Yahoo Adds Popup Blocker to Toolbar

The Yahoo! Companion toolbar has added an optional popup blocker that offers different features for dealing with popup window advertising.

The new Yahoo Companion Toolbar (only available for the IE browser) PopUp blocker is quite similar to the Google Toolbar’s popup blocker. Both must be a huge threat to the popup killer download industry. Both toolbars allow you to choose to allow popups on certain websites and trackrecently blocked popups.

Download and try the Yahoo Companion Popup Blocker .

Or, try the Google Toolbar which also offers a free popup blocker

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker

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40 thoughts on “Yahoo Adds Popup Blocker to Toolbar

  1. It may rock the regular popup ad market, but I think it will be a huge lift to the browser embedded popup market (toolbars, adware, Claria, Hotbar… etc)

  2. How to uninstall this freaking thing!! I hate because once you install, you can not open a legitimate windows (EVEN IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO DISABLE IT… FOR EXAMPLE A PHOTO LINK SHOWS AS BLANK IF THIS USELESS PIECE OF SOFTWARE IS INSTALLED).


  3. This comment is for Mike (no option to reply in this forum). Generally, toolbar info is stored in the Windows operating system registry. You can use regedit at “Start > Run” to remove registry data but be cautioned to make a backup first and procede with utmost caution as the Windows operating system is very dependent on good info in the registry. This is one of the main agrevations of the Windows system.

  4. I need help uninstalling this stupid pop-up blocker! When I want to open a window that pop’s up, it won’t allow me 2! I’m so frustrated, please help me!

  5. (IN ADDITION: Yahoo popup blocker sounds great.) Positive feedback?Try Fizzle popup blocker. It’s great! The yahoo companion did mess up my files somehow. I rebooted my system and this fizzle bar was on my Dell Computer software. It installed automatically and took care of the popup error messages that had resulted from installing yahoo companion. Just thought I’d share it. Fizzle works just like the yahoo companion toolbar (it even looks similar) and it’s a change I can tolerate.

  6. How do I get rid of this annoying Fizzle Bar. Anything that gets added to your computer without your consent and control CANNOT be good. Please someone advise.

  7. is HORRIBLE!! Fizzle Bar installed automatically without my consent REGARDLESS of what their website says. Ithey have to add a whole paragraph denying any wrong doing, they must already know their doing something wrong! My IE was configured not to download automatically (I checked) and they still slipped through. Anything that loads without your consent is NOT to be trusted.

  8. I removed fizzle bar by going to thier website. Under frequently asked questions there is a tool that allows you to uninstall the program. I was able to remove this abomination from my system! I also e-mailed them to let them know what I thought of thier toolbar. Good Luck.

  9. I got the google toolbar and it works great with IE, but does anyone know a good popup blocker for Netscape? Also, if you are having trouble with IE or just want to try something else, you can try Mozilla Firefox. I got version 0.8 off a disc with my Maximum PC magazine. Now I’m gonna download 0.9 . It comes with it’s own popup blocker and some other stuff. Go to to check it out. Ok, I’m stupid. I just figured it out though. Netscape has its own popup blocker built in too. Go to tools, then popup manager.

  10. I hate Yahoo popup blocker, how do i getvrid of it without getting rid of my yahoo compaion

  11. I need to uninstall the Yahoo Popup blocker. Please, oh please, tell me how. I beg of you. Thanks.


  13. WOW! Thanks to all. I used to have the first Yahoo Companion Toolbar. I liked it. My puter has been down for several months. It had to be wiped, :-(
    I started to redownload the new toolbar w/popup blocker. For once I got smart and read first, thanks. I don’t need a bunch of new problems.

  14. I want to get rid of all adds and pop ups. I didn’t have any for awhile and then all of a sudden I started getting them again, why?

  15. this pop up blocker sucks major!!I cant even instant message anyone in chat because the pop up blocker blocks everything.I went to yahoo cutomer care, yahoo help, nothing answered my question on how to dump this worthless pice of crap programming.Im so glad their are others who think it sucks too.

  16. ok i even went to ask jeeves to try to find out how to rid my computer of this horrible pop up blocker.every thing i clickes on paertaining to uninstalling it , it would completelt shut me out. I think its cowardly for yahoo to not provide a way to uninstall this crap.They also owe everyone an apology.If anyone has fugured it out how to get rid of this please leave a comment here. Im sure others would appreciate it too.

  17. – – – = = = H i ! _ G a y s _ T h a n k _ y o u _ f o r _ s u c h _ a n _ i n f o r m a t i v e _ w e b s i t e . . V e r i _ i n t e r e s t i n _ a n _ e a y _ t o _ c o m p r e h e n d – T h a n x ! – – = = A l l , N i c e _ s i t e , _ I _h a v e _ b e e n _ s e e i n g _ s o m e _ r e a l l y i n t e r e s t i n g _ c o m m e n t s . . . _ g o i n g _ t o _ t e l l _ m e _ f r i e n d _ l o u i s e _ a b o u t _ t h i s _ s i t e ! ! = = = – – –

  18. How do I get this new tool bar by yahoo uninstalled, I am stopped from doing everything I love to do I cant even play games, I HATE IT, please how do I get it off!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sugar Ray, l did what you said about removing the pop up blocker, it didn’t bloody work, so what now, how do we get rid of it for good
    possibly uninstall yahoo and then re install it again but reading the fine print first.and hope that this works without getting the dreaded pop up blocker

  20. Hi,
    I want yahoo pop blocker off of my computer. read all of the above but it is working. Any suggestions?