Now You Can Claim Your Authorship On Bing With New Klout Integration

Klout announced today in a blog post that they have teamed up with Bing to form a pseudo-authorship alliance, similar to Google+ Authorship, that will appear in search results pages.

Bing is calling their answer to Google Authorship “Snapshots”, which allows anyone with a Klout profile to verify and manage how they appear in Bing search results based on their social media profiles.

Snapshots will display an individual’s social media icons, Klout score, as well as their two most influential Twitter moments over the past week and the best of their Instagram feed from the past three months. Snapshots will also pull professional accomplishments, such as experience and education, from your LinkedIn profile.

Here is an example from the Klout blog of what Snapshots will look like:

klout moments blog Now You Can Claim Your Authorship On Bing With New Klout Integration

If you would like to set that up for your content here’s what you have to do. First you have to have Klout and LinkedIn accounts that are connected to each other. Then you can claim your Bing snapshot by going here.

After you claim your snapshot you can tweak exactly what information about you gets displayed in the Bing search results pages. The functionality is live as of today, so it can be set up as you’re done reading this post if you wish.

What do you think about Klout Snapshots? Will you be claiming yours? Let me know in the comments section!

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Matt Southern is a marketing, communications and public relations professional. He provides strategic digital marketing services at an agency called Bureau in Ontario, Canada. He has a bachelors degree in communication and an unparalleled passion for helping businesses get their message out.

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11 thoughts on “Now You Can Claim Your Authorship On Bing With New Klout Integration

  1. And if Bing could only access the restaurant till they could add in what you had for lunch too – do we need all this in the search results?

  2. I’ve ‘claimed’ mine. Now waiting. I guess what I’m not sure sure about is how Bing determines what content we are authors of? Does it do it from OG tags? If you connect G+ to Klout does it just pull the same rel=”author” info from the page headers that point to a G+ account?

    For Google authorship we have to list in our G+ account the sites that we currently contribute to. What’s the equivalent to this for Bing?

  3. Ok seems like a good idea only downside is you get this message “You need to connect your Facebook account to Klout in order to use this feature. Connect now.”

    So No Facebook Account… No Bing Snapshot…

  4. And yes I have just done it and found it interesting in how it works is similar to in that you can search Bing to find and tag more of the pages about you, which is kinda cool.

  5. Matt,
    Hello, and thank you for your great blog post. The depth of ideas impressed me, and it seems like it would take a lot of research to write at that level.  Your knowledge is appreciated.

    I had no idea that Klout and Bing were making this type of connection, but it totally makes sense. It will be competitive with Google’s authorship program, and it will be far less work for Bing to accomplish. They can rely on the infrastructure that Klout has already established, and it will make bloggers happy because they don’t have to do anything new to participate. And am excited to see this sort of merger happen.

    I will return to this site often, as I can see the information is valuable for bloggers like myself. I enjoy making new contacts and connections, and hope to get to know you through your blog. Feel free to connect with me. All kinds of opportunities open up when we collaborate and work together.



  6. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for sharing this. I am going to claim the bing authorship tonight and let’s see how it goes around.

    Thanks for the write up!


  7. This is such a smart tool for keeping control of your online reputation! It’s a good way to combat fake profiles of you or your business much like Twitter created “official” profiles for celebrities and the like. The only flaw is it favors a small demographic of people who have Klout accounts. If this move proves to be successful for Bing, I’m sure it will definitely compete with Google over true authenticity and reputability in search results.

  8. Do you need “Instant Personalization” turned on in Facebook for this to work? Must you be logged into Facebook for this to work? What about LinkedIn must I be logged in to that service to see that data?