SEO 101: The Top 15 Places for Local Citations in the U.S. and the U.K.


There are thousands of places where a citation (which is a mention of your business name and address, phone number and/or website) can be built for your local business in order to help your current and potential customers find you easier online. But, before we get the top 15 sources for local citations by country, here’s the ‘big four’:

Getting listed on these well-established and frequently crawled portals can improve the chances of your business info appearing on the SERPs of the major search engines. Consistency is key. No matter how many directories you submit your website to, be consistent! Use the same format across all platforms.

For example, 212-712-4849 and (212) 712-4849 are different. Pick one, and stick to it. The same goes for your business name and address.

Here’s the rest:

United States


A study conducted by Harvard Business School professor, Michael Luca, reveals that businesses enjoy a bump of 5-9% in revenue for every star on a review on Yelp.

Quick facts:

  1. There are over 57 million+ business reviews on Yelp
  2. Yelp receives 44 million unique visitors a month


Citysearch’s big competitor is Yelp. The traffic these guys receive is not as much as that of Yelp’s, but hey, you can have a listing on both, so why not?

When asked why we should even use them when there are literally hundreds of similar sites out there, their response is:

“Founded in 1995, we focus on local businesses and community and, most importantly, bringing the two together.”

Citysearch might not be as popular as Yelp, but they sure are older (twice as old actually!).


This website provides three different types of listings:

  1. Free listing
  2. Starter pack
  3. Enhanced profile

While #2 and #3 do give you some fancy features, the free listing is good enough to get your business found and a quick, quality citation. The free listing allows you to put in your keywords and link to your social media pages and website.


Quick facts about, according to them:

“North America’s largest local search, media and advertising company”

“Over 3 calls are made every second from the yp app”

Sameer Panjwani

Sameer Panjwani

Sameer Panjwani writes on behalf of Directory Maximizer, a premier SEO company offering a wide range of link building services like - manual directory submissions, niche directory submissions, guest blogging, local business directory listings etc.
Sameer Panjwani

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16 thoughts on “SEO 101: The Top 15 Places for Local Citations in the U.S. and the U.K.

  1. For, searching for a business takes you to a site that is known to contain malware, so I would avoid it.

    1. Hi Chris,

      It could be a one-off case but while researching I didn’t come across any sort of malware warning. But yes, I will make sure to check it once again.

      Thanks, Sameer

  2. Hi. Thanks for publishing this list.

    With a view to making this as useful as possible for your readers, I would put these sites higher up your UK list. We analyzed over 3,000 citationtracker reports and found that these sites appear most regularly in the UK (full list below)

    1. – getting a listing on Scoot also gets you a listing on their network of sites – TouchLocal, the Sun, the Independent – all very good sites so you get 4 listings for the price of 1.

    2. ThomsonLocal – well known offline directory in the UK – they also distribute data to other local directories in UK so you get more bang for you buck here

    3. – this site has high domain authority & is well supported – listing go live quickly on this site.

    Here is the top 10 sites we found when analyzing the 3,000 reports –


    We published the full list of top 50 sites here –

  3. Images that have been posted to a Yelp business listing seem to come up a lot in local searches here in the UK.

    1. Hello Jo,

      Yes sometimes it so happens like if the user isn’t really impressed with your business details or reviews, complementing your Yelp business listing with relevant images might just change his mind.

  4. I would say the Better Business Bureau has to be a top 5 citation in the US. It’s a curated directory from a very authoritative site!

    1. To be frank, I had never heard of it before but thanks Brian for letting me know about Better Business Bureau directory. Will definitely use it soon :)

  5. Just want to clear up a few common myths:

    1) Your listing at Google isn’t really a citation. Calling it a citation is like calling your website a link. You get links that reference your website, and you get citations that reference your business, which Google amalgamates to generate your listing.

    2) 212-712-4849 and (212) 712-4849 are actually exactly the same as far as google is concerned. It identifies both versions as phone numbers and there is no need to worry about being consistent between which format you use. Some sites will force their preferred format and you’ll have no control anyway.

    3) same idea with the address. While mentions of your business with completely different addresses are problematic, it’s not necessary to be 100% consistent with how you format your address. Google normalizes all the addresses it finds on the web, so the variations will end up being formatted the same before Google tries to match it up with a listing in its database. For example, “suite #2b, 56 main st” and “56 Main Street, ste 2B” are both going to normalize to the same address and Google will have no trouble associating those with your business.

  6. Hi Sameer, and thanks for interesting article, I often have to find where to optimize for local search Italian citations, you have such as to suggest website to this location?

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