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The Content Omniverse [Infographic]

We all know content marketing is extremely important for an infinite amount of reasons, but do you know how much various forms of content are shared? Copypress created The Content Omniverse which offers statistics on social sharing, video, images, and “copy content”. You can use the data below to help you (or your boss) decide which content marketing options could work best for your company. Additionally, these stats can help you decide how and where you want to place online ads for your company.

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The content omniverse 637x4383 The Content Omniverse [Infographic]

 The Content Omniverse [Infographic]

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 The Content Omniverse [Infographic]

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  1. Great statistics … we all definitly have to measure not only by these numbers but also by type of targeted people we want to reach and that involves much more deep research.