See Google Synonyms While You Search (FireFox)

Most of us know (and use) Google’s synonym operator [~term]

What it basically does is instructs Google to include more synonyms in the search results and use the bold font for them (Google uses synonyms for generating search results anyway but this operator makes it focus on the synonyms).

I mentioned the operator many times to emphasize how useful it might turn for keyword research – the operator comes particularly handy when used before some most generic terms.

Besides, you can exclude the base term fro the results and thus focus it on synonyms only; for example [~help -help] search will include: tips, FAQ, tutorial, etc:

Google synonyms

There’s the way to always see those synonyms while you search Google with Google Semantics FireFox addon. What it basically does is:

  • Grabs your search term,
  • Adds ~ before it and searches Google;
  • Extracts the synonyms Google used in bold;
  • Displays the list before your initial search results.

You thus instantly see the list of synonyms right before your search results and can browse further (click any of the synonyms and you’ll be taken to new search results page).

Google synonyms

Naturally, the tool works best for generic (one-word) search queries because apparently the tool only inserts operator before the first word in the search query phrase:

Google synonyms

The tool can be easily turned on/off from the navigation menus:

Google synonym tool

More tools to research (Google) synonyms: Keyword Research : Research Synonyms of Any Terms

Ann Smarty
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7 thoughts on “See Google Synonyms While You Search (FireFox)

  1. Hi Ann, great tip. Will be checking out the tool soon. I just wanted to add that if you change the number of default results per SERP from 10 to 30, 50 or 100, you will see even more synonyms.

  2. Hi,

    First i would like to congrats you for such informative article. I would love to know that is there any way to check the (~) for more than single words, as you mentioned in the article that is will work best for single word only.

    For example say new guitars or digital agency.

  3. Looks cool Ann, problem being that the link leads to a error page and I search the FF addons, couldn’t find it that way either. Have linkee handy?