuts that are especially useful for SEOs); so here are a few more to switch between tabs (Windows, for other OS shortcuts please visit the official page):

  • CTRL+Number (CTRL+1 … CTRL+8) switches between corresponding tabs (Unfortunately I often have more than 8 tabs opened in the browser).
  • CTRL+9 shortcut always opens the very last tab.
  • Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page D own: switch to the next tab.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Page Up: switch to previous tab.
  • Ctrl+T: open a new tab.
  • Ctrl+W: close the current tab.
  • Ctrl-Shift+T: undo close tab.

Tab Navigator

Tab Navigator

TabNavigator is an awesome FireFox addon that allows desktop style tab navigation. What it basically means is that you can navigate between your active tabs using a shortcut {ALT+r}. Moreover, it allows to guess the target tab by showing you the domain favicon.

Colorful tabs

Colorful tabs

"Colorful tabs" (by Binary Turf) colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish "while beautifying the overall appearance of the interface".

While the addon really makes your browser look more appealing, it has a really cool feature that lets you specify the separate colors for each domain. This makes identifying each site easier.

To access the feature:

  • Right-click on any tab,
  • Choose "Colorful tabs" and then "Options"
  • In "General" tab choose "Generate colors by domain hostname"
  • Go to "Presets"
  • Put a tick on "Enable Preset Domain Colors"
  • Add unlimited number of domains and set colors!

Colorful tabs: options

Next Tab

Open link in the next tab

Naturally, we want all related tabs grouped together. So when you are a opening a new tab, you might want to open it right next to the current tab.

Next tab 0.2.3. gives you an awesome ability to open the link in the new tab next to the current one.

Just right click on a link, you will get an option to "Open the link next to current tab" in the context menu. Click on it and the tab will be opened right next to the current tab.

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6 thoughts on “3+ Awesome Ways to Make Sense of FireFox Tabs

  1. If you are a heavy web user as you should be you must consider something better than Firefox, which is a real RAM hog and which makes managing more than 8-10 tabs in it a nightmare. I use Avant Browser and it really saves the day for me: I have total control and full visibility of my 50-90 tabs that I need open at the same time and the RAM used is at least twice smaller than what you get with Firefox or Chrome. Mentioning Chrome, tab management there is equally bad when you go over 10.

    1. Geo, does Avant Browser support all new web technologies, and give the security/extensibility one would have running Firefox or Opera?

    2. I have had 400+ tabs open on several occasions using Firefox, mostly thanks to TV Tropes and Wikipedia. This on a computer with 2GB of RAM.

      There are tons of ways to improve the tab handling in Firefox if one would like.
      Tree style tabs as provided by Tree Style Tabs¹ and Tab Kit² are great if you’ve got a decently sized widescreen monitor.
      There’s also extensions available that allows you to search your tabs, such as Find in Tabs³ for searching the content of tabs and Search Tabª to search the title.

      Also the tab matching planned for the Awesomebar will hopefully help:

      ¹ Tree Style Tabs : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/5890
      ² Tab Kit : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/5447
      ³ Find in Tabs : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/8078
      ª Search Tab : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/10164

  2. Two more tips:

    -Use the mousewheel to click a link – it will open in a new tab.

    -Right-clicking on the tab bar also gives an option for undoing a close tab.

  3. I like the use of Tab Navigator and Next tab. Next tab is a boon to people like me who opens more than ten tabs at a time.