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Recently some major coverage has been given to the SEO of blogs, especially using basic plug-ins and changes to code to enhance the search rankings of content from WordPress Blogs.

Neil Patel discussed his optimization of Jason Calacanis’s blog which led to enhanced search driven traffic and the Search Engine Journal SEO Clinic Team grouped together to help an independent blogger’s WordPress SEO.

Bill Slawski lent his recommendations for WordPress SEO Plugins :

1. In the titles for blog posts, put the post titles first, and then the name of the blog.

Ideally, your post titles should be good and fairly short descriptions of what the post is about. If that description includes a keyword phrase that people might search for in trying to find a site like yours, that’s even better. It doesn’t hurt to have the post title appear first in your page titles, and a plug-in that can help you do this is:

Optimal Title

2. Meta tag plugin – for unique descriptions.

There are a number of different choices, but this one works effectively and automatically for all pages, and meta descriptions for individual posts can be manually created if wanted.

Add Meta Tags Plugin

[SEJ uses Head Meta Description]

3. Use the Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin

There are two different URLs for every post; with and without a trailing slash, like this:



Rather than have a search engine try to understand that those are the same page, and try to decide between the two, this plug-in can be used so that only the version with the trailing slash appears:

Permalink Redirect

4. Sitemap page – sitemap plugin

It doesn’t hurt to have a sitemap for both your visitors and the search engines. The following plugin works well:

Sitemap Generator Plugin

I’ve also looked into the WordPress SEO Title Tag 2.0 Plugin and found it to have many useful options for optimized title tags.

In addition on Search Engine Journal I’ve used the Permalink Redirect Plugin for bypassing the mod_rewrite specifications for using SEO friendly URL structures with WordPress.

What are your favorite WordPress Plugins for SEO? Please leave your experiences with them and a link in the comments below.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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33 thoughts on “WordPress SEO Plugins

  1. Hi Loren,

    Another one that I like a lot is the Related Entries Plugin:


    Bigoceans.com was already using it, so I didn’t include it within the recommendations.

    In addition to providing some links that search engine can follow, the links to related entries may get people to explore more of a blog.

  2. Thanks for that Bill. Great list of plug-ins, been looking for something like that.

    The redirect plug-in I believe is quite important as I can see from Google Webmasters tools that they indexed one single page with two or three diferent URLs.


  3. I don’t agree with you HKS .I prefer doing it by hand rather than auto meta tag plugin. It does not make me weary

  4. Awesome list, Loren. I, myself, use all of those plugins except for the ‘Optimal Title’ plugin which is something I’ve come across before but wasn’t entirely sure of how beneficial it would be. I’ll be giving it a go now, though. 😉


  5. Useful list, of which I am using/intend to use a few. You may also find semiologic (semiologic.com) to have some interesting plugins, if not necessarily for SEO.

  6. Shameless self plug here :)

    I’ve adapted a plugin for wordpress that tries to ‘herd the bots’ to give your content a much better chance at avoiding the dreaded supplemental index.

    It’s called SEO_Wordpress and you’ll find it (and a big description of how it works for those of us that like to understand things) at utheguru.com.



  7. For everyone who is not able to generate automated sitemap reports on the server side i recomend using sitemap generators for windows, there are several tools that worked fine for me.

  8. Permalink redirect is very useful for blogs. Sitemap generator plugin does not hurt your blog instead it does help your blog by providing sitemaps for both the visitors and engines.

  9. I was about to install the All in one SEO plugin for my blog, but I see now that there is more to it than just givin a proper title and meta tag. Thanks for the tips.

  10. The importance of having a sitemap has been highlighted constantly, however i still come across huge number of sites that do not have sitemap. Sitemap comes in 2 forms : The first is used for human visitors and the second is used for SE robots.

  11. These are great and really useful. Now, second to these, what else do you need? Good content, please. I’m all for SEO (of course I am) and using these techniques – but there’s nothing I hate more than brilliant SEO techniques merged with shoddy content. If you want to go through all that effort to get me there, make sure your site is resourceful or a place I’ll want to go to again. Otherwise, all you’re doing is generating unique hits but certainly no consistency whatsoever.

  12. his is another great SEO plugin list for wordpress, I enjoy using many of these
    combined with quite a few other plugins. Including the All in One SEO pack and the category base killer. They both work well in optimizing your blog.

  13. I found your site looking for an alternative to the Dagon Design sitemap. It is a great plug-in apart for it uses the same title tag for each page. As “indexibility” is extremely important for a sitemap this quite a major issue in my opinion.

  14. The title of the article should always appear first in the meta title. It is much better for SEO and the blog posts rank better in the search engines. Plugins, such as the all in one SEO, have options to do this as well as the optimal title plugin.
    Another way to get good rankings is to use a sub title for your blog posts. It also acts as a type of link bait to get people to click the link and read the article.

    There are two sub title plugins that I know of, sub title and sub title plus. Sub title plus, is one of the plugins that is available from the Spunky Jones SEO Blog. It also imports data from the sub title plugin, but it offers you a lot more options for the presentation from the original sub title plugin version.