23 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog To

Updated on 8/15/11: We love all the attention this post has received since its original publication. Here’s our update, including the addition of four newer blog directories that have hit it big. If you have any recommendations, please notify us in the comments, below.
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Gaining exposure for your blog is critical to building a following and revenue. After creating compelling copy, titles, descriptions and link strategies, it’s time to list your blog in one or more directories.

There are many paths to building links, such as link baiting or blogroll-link swapping, but few are as easy to implement and cost effective as submitting to blog directories. And good link juice makes for a growing blog.


Here are 24 directories you need to know about:

1. Best of the Web Blog Search remains a powerful tool for sharing your blog, especially since this director’s very selective, listing only mature and valuable blogs. A link from here is majestic.

2. Bloggeries is one of the most respected blog directories. The layout is clear and concise, and readers are able to find what they are looking for in a snap.

3. EatonWeb Blog Directory is a powerful list. The fee, currently $34.99, pays for a review of your blog.

4. OnToplist.com is a free, manually-edited directory that reads the RSS feed of your blog. You can also use the site’s social features, article directory, and other great tools to build your blog.

5. Blogged.com is an interesting mix of a directory and a Google News type site that is fed by the blogs listed with Blogged. And it’s free to list your blog.

6. While the design and infrastructure have changed somewhat over the years, Blog Search Engine remains one of the most selective blog directories on the web. Membership has its privileges.

7. Blog Catalog features a vast number of categories, from “academic” to “writing”, while offering the ability to search by country, language or user. It has a no-frills design, but offers convenient access through a simple blog registration.

8. Globe of Blogs has too many features to list. Only non-commercial blogs are accepted. The site may be busy, but I like being able to narrow my search by title, author or subject.

9. The ultimate directory of British blogs isn’t focused on location, but on the culture. It is asked that bloggers be genuinely “Britished.”

10. Blog Universe has a layout that’s easy to navigate and, although the content is limited, it’s an all-around good directory worthy of submission.

11. Bigger Blogs is intertwined with a business directory and an article directory, giving you access to several powerful tools in one location.

12. Bloggernity is a crisp, clean and easily navigated site. It’s low ad-to-content ratio has helped solidify its reputation as a quality directory.

13. Bloggapedia has an interesting and eye-catching homepage. Readers are easily connected to top blogs and new posts. Innovative categories, a colorful design and its blogger tool kit make this directory a hit.

14. Spillbean is a well-designed directory with categories such as “health,” “society,” “Internet,” and “personal.”

15. Blogging Fusion boasts over 60 categories, including family-focused blogs. Blogging Fusion has an good number of listings, and it also has visitor stats.

16. Blogflux is organized and clear with a strong social element.

17. The blogs at the top of Bloglisting are fun, colorful and catch the attention of the reader. Bloglisting displays the page-ranking blogs, which is a helpful tool when determining with whom you want to exchange links.

18. Blogio stores plenty of quality blogs, and it sports solid on-site search.

19. Blog Digger is a strong search tool, especially for local blog listings.

20. Blog Pulse features a powerful community element, on-site analytics, and a clean design. The “submit” page is a bit tricky to find, so here’s the quick link.

21. Technorati’s blog directory is well-respected and spans more than 30 categories.

22. Blogarama has a strong base of blogs and a solid text-ad system for its front page.

23. Blog Hints features over 100 categories. The site is very picky about which blogs are included, and those that are listed are presented via a visual interface that shows the site’s design and page rank. This makes Blog Hints the perfect site for finding link-swapping partners.

The above listings are a glimpse inside the large and vast world of blog directories and the valuable inbound links that your can build for your blog and your business.

There are countless more directories at your disposal. Which do you like? Leave a comment.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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391 thoughts on “23 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog To

  1. Very nice list of blog directories and details included.Since I have a marketing resources blog, i’d like to add your link to my blog,let me know if you’d mind me doing this.

  2. You might want to add this directory and search engine to your list. LSblogs.com The site specializes in blogs of all kinds .And what’s great is that you will be able to submit your blog, in the exact category it belongs in., The site also includes listings of other Blog Directories, Blog hosts, and tools and services. All sumissions are checked by hand to ensure suitability of the blog directory.

  3. There is actually a lot more to Blogcatalog than just being a directory, there are forums and topical discussion groups, you can even greate one for your own niche, various community widgets, and actually quite a powerful API.

  4. Tell BritBlog that Australia still owns the Ashes (for all those not of the Commonwealth, think of it as the Superbowl for Cricket)…www.AustralianBlogs.com.au

  5. Good list – I just listed my blog in more than half of the sites here. Hopefully I’ll be approved and hopefully will see an increase in traffic – I wonder if other folks have yet? (Note: not all of the blog listing sites offer a free listing!)

  6. You may want to add a little about how easy or hard the sign up process is for each because some seem very cooperative while others are pretty difficult to sign up and submit blogs.

  7. Great list, but its just a start for obtaining good serp rankings.Most of these directories are favoring english language themes,too bad..

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  9. Great research for the directories. Thanks for this list . I will submit my blog to all these directories…. Again thanks….

  10. With your list of top 20 blog directory, 1oo more is added thru comments…..which one to go for? Confused!

    I prefer list suggested by you. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very nice comprehensive list. I have a question if anybody out there can help. I blog about many things: movies, politics, technology. …

    My question is: When I list my blog with these search engines, would it be better to get more specific and link people to each category page (like the movies category for movie blogs) or should I always direct them to the root blog?

    Thanks in advance for the help,

  12. Thanks for the good list. It’d be helpful if the list included note of whether the directories charged to get listed. I see a bunch do charge for a better listing or faster service, but may have a free option. Other blogs only list for pay.

    Just had an adventure with SpillBean. There’s an antispam question “how to spell ‘blog’ backwards” and I’ve tried answering it four times to no avail…. and wouldn’t you know there is no sign of a contact link anywhere that I could see.

    So, cross that one off my list, and on to the next one!

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  15. Great list although I’d agree some of these probably aren’t worth the effort. Also, it would be great to know which ones cost $$ and which ones don’t.

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  19. Nice work. I an new to bloging, this was quite useful to me. Any body ready for a link exchange please leave a comment on any posts in my blog

  20. I am glad to hear some one else say that Blog=better listing in Google. I have always preached that and sometimes you find clients that do not want to develop their website as a resource. Great list of blog directories by the way!

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  22. Great list of blog directories. Thank you for putting this together.

    I’ve begun to list my blog and looking forward to seeing some good results.

    Note: I’ve been on blogcatalog and find that I receive an average of 100 unique visitors per month. Getting listed in all 20 can add up to thousands if same results are to be expected from this list of 20.

  23. Thank you very much for this list.
    Though My blog has very good content and i update it regularly ,
    I was not getting visitors , but since i have started submitting it to the directories you listed,
    the daily traffic has increased.
    “IT REALLY WORKS !!!!”
    Thank you again!!!

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  26. Thanks a lot for such handy list.

    I found that ‘Bigger Blogs’ is not working however maybe it was overloaded when I visited it few monents ago

  27. The guys that offer the blogclassroom.com have also started a directory, but I think it is for publishing articles, in case anyone is interested. I am new to blogging, so forgive my vagueness. Thank you for the good information.

  28. Great information! Thank you so much! Just an FYI though, The Ultimate Directory of British Blogs is closing down due to spammers, hackers and all that junk. It gives a much more detailed reason on the home page of the site.

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  35. Cheers for putting up that list, will be referring back to it from time to time, have already used a couple of those sites after having a browse on yours.

    If you, or anyone else reading this comment, wants to do a link exchange with me feel free to mail me a comment on my site and if you add me I will add you. Just let me know your sites details!

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  37. I found this article useful however some of them do charge and make no guarantees that you will be given priority in their directories, plus I don not believe directory submissions hold as much weight for Seo as it used to.

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  39. Question for anyone or for Loren directly. Can you submit blogs to these top blog directories that aren’t thru Blogger or WordPress? I have a blog on ActiveRain that has it’s own blog url and I have like 30 links to the blog already within 2 weeks of blogging. – Thanks

  40. SocietyBlogs.com -NEW Directory
    -Categories are Arts, Politics, Gossip and Fashion

    Registration is free, and automatic (immediate).
    It IS moderated so the final approval of the submission, is reviewed.

    Thats it..free directory, no gimmicks, you can vote on your favs.

    Human reviewed-NO ROBOTS 😉

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  44. Bloggeries is of of my favorite blog directory, actually of the strongest blog directory. thanks for compiling the 20’s powerful blog directories

  45. Thanks for this wonderful list of blog directories and helpful tips. I have only recently launched my blog and have started submitting so its great to have this as a starting point.

  46. some of these links do not work. some of these links require a payment to be able to be considered. Some of these links don’t even mention the payment requirement until you have entered your blog information.

  47. Great piece, and for those that complain that there are some links to pay sites you could have done the research yourself. Thanks again.

  48. This is a superb post. Is there any other BLog directories in India other than http://www.indiblogger.in. I feel most of the blogs in their directories are pretty old and not at all active.

    Is there any other better blog directory available only for india. I have been to blogadda.com, oneindiablog.com . But i certainly feel indiblogger.in does not stand at all in the Indianblog directory category, provided if there are some real information about them to justify.

  49. I have to update my previous comment. Although Blog Hub has a high Google rank, the site is very poorly maintained. Their contact link doesn’t work which makes it a bit frustrating if you need assistance. It took 5 times before it actually accepted my blog link. I kept receiving a Category error. Not sure how this could be an error when all the choices are listed in their menu. Then upon reviewing New Listings, my site now shows up 2 times. Modification doesn’t work. What else can I say?

  50. Thanks for sharing guys. Really helpful specially for beginners like me.

    Here is my blog htp://www.lugaluda.com any constructive comment will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again :)

  51. Wow, this list was VERY helpful.

    I seem to be noticing that none of these directories have Squarespace listed, which I am finding annoying. I’ve tried tons and I still wouldn’t use anything but Squarespace.

  52. p.s. does anyone use pingomatic? any good? i guess the first thing i noticed is that it only has 21 directories at any onetime, is this enough?

  53. Yes. Ping-o-matic is still used and effective, but you should use other ping services, also.

    You should be able to set up a ping list on your blog where the ping services are notified AUTOMATICALLY when you make a post.

    For a comprehensive ping list with 67 entires consult my blog post:

    List Of Ping Services

    Best of success,


  54. Thanks Loren,

    With more than 30 Blogs on various topics, and more to come I was looking out for a great way to monetize my blogs, besides providing publicity. Your article caught my attention at the right time. It sure is going to take me a lot of time to submit my blogs on all of them.

    Just working on it at present, so eagerly awaiting to see the results. They sure must be good if you have taken so much time and patience to put up such a nice article. A great help for Novices alike.

    Will add your link in my Blogs as well, of course with your permission.

    Which link would you like me to post in my blog? Will highly appreciate it you give me the best link.

    Great work keep it up. This has even motivated me to write, simple, precise but helpful articles like you.

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  55. Hi, These Dir are very nice. But free Submitted Directories are very help full for Bloggers.
    Plz ..if possible give frr dir top list for us.


  56. Any way thanks for list.

    For New Bloggers what are the suggesions to you give to improve earnings…give any tips.

    This is most usefull for us(New Bloggers).

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  58. I can’t believe that the #1 on the list, the “creme de la creme” as you put it is a directory site that charges $39.95 for a listing?! Are you kidding me? Is this a scam?

  59. Thanks for a simple guide to help me to begin listing my blog to some good directories. My site has experienced really good growth in the short time since its inception, I hope using this article’s recommendation will add to its growth. Thanks again!

  60. would you consider separate the free from paid service, almost half of them needs payment and the others need you to do something first. before they do listed your blog.

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  64. Great List!

    I am partial to the this one.

    You can add your blog to the directory, Upload Videos, Photos, Music and pimp you own page also.
    If you are a newbie you can even create a blog. There is a discussion and help forum also.

    It is the best blogging start page on the web if you a blogger…

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  65. Caution: Bloghub is a scam. They only collect email addresses and never send out verification codes for people who try to register to submit their blogs. Emails to Bloghub have gone unanswered.

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  68. Thanks for the great list…:) Bookmarked it and put it into a Excel “to-do list”. I’ll be checking back more often for great resources like this.

  69. Thanks for providing a good list. But ya at first i went through all those where i need to pay some amount but also i found some of them which i had never been through and used it. thanks again.

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