Yahoo Finally Unveils New Logo


After a thirty day wait that came with unveiling a new potential logo every day, Yahoo finally posted their pick at midnight last night. The new version still retains the same purple that the previous logo had, but features a slimmer logo with a 3d-like appearance, thanks to clever shading.

Announcing a new logo for one of the top search engines has been big news, with mentions on AllThingsD, CNN, and more. However, according to Forbes, many of those in the tech and internet industry aren’t impressed with the change. They even quoted Derek Powazek’s scalding tweet:


Overall, many herald it as too similar to their original logo, especially after the hype surrounding the daily logo promotion for the month of August.

In Marissa Meyer’s personal Tumblr, she shed some insight on how the new logo came into development. She mentioned that they wanted to stay away from straight lines and that she worked personally with the graphic design team to create a logo that would properly represent their company, which is worth an estimated $10 billion.


Yahoo’s original logo

Yahoo’s original logo, which featured the same Pantone violet coloring and exclamation point, hadn’t been changed in 18 years.  While most will agree that it was time for a change, Yahoo may have not “stepped outside the box” far enough to make a big, positive impact on perceptions of their latest efforts to brand repackaging.

Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo Finally Unveils New Logo

  1. May be we are not ready to accept change, but we really do not like the new logo. I have seen the complex logo development mechanism video. But the color and design is not appealing. Old one was much better. And we have seen better logo designs in 99design’s contest

  2. So much noise to finally come up with this logo? A bit disappointing. I do not like the color which is a bit aggressive I think and the previous logo was more original… I am not convinced at all.