Matt Cutts Answers Whether Guest Blogging Will Be Considered Spam In The Future

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, answers a question about guest blogging in his latest video where a user writes in to ask:

I predict that in future Google will penalise guest blogging sites. Any insights on guest blogging as spam?

Matt notices a growing skepticism towards guest blogging based on the nature of the questions he’s been getting from month to month.

Matt has always answered the question on the assumption that the guest posts are written by high quality bloggers, but it has become clear to him that there are a lot of low quality guest blogger sites publishing low quality content.

If people are abusing low quality guest blogging in order to acquire links without putting in the work to create good content, then Matt says it’s safe to assume Google will take a closer look at that.

Matt doesn’t recommend adopting this tactic as your only way of acquiring links, just as you shouldn’t rely on any singular tactic regardless of what it is.

Guest blogging with the same article on multiple blogs is another thing Matt doesn’t recommend doing, the same goes for spinning articles.

As new spamming tactics for guest blogging keep popping up from month to month, Google keeps a close eye on the kinds of things people are abusing. Google is always willing to respond to these new spam tactics by taking the appropriate action.

To hear Matt’s full response to the question, please see the video below:

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3 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Answers Whether Guest Blogging Will Be Considered Spam In The Future

  1. I was wondering when does Google will also mark the big SPAM on Guest Blogging.

    I was watching some videos by Matt Cutts and he explained clearly that helping others and participating in discussions is one of the good way to get better rank..

  2. Building quality links seems to be the only answer. Guest blogging is time consuming and writing a different quality article that is relevant to the site you are posting on is time consuming. I only hope that the people that do all the hard work are being rewarded for their effort.

    I try to always play it safe and use white hat tactics but hopefully my relevant and concise copywriting and SEO strategy is seen by Google as providing a better search experience than some other writers that keep rehashing the same content with slight variations.