Quintura Search & Blog Comment Marketing – Spam?

Quintura Search & Blog Comment Marketing – Spam?

Quintura Search has been trying really hard recently to gather links to their web site via posting rather misinformed comments on various search engine blogs recently, including the Search Engine Journal, so I’m going to give them the exposure they’ve been looking for. It may not be the positive exposure they’ve wanted, instead I’d like to put together my thoughts on the Quintura Search blog commenting campaign which has been going on over the past month and how I think Quintura is going down the wrong path.

Before getting into my thoughts however, I would like to say that I do not intend for this post to be an attack on Quintura Search, just a review of their questionable blog marketing tactics to date and how they can improve on their strategy by building a trustworthy relationship with bloggers and the search community.

What is Quintura Search? Quintura is a search software which overcomes current Google, Yahoo and MSN’s tendencies to deliver too many results, which can be overwhelming to the average web user. By offering a visual semantic map which works with the user’s favorite search engine, Quintura illustrates relationships between keywords, adding or subtracting keywords from a query using the map and a mouse click, “One-Click Search”, allows a user to specify the context or meaning of the keyword, therefore narrowing the search and finding the relevant information faster.

Basically, Quintura helps the beginning or average user build an enhanced and expert search query to find what they are looking for.

Quintura Search even has a great slogan “The Way People Search” , helping to define their product as a way to contribute to the publics’ search experience. Quintura seems to have quite a strong and innovative search application.

Press and Quintura Search Upon releasing their Quintura Search 1.0 beta, Quintura started a press release and public relations campaign which has built up web coverage of their search application. If you perform a search on Google News for Quintura, you’ll see that their release was sent out over various distribution channels including I-Newswire and EContent. Additionally, sites such as CRM Today, IRISHDev, and TechSpot picked up the news and published stories on Quintura. The Pandia search blog and the Small Business Branding blog even picked up on the Quintura story – a great start to a search blog PR campaign.

Logically the next step with a search engine related product launch’s PR campaign is to contact bloggers and build a relationship with them, hoping that they will test your product and write a positive review on it. With such an innovative product which Quintura Search is offering, initiating an exclusive prelaunch beta testing window with the searchosphere (search engine bloggers) would seem like an obvious solution for garnering exposure of Quintura on search blogs.

Quintura’s blog marketing plan, however, is where they have gone sour.

Quintura ‘Spammy’ Blog Comments Instead of planning out a well thought blog marketing strategy, building relationships with popular and well read search engine bloggers, Quintura Search has allegedly ventured in the opposite direction.

On Search Engine Journal and numerous other search industry blogs, annoying and irrelevant comments have been appearing with links to Quintura.

NOTE: I wrote that Quintura was alledgedly comment spamming in this story because of all of the spammy comment links in blogs which attempt promote Quintura Search and also link to the Quintura site. As the different email addresses provided by the comment spammers seem to be fake hotmail and yahoo addresses, the IP addresses ( and are the same for the comment posts and based in Amsterdam. If you look at the WhoIs information for Quintura.com, you’ll see that their Tech Contact, GOLD SPACE, INC, is based in Tver, Russia. Some of the emails used for the comment spamming are addresses at Mail.ru.

However, I cannot find a hard connection between the post IP’s and Quintura, and if someone can I invite you to leave a comment below or email me. What I have found, however, points to the notion that Quintura is behind the comment postings. Or some fan of the search engine is going through a lot of trouble to cheer them on, which is highly unlikely.

Comments which have been made on the Search Engine Journal promoting Quintura Search include:

“those big engines are far behind of what those guys at Quintura have done, check at http://www.quintura.com it should be really cool!” : Posted 7 times, all from the same IP address and three different emails.

This post was made by “Flint” on November 25th from the IP address. The “above the fold” comment relates to a note in the story about Ask Jeeves previously showing sponsored search listings above the fold, and organic below the fold :

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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18 thoughts on “Quintura Search & Blog Comment Marketing – Spam?

  1. Congratulations and thank you for a thoughtful and comprehensive post, Loren, a reference-able comment on PR, especially web PR best practices. From your description I got the impression that whoever was posting the comments was approaching it like a PR practitioner who was sending listing notices to local newspapers. Perhaps the incident illustrates the gap that now exists between traditional PR and web PR.
    Having said that, I admit that I’m now curious about the product and will probably give it a look.
    Harry Chittenden

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