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25 Creative and Engaging About Us Pages

Whether you’re building your own website or are just browsing for information on a business, organization or individual, the ‘About Us’ page is a vital part of every website and blog. Why? Because it’s usually one of the first destinations that visitors will click when arriving to a site. If they aren’t impressed, you can expect them to leave without reading your awesome content, signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase on your eCommerce site.

But, what makes a solid ‘About Us’ page’?

For starters, it should be informative. It doesn’t always have to tell the whole story, but it should at least provide people with an idea of who and what you are. Besides that, it should contain social proof, testimonials, and some personal information that viewers can relate to such as education, family, etc. It also wouldn’t hurt t0 make sure that it’s also responsive, since more people are surfing online on mobile devices.

That may sound complicated, but it’s really not. The main purpose of the ‘About Us’ page is to give visitors a glimpse into the identity of either a person or business. If you know who you are and your goal for your site, the ‘About Us’ page should come naturally. But, if you’re still looking for inspiration, you can always check out the following Top 25 ‘About Us’ pages.

1. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf HammocksScreenshot of Yellow Leaf Hammocks 2/4/14

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a company trying to save the world via hammocks. The brand plans to accomplish this by selling hand-woven hammocks from artisans in Thailand. The idea alone should be enough to make this a brand worthy of your attention (and money) but the story of how founder Joe Demin discovered these hammocks and the statistics regarding poverty found on the About page are equally compelling. Both humanize the brand, company, and product which should motivate you into purchasing a hammock.

2. I Shot Him

I Shot HimScreenshot of I Shot Him 2/4/14

Don’t get fouled by the name. I Shot Him is not a violent or gory website. It’s actually a creative studio located in San Francisco. There’s a lot going on here, but we really like how the company embraces its quirkiness and has fun with their About page. Furthermore, it’s fluid and very responsive. And, we’re fans of how you can simply scroll over “the crew” to find out more details without having to click and leave the page.

3. Dashing Dish

Dashing DishScreenshot of Dashing Dish 2/4/14

Dashing Dish aims to provide healthy recipes for food that would otherwise be categorized as ‘junk’. What makes the story behind Katie Farrell captivating is that it’s personal. Nothing embarrassing. Just an honest tale on why she began Dashing Dish. There’s also an accompanying video and random facts that give visitors even more insight into Kim and her business. After your visit, you feel like you personally know Kim and want to support Dashing Dish.

4. Gummisig

GummisigScreenshot of Gummisig 2/4/14

Gummisig is a web designer who makes great use out of over sized text, which he utilizes to bring attention to what he does in a humorous manner. While he proudly states the companies he has designed websites for, like IKEA, he’s not boasting. He also provides testimonials and comes across as very friendly and approachable, even if you just need a simple website design for your small business.

5. LessFilms

Less FilmsScreenshot of LesserFilms 2/4/14

LessFilms is a video production company that decided to show off their wit and sense of humor by basing their entire site on wrestling. Yes. Professional wrestling. Somehow, the duo make it work. The result is an original and unique page that gives LessFilms a lot of personality. Personality that would make us feel completely comfortable hiring the company for film production needs.

6. Moz

MozScreenshot of Moz 2/4/14

Moz decided to provide visitors with a timeline to tell their story. But, the site didn’t go overboard with details. Instead, the SEO consulting firm only shares highlights with circular images on a track, which you can easily scroll through. With this method, Moz can showcase their awards and accomplishments without coming across show-offs.

7. I Am Dan

I Am DanScreenshot of I Am Dan 2/4/14

Dan provides us with all the ‘cliches and stereotypes’ that you would expect to find on an about page, but in a simplistic and interactive way. Instead of throwing all of the vital information surrounding his graphic and web design work onto one page, Dan provides separate links for his resume and contact information. Overall, this is a clean page that gets right to the point in a trendy way.

8. Tumblr

TumblrScreenshot of Tumblr 2/4/14

Tumblr has a near perfect About page. It’s clean, easy to digest, and provides all of the important information front and center, such as how many blogs or the number of employees. If you keep scrolling, however, you’ll also be treated to the latest blog posts, which are usually based off trending topics. It’s fun and informational!

Albert Costill
Just a typical guy that enjoys an ice-cold beer, pizza, sports and music. Since venturing into the blogosphere many years ago to discuss his favorite tunes, Al has been known to write for online publications by Alpha Brand Media, such as EveryGuyed and Search Engine Journal, to discuss everything and anything that matters.

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19 thoughts on “25 Creative and Engaging About Us Pages

  1. How I wish I can create an engaging About Us page. A good picture and a high quality content is what I have observed. Some have brief overview content yet great. Creative indeed. A must see post! Thanks for this! This one inspires me.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  2. Nice Post ! People often don’t find “About Us” part very interesting, but the way they have written it, I must give credit to the content writers.

  3. Moz has a good and interesting About page of all. That’s what defines your blog right? :)
    How much would it cost approximately to make such an about me page? And works with WordPress?

    1. Thanks for the comment Anchit!

      I’m not sure on exact cost, but it’s expected that a web site will cost people $2,250 to $10,000 in 2014, which includes design developers, etc. It really depends on how much the people and tools charge. I would recommend that you visit these two sites:



      They both break down the costs of to build a website very well.

      I would think that WordPress wouldn’t be a problem. It’s very popular and easy to use.

  4. # 16 you have his name misspelled it’s Ferris, Tim Ferris. I did nt’ read the comments yet someone probably already pointed it out. Honestly his Four Hour Work week book, what I got was get clients in first world countries and farm out work to third world countries-ok India. India is probably not called that no offense is meant. It was a shock to me at the time- but I can see that it supports those workers relative to their cost of living, and the business owner here, can make a profit and the work gets done. The U.S. boss manages the work and insures the quality etc meet the clients needs. But at the time it seemed amhhhmmm almost colonial, like digital conlonialism.

    1. I fixed Tim’s name, thanks for catching it. I’m embarrassed that I missed it since I have all his books! The Four Hour Workweek was a game changer for me– I now have a few virtual assistants, one in India and one in the Philippines and it has really changed the way I work. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the majority of the VAs I’ve worked with since I’ve been in the digital media space.

      1. Thanks for comment back Kelsey yeah, I realized that VA are a way to produce at a high level and not burnout! That might be a good article for SEJ, how to find a great VA!!!

  5. A wonderful collection.

    Loved the full body images next to the text. Makes you feel like you really meet the person.

    Thanks for gathering those

  6. An excellent compilation and quite interesting… Just one of those items you don’t really think much about until a bit of a spot light is put on the subject.

    I would have to say I liked MOZ… Very simple, yet interesting at the same time, gives a bit of history which adds that element of perhaps “trust”…

  7. Great round up, Albert! Thanks for sharing, and your comments are helpful.

    I see only one that uses the “progress bar” approach to listing their technical skills. I always find myself wondering how one determines they have “60%” skills vs 90%. Which is my way of saying I find that visual just sort of dumb. Trendy, but dumb. Totally IMO.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Chris! I’m not going to lie, I was curious on how people determine their skill levels on ‘progress bars’. I’m guessing that they do it to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I think it’s a neat and unique approach, but I can understand why it’s not for everyone.

  8. The about us page is without a doubt a very crucial part of every website and blog. Social proof is an important factor which should not to be missed in an about us page.

    These about us pages are really creative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Albert. Would be a great help in improving my own.