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New App Reveals How Much Information You’re Giving To Facebook

A new web app that’s being described as “unnerving” and “disturbingly accurate” was launched last week, which provides an eye-opening look into how much Facebook really knows about you.

The new app, called Digital Shadow, was launched as a promotional tool for the upcoming video game Watch Dogs. It uses data you’ve given to Facebook to guess your location, your income, and your passwords.

In addition, the app also looks through your connections to find your “obsessions”, “stalkers”, and “liabilities”. People you interact with more than they interact with you are considered “obsessions”, people who interact with you more than you do with them are considered “stalkers”, and people who tag you a lot are considered “liabilities” because they spread your personal information more widely.

Some of the team here at SEJ tested out this app, and we all agree that the accuracy of the assessments are quite startling. Here is a snapshot from Managing Editor Kelsey Jones’ results, to give you an idea of how much the app can learn about your personality just from the information you’ve made publicly available on Facebook.



To use Digital Shadow and see how much Facebook know about you, just go here and click the Log in with Facebook button. The app will then comb through your Facebook page and return its findings.

After you have tried it out, let me know what you think of the results!

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11 thoughts on “New App Reveals How Much Information You’re Giving To Facebook

  1. Very interesting app. Thank you for sharing. Of course, one has to wonder what information they are collecting and what they plan to do with that information.

  2. I love the irony. Approve the app and allow it to comb through your Facebook data, in order to analyze the personal information you are divulging. It should just be one picture of a mirror that says “Liabilities: You”.

  3. Hi Matt,

    It just goes to show that we should not put things on Facebook that we do not want to appear in the public.


  4. It is a great and interesting app. Hope the app will become very popular among Facebook users. Surely I’ll try it. Thanks for the share.

    1. No luck in Australia either. They can keep their app.

      “We could not log you in: You can’t log in to this app because you do not meet this app’s requirements for country, age or other criteria.”

      1. Try changing your region and language option to English-USA or something like that as I haven’t looked at the options recently.

        Worth a shot but no guarantee

  5. Interesting. Though it thinks that “if provoked I may react with violence”, because my posts have included the word “gun”. Hmmm. The examples they show are my anti-gun comments in response to UCSB shooting.

    So, need to up their game – a simplistic algorithm looking for use of keywords, without any context, is often wrong. Yes, I have posted about guns, specifically about my support for gun control and against gun violence.

    So, I guess you need to watch out for guys like me and Mike Bloomberg.

  6. So you want me to give permission to an app that is going to guess my income and passwords and assume personal information about me?? I’ll pass, but thanks anyway.