Killer Autoresponder Blueprint

Email marketing is a vital part of your success. I am going to share a blueprint I created to create killer messages.

Just a quick overview of email marketing for beginners before we get into the Blueprint…

Generating leads is the foundation of making sales.  Consider this…. The average website converts 2% – 4% of its visitors into customers. Assuming that your website is somewhere within this range…

What are you doing about the other 96 – 98% of your visitors who leave your site without making a purchase?

Much of this 96 – 98% are genuine, savvy consumers who are currently “shopping” and will make a purchase in the near future. And if you don’t have a way to follow up with them and establish some level trust in YOUR company, they are more likely to purchase from one of your many competitors.

You can offer free information (white paper, report, ebook, newsletter, coupons etc) to entice people to join your mailing list and with an autoresponder system you can create an automated email marketing campaign that keeps your products/services front in center in people’s minds while offering free information that establishes your expertise.

Your autoresponder captures their name and email when they “opt-in” to your list and sends them the first email in the pre-written, pre-scheduled sequence.

Note: you can have the system merge your prospect’s name into the subject and body of the email, making it stand out and get extra attention, as if it were a personal email sent directly from you.

If you don’t currently have an autoresponder system, you could check out Aweber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Infusion (to name a few).

What is the point of email marketing?

You build up a rapport and relationship with your prospects; they remember you when they are ready to buy. If your offers are compelling enough or you have special offers, they may even buy sooner than they would have.

Blueprint for a killer autoresponder series:

Now that we have gone over the basics of what an autoresponder is, let’s talk about how you create a killer autoresponder series.

You have to give your prospects something of value.  This helps build credibility for you, it makes them see you as an expert and a source of information and it makes them more open to your offers when you do send them.  If you were to just hit them with a bunch of hard sell offers, they aren’t as likely to stay on your list and they definitely won’t “bond” with you and your company and start to build trust.

You want to create various messages that have information and then different levels of selling.  Consider calling it a “mini course” or an information series, or exposé.

Every message should include a small resource box at the bottom that says “Brought to you by…”  You can put your company name, contact info and a brief bio.  This should remain consistent on every message.

Jennifer Horowitz

Jennifer Horowitz

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6 thoughts on “Killer Autoresponder Blueprint

  1. This is really useful! I'm writing a free ebook at the moment and wasn't sure how to deliver it, as well as delivering an autoresponder course. Thanks for the clear advice!

  2. Jennifer, this is the perfect layout/structure I was looking for as I'm just now starting a 5-7 part autoresponder series myself. Thank you soooo much for posting this!

  3. Sometimes the product is the email itself so it can go on indefinitely. For example I subscribe to the Spanish “word of the day” from a foreign language site. I know their URL by heart and use it frequently.

    The church site I operate offers free sunday school lessons by email every week. The customers are really just getting the name of the church in front of them to raise awareness. No profit motive.