How Will Twitter Make Money, Thoughts On Their IPO: Interview With Greg Finn

As part of our SEJ interview series, Greg Finn of Cypress North leads a discussion about how Twitter will make money in light of their recent IPO.

Greg is a passionate Twitter use who believes that great messaging is the driver behind any effective use of social media.

To him it’s about engaging with your audience consistently, being awesome, and finding a way to push yourself to be valuable enough that others will want to follow you.

But how does all of that translate into revenue for a company that is now facing more pressure than ever to make money from its users?

Hear what Greg has to say about that in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Greg mentions that when Facebook went public they scrambled for a little while, but they came back with a clear strategy for monetization.
  • We’re seeing a glimpse of this, Greg says, with Twitter’s lead generation cards. Lead generations cards are ad units that allow users to send their information to businesses with the click of a button.
  • Twitter is always going to be unfiltered, while Facebook gives priority to content that businesses have paid to promote. For that reason Greg believe that Twitter ads can be of value to average users and businesses alike.
  • Promoted trends, on the other hand, are really only a viable option for large corporations because the average cost is well into six figures.
  • Greg suggests Twitter ads can be used in two ways depending on what your goals are. If you want to drive traffic to your website or increase conversions, then use a tweet with an offsite like. If you want to enhance your branding, then just put out an awesome tweet that will make people want to follow you.

If you have any questions after watching the video, for either myself or Greg, ask them in the comments section and we will do our best to respond to everyone! Please visit SEJ’s YouTube page for more video interviews.

Brent Csutoras

Brent Csutoras

Chief Social Media Strategist at Kairay Media
Brent is co-founder of Alpha Brand Media, who publishes Search Engine Journal, and is responsible for managing SEJ's social strategy. Brent also owns the social media agency Kairay Media and the design firm Pixel Road Designs.
Brent Csutoras

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3 thoughts on “How Will Twitter Make Money, Thoughts On Their IPO: Interview With Greg Finn

  1. Hi Brent,

    I am not really a fan of Twitter, I personally think Facebooks ability to target users for advertising is way beyond what Twitter can offer. I don’t even think vine will help with this.

    The funny thing to me, as I scroll through this post, is that is has been tweeted about 7 times more that the corresponding Facebook likes, so who knows, maybe they do have an advantage?

    PS: Your “confirm you are not a spammer” checkbox doesnt work with Chrome.

  2. I do not agree with the following quotation: “Twitter is always going to be unfiltered, while Facebook gives priority to content that businesses have paid to promote.”
    Facebook does not give advertising on its platform any kind of priority. Every user can erase unwanted ads or even express his wish not to see this ad again – or even ads from the same company.
    Hence, Facebook gives its users even more possibilities to control paid content and advertising than any other platform.

  3. I always thought Twitter’s valuation (18 billion or so during IPO) was already quite high. Unless they come up with better innovative (and less intrusive) ads, they are going to suffer for sure. There’ll be a saturation period for ‘just air and consume’ type of content which’s not really meant for dialogues.