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7 thoughts on “Instagram Becomes A Serious Business Tool With A Suite Of Useful New Features

  1. Thank you for sharing this Matt. Do you know if there is anyone previewing the new ads or if there is a beta that is accessible?

  2. Thanks Matt! I totally agree on this! I have also used Instagram as an online platform to help my business and it has really done wonders for me. I have also tried to connect all my accounts to Twitter and using this online tool called to help me manage my rss feeds and to get the kind of information I want to get across. Were you able to come across with this?

  3. It’s great to hear that Instagram is trying to perfect these tools for their users! I always think Instagram is a social media platform that is a little underrated. People should definitely start paying attention to it more. Google does include Instagram shares and likes in its algorithms. Instagram also lets people tag locations. If a business is food or clothing related, Instagram is crucial (especially if you’re marketing to millennials) because when customers are in the store they’ll be able to post a picture of the product and tag the location. Their followers will see their post and it’s like free advertising!

  4. Interesting article Matt. Sounds like a step to a finer tuning of clients´ preferences. Guess social media marketing will benefit a lot with it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That’s a really interesting read it is great to see what new tools Instagram are adding to the app, these will be very useful for marketing, advertising and branding for businesses using the platform. We love Instagram, and often manage the feeds of a number of client accounts.