Marketing Your Site on Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is the knowledge sharing Q&A based social network with over 90 million users worldwide with around 18 million users in the United States.

Becoming the pinnacle Social Media offering online because of its ease of use and community feel, Yahoo Answers is a vibrant web neighborhood of information sharing and a fresh alternative to traditional web search.

Internet marketers and web publishers who want to position themselves as experts in their respected industries should begin to take notice, as Yahoo Answers has developed an incredible outlet to do so.

By utilizing the categories in Yahoo Answers, a site owner can use the content and knowledge available via their site or research to actively answer questions which are being asked within Yahoo Answers and not only will such participation build that expert recognition, but also possible traffic, links and sales.

Each Yahoo Answers form comes with a section for listing web sites as references to the answer. These direct links do include a NoFollow attribute, which makes it more difficult for search engines to use those links as part of their link popularity ranking algorithms, but that does not stop people from following these links.

In fact, these links are shown to result in referring traffic to the sites of those users who answer with in depth and accurate answers. And if an answer is chosen or starred as a quality answer by the Yahoo Answers community, this may show Yahoo Search that the site referenced is a quality and resourceful site, marking it as an authority and helping its Yahoo ranking.

Matt McGee of Small Business SEM gives some tips on using Yahoo Answers for traffic generation:

I don’t spend a ton of time on Yahoo! Answers. One or two visits per week is typical. And if I just spend one hour answering questions in the Small Business category (or elsewhere when it’s appropriate), I’m guaranteeing myself a traffic bump over the following several days. It never fails.

The key, as it is with any social site like this, is two-fold:

  1. Don’t spam. Jamming your URL into every answer just pisses people off.
  2. Be active. Contribute value. Help people out and you will be rewarded.

According to my blog stats, Yahoo! Answers has been the #1 referring source to this blog in each of the past four days.

So, here’s a rundown of how to build your reputation and market your site, business and services on Yahoo Answers.

  • Become a member of Yahoo Answers, upload avatar and fill in your profile with general and accurate information.
  • Pick the category most relevant to your business or site.
  • Check that category daily for questions that you can answer accurately and informatively.
  • Perform searches in Yahoo for your top keywords or keyphrases. Answer the questions supplied by Yahoo Answers in the normal Yahoo Search results, these will get the most web search eyes and possibly clicks on your links.
  • Use the Yahoo Answers social network to make friends with every person asking or answering questions within that category. Yahoo Answers uses a one click Ajax tool for adding friends (contacts) which is very efficient.
  • Answer the questions that you can and link to your site as a reference when best suited.
  • Link to other sites as references so your participation is not mistaken as spamming.
  • If others are answering questions more accurately than you, star or vote for their answers, this is a good way to make friends.
  • Take two or three hours a week to perform this simple yet effective social media participation, then check your log files or stats to see if this is building traffic and conversions. If it is, rinse and repeat.
  • Also take into account that Yahoo Answers information will be indexed by Yahoo for a long time, this is not just a quick marketing fix. Yahoo Answers info is also integrated into Yahoo Local, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Brand Channels and other Yahoo content channels, so the audience is growing significantly.
Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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30 thoughts on “Marketing Your Site on Yahoo Answers

  1. Thanks Loren, for your very informative article on Yahoo Answers. It has been on my ‘to explore’ list for some time. Your insights have certainly given some practical direction about how to leverage this avenue for social marketing. Definitely worth exploring.

  2. Thanks for the information and I agree. It’s an excellent way to help others and drive traffic at the same time. I’ve added the feed for my interest categories to Feedblitz so I’m notified when new questions pop up. It saves a lot of time.

  3. – I think it is better to choose more than one related category , three is the best.
    – Try to get the best answers because Yahoo select the member that have more best answers and will promote this member and get his profile in the top of the list.
    – Another point, I have links from these sections to my web sites and I did not have the problem of “nofollow”, if you can explain more this point.

  4. “nofollow” was implemented to prevent link spammers from gaining link popularity by spamming guestbooks and blogs. Google appears to use it, but I can see pages of mine indexed in Yahoo and MSN that clearly should not have been followed.

    You can add the following to a custom (Firefox) css file to highlight nofollows on pages:

    a[rel~=”nofollow”] { border: 1px dotted red; background-color: #EED3DE !important }


  5. Hi,
    I went to Yahoo Answers a week or so ago and was notified that I had the best answer for one of the first questions I’d answered! I think I like it!

  6. You might like to check out this software we’ve been using for the past few months to help save time marketing on Answers…

    …it’s a pretty good time saver to have all new relevant questions being sent to you automatically. Sure beats searching on Yahoo directly and has improved out best answer ratio quite a bit also.

    John Rainer

  7. Por demás interesante la página preguntas y respuestas de yahoo, pero deje de accesarla, en vista de que no pude conectarme mas debido a que FIREFOX no puede establecer una conexion con el servidor en, me gustari recibir informacion de como puedo regresar a tan interesante página, como hago para que FIREFOX regrese a la web con dicha página?

  8. I’ve answers in the past without using it to promote anything – at least not that I was getting paid for! I tried to post a link earlier today and the link can only go in the sources section. Was it just me or is that normal?

  9. I just read that making more than one Yahoo ID/accounts helps. It was mentioned that this way you could use different categories etc. Makes sense?

  10. Your article on yahoo answers was very informative. I am going to see what its about right now as I had never heard of it until I saw your article on here.

  11. My hotlinks from yahoo answers work perfectly when i preview my answer but when i submit it shows just plain text (no hotlink) Maybe because i have just registered? Will the url become a link later or something? Thanks

  12. I have answered over 300 questions on Excel within a year and if you don’t answer a question within a hour or so there are a dozen or so Excel experts who answer the question accurately and succinctly.

    We have even altered the sture of our site to reflect answers to any main srteam question in MS applications and it appears to work.

    My only reservation with YAhoo answers in the difficulty to answer some qurstions without supplying a file or visually arresting html file to demonstrate the answer better than text.

    Also if I was on a hunt for a wishlist a search for questions added in the last 2 hours would also help

  13. Very informative post about Yahoo answers, I was thinking yahoo answers a waste of time, after reading this post my view towards yahoo answers has change, Looking forward for your future posts. Once again Thanks a ton.

  14. Very informative post about Yahoo answers, I was thinking yahoo answers a waste of time, after reading this post my view towards yahoo answers has change, Looking forward for your future posts. Once again Thanks a ton.

  15. Yahoo Question Answer having more popular then other. It have some interesting thing like it’s point distribution and Level system. These things make yahoo interesting.