Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Miracle Blesses eBay

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Miracle Blesses eBay

A partially eaten piece of a grilled cheese sandwich has become the most talked about item on eBay over the past week, bringing in bids of almost $19,000. Don’t get me wrong, this is not ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. You see, it’s a miracle. The sandwich is blessed with the image of the Virgin Mary. We’ve seen it before, the Virgin Mary image popping up on car windows, buildings, and spilt water, but now this 10 year old miracle is for sale on eBay. Oh yeah, the sandwich has not molded in 10 years while being kept in nothing but cotton balls and its owner has won over $70,000 at casinos since being blessed with the miracle sandwich.

The Associated Press reports that In her eBay auction offering, Diana Duyser, 52, of Hollywood, Fla., claims she noticed the image when she bit into the sandwich all those years ago – and thought better of finishing it. Duyser says in her eBay entry that she’s kept the sandwich encased in plastic, which has somehow “miraculously” preserved it. Duyser also claims the sandwich wedge has “blessed” her home: She’s pulled in $70,000 in casino winnings – she promises to show receipts.

The amazing part of this whole story is the entrepreneurial spirit of those who list items on eBay, the Internet’s largest search based online auction site. In just two days there are already sandwich replicas, tshirts, and decals. Just do a search for “Virgin Mary Cheese“.

“I would like people to know that I do believe that this is the Virgin Mary Mother of God,” she posted on her auction site. At press time the cheese sandwich has brought in 9 bids at almost $19,000.

Loren Baker
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24 thoughts on “Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Miracle Blesses eBay

  1. american culture rules. thank you jesus. you died for your sins, and as a result we give you these blessed works.

  2. Maybe it’s not the sandwich that’s blessed… the cotton and plastic baggie MUST truly be from the King of Kings.

  3. I don’t know what’s more ridiculous…the fact that someone would pay $19,000.00 for a grilled cheese sandwich when that money could be used to feed several thousand truly needy and starving people, or the fact that a ten year old grilled cheese sandwich has not decomposed.

  4. Ahem.. Most American white bread has enough sugar and preservatives to keep it from moulding. The fact that it was toasted tells us that most of the moisture was removed, leaving little for bacteria/mould to grow on. Cheese does not “spoil”, it is already spoilt.

  5. it is just bread and cheese so lets just eat it … give it to me ill eat it maybe ill be blessed i am kinda hungry anyways(ten year old sandwich made by a kook fills a mans stomach.

  6. next week on ebay i will be offering a make your own virgin mary grilled cheese kit it includes toast ,cheese, cotton, plastic container,and a soldering iron have fun

  7. At what point does the Almighty decide that the ultimate representation of the Holy Mother is a cheese sandwich. Coming next on eBay, the Apostle Paul Ham Hoagie!!

  8. My opinion is that this is an CIA based plot to take over the World. A similar religion based hoax was cast on European society in the 7th century. munster cheese comes from “monasterium” or Monastary cheese. The cheese spread throughout Europe. Now American cheese will influence and conquer the world.

  9. It really is freaky that there is a face on the grilled cheese, but I don’t think she can possibly think it is Virgin Mary! Just because there is a face does not mean that it is Mary! Nobody knows what Mary looks like! And anyway, why would anybody ever spend that much money on a 10 year old grilled cheese sandwich? I love… cheese, and I know that grilled cheese does not smell good after one week! What I mean is, in just one WEEK the cheese starts to smell moldy and get all brown. Thats why in the picture the cheese is NOT SHOWING! Have’nt any of you people noticed that? I am only in 4th grade and it seems like I know more than some of you!

  10. See, at least somebody has a brain. Look, NO CHEESE IS SHOWING! There is a reason for that! Read the 20th comment for more info about this comment.

  11. Before I make this comment, I would just like to say that I love god, jesus, and mary very very much. Now the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese is becoming a big thing for some people. If you go on Ebay you will see tons and tons of t-shirts that say stuff about the sandwich and many people are selling grilled cheese they say looks like jesus and mary. Many people are probably not pleaseing Mary and Jesus right now. In the name of the father, son, and the holy spirit, Amen

  12. I mentioned in a later post the question why am I busting my a@# everyday on my website when I could simply be carving carrots to look like one of the apostles and selling it?