10 SEO Bookmarklets to Analyze Page Links and Images

Here is the third part of my SEO bookmarklets collection. If you missed the first two, be sure to check them out: Google bookmarklets and bookmarklets for on-page SEO diagnostics and domain stats analysis.

This time I am listing SEO bookmarklets allowing for a quick access to more on-page factors: page internal and external links and images.

Note: again, to use any of the following bookmarklets, simply drag it to your bookmarks toolbar (should work across multiple browsers; I’ve tested all of them only in FireFox).

Analyze page links:

Full urls as link text

  • Full urls as link text – change all link text to match their full URLs;
  • Page links – find all page links (including liked images) containing the specified word in the URL string;
  • Linked pages – find all page outbound links;
  • Int/Ext links – visualizes page links by coloring internal links red, external links blue, and in-page links orange.
  • Find links to domain.com – find links to a domain.com (change for your own) on a current page;
  • Links number – shows how many links (int + ext) a web page contains;

Analyze page images:

  • Check Images – lists the URLs of broken images;
  • Zap Images – replaces the page images for their alternative text;
  • Check Alts – shows which images have no alternative text;
  • List Alts – in a new tab opens the list of images along with their alt texts (or “missing” or “empty”);


Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, MyBlogGuest.com.
Ann Smarty

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21 thoughts on “10 SEO Bookmarklets to Analyze Page Links and Images

  1. and a real article…can you this for once? don’t call yourself an SEO when all you do is a list of crappy things…

  2. @ ANN : the fact that every time you post something, you come up with “lists”… anybody can do a article a day like you. Show some skills not just a bunch of crap in a list.

  3. @Ann, I know how much time and analysis you must have put into before making any list live. And I personally feel many of your list is very handy for me esp the advanced keyword analysis, advanced link operators etc. I pity for the guys like Matt and Mac whom I can see only the envious actions on their behavior.

    @Loren – I suggest having a comment moderation for the posts. Even though its a tough task, we can avoid some unsought people making ridiculous comment eminent blogger.

  4. I am only expressing my thoughts here…was there some vulgarity in my comments? No i don’t think so. There is no need for moderation here. I think everyone have the rights to say whatever he want, good or bad. If you are in the SEO industry and cannot take criticism…my only advice would be : “don’t quit your day job at Wendy’s”.

  5. @Matt, you are not quite fair – that was not me responding to your criticism. I only asked you to explain what you are up to – I do respect your opinion. All I can say is that I post at SEJ weekly and each week I try to keep to the following scenario: I post a few SEO / link building guides and also I review a few SEO tools (sometimes that’s a list). So I not only post lists, I do other stuff too

  6. Matt, you don’t like lists of SEO bookmarklets? Did you already know and use each and every one of these? Do you not like bookmarklets at all, is that the problem? Why don’t y0u leave a comment about tools that YOU find useful and impress us with your knowledge instead of criticizing someone who takes the time to put a list together. Here’s an idea – DON’T READ IT. Save us all the trouble and don’t comment either – at least not unless you’ve got something useful or nice to say.

  7. Funny; I always look forward to Ms. Smarty’s input. Ann often has things that are new to me. In my opinion it is like an aggregator; if someone else runs and fetches what is the problem? Ever heard of Mashable?

  8. @MATT I’m not going to moderate your comments because open discussion is the cornerstone of blogging, and we are one of the only larger Search blogs to offer open commenting, and I want to keep it that way.

    Ann’s lists of tools and tactics are well thought out and well put together. Enough said and I do believer, given the support on this thread, others agree with me.

    If you don’t like the posts or material, then simply unsubscribe.

  9. I enjoy Ann’s tool lists and tool review posts, they are a good way to cross-reference against the tools I’m already using.

  10. Why spend so much time arguing. If you like it then use it. If not, roll your eyes and move on. I think that it important to consider that, depending upon your level of expertse, any contribution has value. What an experienced SEO person sees as a “duh article” could be very helpful to a novice.

  11. Preparing and giving useful list of tools is not simple. I can say, Ann is my only source for good SEO tools.

    People who are new in SEO may not like this lists. They just need bit more knowledge to use this things!