2010 Search & Social Awards : Nominate Your Blog!

We’re very happy to announce the 2010 Search & Social Awards, the extention of the old SEJ Search Blog Awards, will be held this April to award the best in blogging and media campaigns across the online marketing industry.

For those of you who are new to the format, SEJ will open nominations today in our comments area. We let the readers of SEJ nominate the blogs for the Search & Social Awards by leaving comments or Tweeting.

Then, our panel of bloggers and online marketers will review the nominations, and add some of our own which may have been overlooked.

2010 Search & Social Awards

The 2010 Search & Social Awards are a time for the lessor known search & social media blog to shine, and since Search & Social is the parent company of SEJ, we pull out of the running, and make it a point to share a wide variety of blogs with our readers.

Once all of the nominations are in and the blogs set and categorized, we then hand over the choice of which blogs will win over to the hand of the readers of SEJ and the blogs in the contest. Readers can vote for specific blogs and rate blogs using our voting method.

The blogs with the most votes or higher ratings will win. In the past we’ve had thousands vote for blogs across different categories, so again, not only is this a time for your search blog to shine … but also to introduce your blog to new readers and RSS sucscribers.

Search Engine Journal / Search & Social is now opening nominations for blogs to be included for this year’s Search & Social Awards in the following categories:

Search & Social Blog Awards Categories

  • Best SEO Blog
  • Best PPC Blog
  • Best Search News Blog
  • Best Link Building Blog
  • Best Web Analytics Blog
  • Best ORM Blog
  • Best Conversion / CRO Blog
  • Best Copywriting Blog
  • Best Local Search Blog
  • Best Blog about Social Networking and/or Social Media
  • Best Social Media Marketing Blog
  • Best Affiliate Marketing Blog
  • Best Search Marketing Community/Forum
  • Best Blog About Facebook
  • Best Blog About Twitter
  • Best Twitter Background
  • Best Use of Twitter
  • Best Youtube Channel
  • Best Link Bait of 2009/10

There are two ways to nominate.

1. Comments : To nominate blogs, please leave a comment below with the category and your favorite blogs, and a link to the blog :)

2. Tweeting : You can also nominate via Twitter by tweeting :

@sejournal I nominate _______ for _______

Be sure to shorten the URL of the blog if you link to it.

You can nominate as many blogs as you want!

Nominations will be open until April 8th and voting will begin on April 15th

You can also Nominate Categories in the Comments. So if you can think of a cool category, NOMINATE IT!

LIVE Search & Social Awards Ceremony

Here’s the kicker, once the nominations are in and the awards voted on (we will have a special page on Search & Social for this) we will be waiting until the Search & Social Spring Summit to announce the winners!

On May 3rd at 6 pm, during our Casino Night Happy Hour, Search & Social will be holding a live awards ceremony to give out the Search & Social Awards and Prizes to the winning bloggers. This is really exciting as we will have a decent amount of bloggers at the conference and will be broadcasting the event live and tweeting it!

And yes … the winners will receive actual prizes from our Sponsors, Search Engine Journal and Search & Social!

So, what are you waiting for? Nominate your favorite blogs or your own to the 2010 Search & Social Awards!

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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53 thoughts on “2010 Search & Social Awards : Nominate Your Blog!

    1. Is there a blog specifically about Twitter backgrounds? LOL.

      Actual Twitter Backgrounds :)

  1. I nominate http://www.expertSEM.com for Best PPC Blog. However, ExpertSEM really covers all the other topics, too. So if there was a Best Interactive Marketing Blog or Best Search Marketing Blog category, I would have to pick one of those.

    1. p21chong.wordpress.com is a delightful read, full of interesting news, jokes, beautiful poems, meaningful words of wisdom like the author himself! Pray that he be generous in continuing writing, collecting and despatching such lovely meaningful words of wisdom to the world. May God Bless You & Your Family Paul!

    2. P21chong.wordpress.com is a very interesting blog. It is always full of interesting jokes, news, poems, beautiful scenery and meaningful words of encouragement.
      May he always continue writing and sending all those beautiful meaningful . encouraging words of wisdom and knowledge to everyone.
      May God's always bless him with happiness, peace, and divine health all throughout his life.

  2. I want to Vote for –

    * Best SEO Blog – Dailyseotip.com
    * Best PPC Blog -PPC Hero
    * Best Search News Blog – Web Pro News
    * Best Link Building Blog – Seo-chicks.com
    * Best Web Analytics Blog – webanalysis.blogspot.com
    * Best Blog about Social Networking and/or Social Media –
    * Best Social Media Marketing Blog – Mashable
    * Best Search Marketing Community/Forum – Forums.Digitalpoint.com
    Best Conversion / CRO Blog – RoiRevolution.com
    Best Copywriting Blog – http://blog.communicate2.com/

    Some Category missing –

    -Best blog for WordPress Customized Tips & hacks
    -Best blog for Blogging Tips

  3. Paul Chong's blog is the best with well researched articles, exciting, sexy,
    thought-provoking, covering social, political & religious concerns complete
    with photos. I nominate http://p21chong.wordpress.com for best blog about
    social issues

  4. I nominate Paul Chong for open category.
    His blog (p21chong.wordpress.com) is the best I have visited.
    Beats many others for lively content. Also very varied with lots
    of thought provoking comments relieved with photos & jokes.
    Very good indeed

  5. I totally nominate outspokenmedia.com/blog for best SEO blog and best social media blog… if there was a best conference coverage category, I'd nominate us for that too 😉