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You may have noticed the past year that both Google and Bing are doing real-time searches that are including tweets and other information. This is extremely useful when keeping up with trending topics. I wanted to give you a quick run down on this new real-time image search engine called NachoFoto that I came across. When searching images in this, you’ll find that the results are directly correlated to the trending topic and news that has recently occurred. For instance, the recent Times Square bomb scare- NachoFoto Search Results.

When searching in Google, you might see something like, Google Search Results when searching for the same Times Square bomb scare. They also have “hot topics” and “trends” which you can find only in text, on their trending topics page.

As I mentioned before, you can also see trending topics that people are searching, image wise. It’s almost like going into Twitter and clicking the trending topics there to see what people are saying. On NachoFoto you can see the same, however, it’s in images. Another feature that is unique to this search engine is that static words, such as “golden gate bridge” will most likely not yield a result, because nothing significant changes over time. It would become on the map when a huge event is trending in regards to that particular topic.


The “NachoBot”, as it’s so fondly referred to, crawls and indexes images on the web using a “load spreading” technique. By doing so, it will reduce the strain that occurs on the server when being indexed. It’s very light. You can also choose to exclude the NachoBot from crawling and indexing your page in your Robots.txt file how it’s written below-

  • robots.txt example: Include this in your robots.txt file:
  • User-agent: Nachobot Disallow: /

  • Robots META tag example:

    Include this in the head section of your web-page:

  • <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”>

  • Nachobot META tag example:

    Include the following in the head section of your web-page:

  • <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”>

There isn’t really too much to say at the moment, as this is just coming out and becoming well known. Keep your eye on it though because it has a great idea behind it and it fills a need that we’ve been lacking from Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Hopefully they will all follow suit and implement something like this. Do you think we’ll need to start marketing differently if we want our images to show up there? How does their algorithm work, and how can we push to rank in the forefront of the search results? I guess this will all come to surface as time goes by and it becomes more mainstream.

Check this out and let me know what you think. Is this something that you’re excited about?

Selena Narayanasamy
Selena is a "many-hat-wearing" digital strategist, consultant, and President of Orthris. She loves taking ideas from creation to execution, and owns multiple publication websites in their infancy. You can find her writing on business and marketing on her personal website, The SVN Project .
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14 thoughts on “Nachofoto – Real-time Image Search Engine

  1. Couldn't you apply the “pages with images” search option on Google to receive a similar effect? Used in conjunction with “in the past week” or “in the past day”, it nicely aligns with NachoFoto's concept of real-time images.

  2. tried “libya plane crash” nachofoto got me amazing results which no other search engine could provide

  3. This Nachophoto is neat, but I don't see a viable real world application… Google, Bing and Yahoo are already all over this.

    1. I see viable real world application. I mean, it's not just a search engine that's pulling images from everywhere, like google, bing and yahoo! does. You have the ability to search real time news etc. You can find real time tweets in the other search engines, yes, but when you search for images you will get ridiculous things. You can search for oil spill and something like…. yogi bear might come up. That's an exaggeration, but it's true. Nachofoto seems to cut the time out of searching for trending topics in imagery.

  4. Wow this is really cool. I remember hearing about Google Goggles creating something similar, more of an image-based search for mobile. I wonder how Nachofoto will stack up

    1. I think it will stack up well until Google starts putting their efforts into real-time image search, like they have been with real-time tweets etc. This should be interesting to watch :)

      1. Hi Selena
        Nachofoto is really a great Search Engine But there are a lot of search engines and they have much better effects.your app would be rocking,i hope.

  5. Hi Selena
    Nachofoto is really a great Search Engine But there are a lot of search engines and they have much better effects.your app would be rocking,i hope.

  6. Nachofoto + Feedspot. Same people. The nachobot poaches images from blogs, gives them to Feedspot, which republishes themn without permission, then writes the owner and says, Hey, sign up for our services , look, your blog (now copied entirely on their site) already got 15 followers! If you decline, they still retain your copyrighted intellectual property, without permission. Something’s not kosher here. Their whole marketing ploy sounded a bit desperate to me. At least when the googlebot poaches images for its Google Image page, it tells viewers “This may be copyrighted” and supplies the original URL from which the images were taken.

  7. @NicR:

    I received a notice from Feedspot late last week with a similar offer. I was initially flattered but curious because this was the first time I discovered by blog could be accessed via RSS. My research into how RSS feeds work showed that html/xml content from the Blogger/Google site is automatically made available as an RSS feed. Anyone can access it. Very good to know. Thank you for info about Nachofoto and Feedspot.