The 7 Step, No Fail Formula for Finding and Placing Guest Posts

Within the context of Google’s constantly changing algorithm updates, it’s critical to keep finding new ways to build links, develop good content, and show authority. A solid guest posting strategy is a great way to achieve all of these goals and market your products, services, and ideas to new audiences.

But before you dive into the fast growing world of guest posting, step back and evaluate your goals. With a clear plan in place, you’ll accomplish your objectives and have more hits than misses along the way. Here’s my 7 step, no fail formula to help you find and place high value guest posts.

Step 1: Connect your guest posting to your content strategy

Good content has three functions: it helps you rank for specific keywords in search engines, engages readers to convince them of your expertise, and motivates your readers to take action. Guest posts do the same thing. In addition to building valuable links to your website, it gets your message out in front of new potential clients, helps you strengthen social signals through content sharing on social media, solidifies relationships with other thought leaders in your space, and establishes your personal brand.

A well-executed guest posting initiative is part of a broader content strategy that takes into account onsite and offsite content goals. What are your content strategy goals? Specific things to consider include:

  • What keywords are you trying to rank for?
  • Who are you trying to reach with your message?
  • What niche or industry are you working to build your brand in?
  • What products, services, ideas or causes do you want to put front and center?
  • What calls to action are most valuable to your business’ bottom line? Is your goal to make sales, to develop your email list, or something else?

With these goals in mind, you can begin to create an outline of the topics, sites, and overall focus of your guest posts. Once you’ve sketched out this preliminary roadmap, it’s time to move to the second step: identifying the best places to focus your efforts.

2. Find guest posting opportunities – including those your competition is missing

Four strategies are worth employing when you’re finding places to pitch guest posts. The first is to get to know the big players in your field. It’s important that you know who the best thinkers are, what blogs your colleagues are reading, and what subjects are causing discussion and debate. Read these regularly and engage in meaningful ways through smart and timely comments. This not only raises your profile, but it will build your pattern recognition for the best quality content in your field.

Another strategy is to look for opportunities by searching for your keywords and specific modifiers. So for example if you wanted to contribute posts about gardening, you could search for the word “gardening” and any of the following:

Jayson DeMers
Jayson DeMers is the founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based content marketing & social media agency. You can contact him on LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.
Jayson DeMers

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5 thoughts on “The 7 Step, No Fail Formula for Finding and Placing Guest Posts

  1. Jayson, I like how detailed your suggestions are. I’m going to review your post again to help me with the “virtual book tour” I’m planning for my forthcoming book.

    Thank you!

  2. I recently recieved an email from someone asking to guest blog on my personal hobby blog, clearly without researching what the blog was about first. She started reeling off all these different subjects she could write about, that had NOTHING to do with what my blog’s actually about!
    It’s interesting that you mentioned the quality of articles needed since Penguin must be higher, and I’m glad that people can’t just cheat by creating dodgey content any more.

  3. Best post I read today. Thanks for that workflow.
    In point #6 re: backing up your opinion with data, do you have any great resources to obtain reliable data?

  4. Great point indeed. Sorry to be a hijacker here:) Recently I wrote a post on ’11 tips to evaluate a guest posting posting opportunity’ on my blog which makes a good read in connection with your point #3. You may check the link above to see the post. Would be glad to hear your thoughts on that.

  5. A few key points most people looking for guest blogging opportunities miss is that:

    => Looking up a popular topic on Google, finding a template title and article, and rewriting it doesn’t make your guest post acceptable to even decently popular blogs! There are already 1000s if not 100,000s of posts with atleast 50% matches in the titles!

    Even combining 2-3 done-to-death topics and creating an analytical piece gives your submission a fighting chance.