Yahoo Releases Yahoo Messenger 6.0

Yahoo just officially launched their new Yahoo Messenger 6 upgrade after weeks of beta testing by Yahoo users (Search Engine Journal editors included). The upgrade is a fresh of breath air for Yahoo, adding music, games, photos, and Yahoo Search to their popular Yahoo Messenger Service.

“With the all-new Yahoo! Messenger we are using the power of the Yahoo! network to create an essential communications hub for our users,” said Lisa Pollock Mann, senior director of messaging products. “We are thrilled with the enthusiasm we have heard thus far, with over 90% of survey respondents telling us that they would recommend the all-new Yahoo! Messenger to their friends.”

Yahoo has introduced deeper integration with Yahoo Search via new search shortcuts makes sharing search results with friends easier than ever. Earlier in the year, Yahoo introduced its new search engine technology while dropping Google as its primary search engine provider. Such integration of Yahoo Search into Yahoo’s premier product offerings, such as Yahoo Messenger, is a sound plan to spread Yahoo Search across user desktops and to infiltrate Yahoo member web surfing habits.

New features like enhanced access to contacts including e-mail and mobile information through Yahoo AddressBook and the ability to be seen by certain friends of choice through the Stealth mode feature, provide an easy, efficient and fun way for people to manage relationships and communicate in real time.

Probably one of the collest features of the new Messenger is that they have introduced stealth mode. This enable you to decide who on your messenger list can see you and who cannot. By adding Stealth, Yahoo removed one of the shortcomings in our opinion. As MSN Messenger let you block a particular user even without removing him from your buddy list, Yahoo did not. Now you don’t have to block anyone (so you don’t miss any offline messages), you just disappear under the stealth mode.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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162 thoughts on “Yahoo Releases Yahoo Messenger 6.0

  1. I downloaded the new yahoo messenger beta 2 days ago. I now was told by my friends that the beta has a few bugs in it and i should now re-download the new one.(6.0) How do I? I ckicked on 6.0 and yahoo said that i already had that installed,, BUT when i installed it,, I hit the BETA one. How can I tell if I have the beta or the 6.0 installed ? help I dont want to catch a bug.:(….

  2. I Have A Windows XP I Want To Know If This New Yahoo Messenger Will Work With My New Windows XP Pc Holla Back With That Info.Oh Yeah I Do Have Yahoo E.Mail Inbox My Yahool E.Mail Adderss Is LilManNumber12@Yahoo.Com. Just Holla Back With That Info Thank You very Much????

  3. To upgrade my yahoo messenger what upgrade do I choose? Will it wipe out my Friends list, emoticons that are present. I really don’t know what to download as I don’t want a mess. Please advise me.

  4. I have had the new Yahoo beta shortly after it came out. It’s cool and all but a complete memory hog and I want to un-install it and go back to the other version but now can’t find the older version. Where can I get it?

  5. its kewl i dont know wut to say i mean its just a new version of yahoo messenger but thanks

  6. I am disassified with the latest messenger. There is no way to “Join User in Chat” and the screen is much too large.

  7. I downloaded the new messenger today as did a couple of my friends and all of us are now having trouble in game rooms and other areas that have java. want the old one back so how do I find it and get rid of this headache you have with the 6.0???

  8. i wanted to get the new messenger but every time i get to it it wont let me download it!! why??? PLZ HELP i dont think tha ti can survive with out messenger

  9. Can you please tell me how I can get the same chat rooms that were on the old messenger. Great NEW Messenger bit upset that the Chat is not available on it.

  10. Where is the chat on this? I looked everywhere on my new messenger and I cant find it. I wasnt able to download the new Yahoo messenger for the U.S so I had to resort to the UK/Ireland one, not even the Canadian one downloaded.

  11. where can i download the new yahoo chat at i had a friend tell me about it and i want to know where to download it at ??

  12. I just downloaded the new 6.0 Yahoo Messenger and can’t get it to work on my windows XP….help!!!!! or get me back to the old version, how do I do this.

  13. I can’t find anywhere on the internet yahoo messenger 6.0 I wanna download it but i cant find it anywhere. Where can i go to download yahoo messenger 6.0?

  14. I am not happy with the new Yahoo Messenger 6.0 at all. I removed it and now whenever I reboot, it starts automatically when booting up. I ran a search to completely romove it, but search comes up with nothing. There appears to be something in the download that does not allow one to completely remove the program.

  15. yes i downloaded yahoo to 6.0 and i can not find out how you switch over to change login user. my friend can not get into his buddy list, because there is no way to sign him in, so please tell me away to do this, where do you find a place to change users at. Thank you

  16. i downloaded yahoo messenger several times and always there was a fatal termination.
    the error: YPAGER caused an invalid page fault in module FLASH.OC at 0167:02fb7251.
    now i installed yahoo somehow through help menu…,but the problem still has with it’s fatal crash to restart messenger again else it doesn’t exist otherwise.

  17. its agood version but thhe thinngs we cannot follow user if were not in the room and its kinda hard for us to follow if we can’t find the room that we wanted to go. is there anyway you can do to also include the join user or follow user?

  18. i wana download yahoo messenger version 6.0 plz tell me where to download it from . plz i need it a lot.

  19. yahho messenger 6 , is really great for voice chat , but we can joing user in chat, if this provison is there , it will be real great. Now i want messenge 6 to instal in my system , iam not able to find in messenge kindly give me the downloadable site.

  20. Unable to login to messenger after upgrading from 5.5 to 6.0. Does someone have the same problem? Please HELP!
    Yahoo messenger can’t connect
    We are unable to sign you in to Yahoo

    For Dial-up users:
    Check modem
    Try again

    Lan users… etc.

    Please HELP!


  22. DEAR FRDS! I AM SO HAPPY THAT YAHOO HAS CHANGED IT’S MESSANGER. NOW WE CAN SAY THAT YAHOO IS THE BEST MESSANGER ON THE EARTH. IT GIVES ALOT OF PROGRAMMES AND FREE ACCESS TO CHAT ROOMS. IT’S RADIO CHANNALS ARE also very smart. i am confident that every body will love it. i congrad the team of yahoo for such an outstanding software.

  23. Skins!! for yahoo…….. save the skins here>>> c: files > programme files > yahoo > shared files > graphics… and the skins will load ….

  24. I am a faithful user of Yahoo. I use at home and I have installed it at work. When we got our new system upgrade, they told me I had a virus on my computer brought in by Yahoo Messanger and spyware. I can not use Yahoo messanger at work and it really ticks me off. I was just letting people know to watch for spyware and that yahoo uses it to watch where you are going….

  25. i want know from where i download yahoo massanger 6.0
    if u have 6.0 then please send me asap.

    Thanks n Regards


  26. I really like yahoo instant messanger but we don’t have windows 98 is there any way we can get it with out having windows 98
    thanks bye

  27. yahoo messenger is by far the best messenger program i’ve ever used. I have not had a problem with it yet and ive had it for almost 3 yrs.

  28. “when i downloaded the new messenger i dont get my offline messages what can be the problem cos its really causing me trouble…..plz help me out.”:{

  29. im trying to download yahoo meesenger for same time now if tryed 5.6 6.0 6.1 but keeps coming up with error on page i thought web site down no ive tryed it on laptop and work no prob no on pc it all clean no can you please reply help me many thanks mike

  30. What is error 52 in yahoo! messenger? How do I fix it? New to computers and I’m totaly lost…PLEASE HELP ME!

  31. I have the new yahoo messenger, I love it but I wanted to change the skin so I downloaded the new ones for ver. 6.0 and I cannot seem to make them work. Can anyone please help me????Email me

  32. SassyBaby, Extract your new Skins Zip file to:
    C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Shared\Graphics ONLY
    Messenger 6 does not keep them in the SKINS folder. Yea, dumb.
    When you extract the Zipped download it will create it’s own sub-Folder inside that Graphics folder and it will all work fine.
    ~ Osprey

  33. I’ve downloaded 4 different skins for yahoo 6.0 and have managed to get only one to work. Can anyone tell me why the others may not work.

  34. I tried to down load the new messenger ,now I can not sign in !! I lost my messenger ,pls help me how can I down load the messenger 6.0 again plssssssss.

  35. plzzzzzzzz somebody help i tried to download the new yahoo but it didnt work plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me get the 6.0 version back

  36. I had yahoo messenger with voice & now it’s not on here. I have search everywhere for it. What do I do now?

  37. hello sir,
    iam using yahoo messanger 6.0, but running yahoo messanger sadunly give a ypage error and close yahoo messanger atomaticle … why give a answer please….

  38. its not technically good like msn massanger and most of yahoo massanger r soo difficult to use so its another bad version

  39. hi i tryed 2 download the new beta and it said there was no connection so i uninstalled it and now i have a really old verison and it is hard 2 use i was wounderin how i can get the 6.0 verison so please send me the link or something please and thank u!

  40. why can’t i download yahoo messenger 6.0? Everytime I try, the download file box highlights Cancel then it tells me the web page is unavailable. What is going on? I uninstalled my old messenger and now I can’t even get it back. Is someone playing a bad joke?

  41. I downloaded (somehow) YM 7.0 version, now YM will not sign me in at all, just started all this this afternoon. When I had the 7.5 version I was sent the message to go to add/remove program and remove and add there—but Yahoo Messenger is not showing on the Add remove program list AT ALL. Now I want to go back to the 6.0 Version because I had less problems with that than I have with the 7.0 version; give me back the 6.0

  42. I was having trouble with yahoo messenger so deleted it from control panel I have been trying all week to redownload and every 10-15 minutes It says to re-enter I leave it for 4-5 hours and does not download

  43. hi please help me out…was using yahoo messenger version 7 lately… now when i downloaded the new version its not working properly, i want version 7 again , where to get version 7… i cant find out on net, please help urgently..thnaks a lots in advance,

    saaya , from mauritius

  44. I need Yahoo Messenger 6.o to download but i am not able to download i have download 5.o but its not working properly i need 6.o. So please help me guys.

  45. plzzzzzzzz somebody help i tried to download the new yahoo but it didnt work plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me get the 6.0 version back

  46. I want to get back to the 6.0 version of Yahoo messenger. I cannot bring up profiles, do not get the message that a person cannot be followed in this 8.0 verison. I don’t like this 8.0 version at all. Please tell me how I can get back to the 6.0 version. Thanks..

  47. sorry, it’s no ‘s’. I just uninstalled yahoo IM 8.0 and reinstalled 7.0. 8.0 takes up too much resources.

  48. my yahoo messenger 8.0 is having lots of voice errors and now i cannot sign in with any id. i want this older version 6.0, but when i download it the messenger 8.0 version. PLease tell me how i can download 8.0 or send it to me via e-mail.Please. I need it as soon as possible.

  49. my yahoo messenger 8.0 is having lots of voice errors and now i cannot sign in with any id. i want this older version 6.0, but when i download it the messenger 8.0 version appears. PLease tell me how i can download 6.0 or send it to me via e-mail.Please. I need it as soon as possible.

  50. I think your new program is pathetic!
    My messenger has not function properly for 6 weeks and I haven’t downloaded ANYTHING! Also, It indicates that I have voice …..I do not. In addition when I try to get into messenger, no names appear, just a white blank block . In addition I cannot find any help from Yahoo! Also…..Well I won’t bore you with more. Thanks for letting me vent, but I am at my wits end!!!!!!!

  51. I want this older version 6.0, but when i download it the messenger 8.0 version appears. PLease tell me how i can download 6.0 or send it to me via e-mail.Please. I need it as soon as possible.

  52. That’s the problem with upgrade… it’s all suppose to be better. But It always is worse, takes up more space, more memory, and more complicated to use. Reading through apparently no one knows where to find the old version. Thanks for nothing.

  53. I need Yahoo Messenger 6.o to download but i am not able to download i have download 5.o but its not working properly i need 6.o. So please help me guys.

  54. i would like to downloading yahoo messanger i like it too i talked to my friends on there now i can’t do anything on there because i don’t have it now it make me very sad too

  55. have been on yahoo for 10 or 15 yrs an i dont like new veriosn of yahoo would liek to have the old excite back if u coculd get it
    had it right up to last . like dexcite real well

  56. would you please help me get yahoo messenger the problem is i have dail up and i tryed to download 8/9 and it wouldnt download what do i need to do now do you have a link that i can go to so i can use yahoo messenger and how long should it take to download messenger thank you for your time katheryn

  57. plz help me to download yahoo massenger as i m not able to download it.i m using it at home on nokia N72 as modem and airtel connection. so plz guide me how to download yahoo massenger and which version i should download. waiting for reply.

  58. i want from the people which they bulit yahoo massanger to find for us chating with the other countries to know so many knwledge . and we want a good chating

  59. well the thing is i cant take the old verson of messanger off my pc because its not in my files i looked in all of them and its not there so there for it will not let me have the new msn and i cant fix it same with yahoo to this sux HELP ME