How to Submit your Site to Yahoo News

With the rise of blogging and low cost content management systems also comes the rise of news publications and the need for content syndication. Yahoo News is by far the most popular online news aggregator and search engine in terms of daily usage.

The main stories on the Yahoo News front page are powered by content partners, and internal search stories are served via the Yahoo News index. Similarly, Google News serves front page results from sites it deems news authorities, and internal results are based upon search relevancy and story timing.

Question is, how can one list their news site in such a valued source as Yahoo News?

Submitting your news site to Yahoo News is a little more old school than one may think. Yahoo News uses a News Source Submission Form which asks for information like news topic, RSS feed and geographic location.

Personally, I’ve seen jumps in referrals here at Search Engine Journal from Yahoo! News reach 5,000 a day dependent on news story, search terms, timing and whether or not Yahoo Search lists those topical stories as a Yahoo Search Shortcut or not.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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39 thoughts on “How to Submit your Site to Yahoo News

  1. Excellent tip Loren. Do you believe this results in a better chance for more prominent coverage on Yahoo News vs. having the story submitted and/or picked up via a third party PR distribution site such as PRWeb?

  2. Jon, the value of press release printing services like PRWeb is more of a long term result as the releases will be indexed in normal search engines far longer than they would be in news search.

    When syndicating news from a publisher site into search engines however, the user is taken directly to the site of the publisher, and not through a third party, like the PR services do.

    If a story is newsworthy, exciting, or timely, then you may see great advantages from news search indexing (that is, if approved by the news search engines).

    If the story is boilerplate press release, chances are sticking with release distribution is the way to go.

    1. Jon, I have applied to yahoo now over eight times to have out site included in their yahoo news and it says they will contact us within 24 hours but we never get a reply from them. Can you give us any tips on how to get a reply from them and find out how we get into yahoo news. The last time we applied was yesterday to be included in yahoo news but still no word from them

  3. Jon, furthermore, I’d ask myself; “Do news readers know the difference between a news site and press releases?”

    Usually the answer is yes :)

    (Would make for a good study!)

  4. Loren,

    Yeah and understand and agree with what you’ve just said. Let me rephrase my inquiry:

    If one were to consider two methods with the goal of getting not simply a Yahoo News pickup, but one that is featured prominently within Yahoo News (and thus get more eyeballs), would you think that submitting via the Yahoo News form would be more effective (submitting directly) than having that submission made via PRWeb?

    My hunch is that it might well do just that. I would think there is a fair amount of automation in how Yahoo features PRWeb-originated news items within Yahoo News. By contrast, when submitting directly to Yahoo News there *may* be an actual editor that gives it a closer look. If that is indeed the case than to me that makes it worthwhile to submit directly as all Yahoo News pickups are certainly not equal.

  5. Loren, Upon re-reading your comment I believe you may have addressed it there… Seems as though the direct submission “can’t hurt” and in some cases where you’ve really got something special it might indeed be advantageous.

    On another unrelated note, check out the Baltimore / DC SEO Meetup group we’re starting… my name above is the link.

  6. Great post. My hunch is that submitting directly can’t hurt, but could help immensely if it’s picked up. It’s hard to justify several hundred bucks to submit through the 3rd party guys if you can submit releases directly to the top 5-10 news sites and get 75-80% of the coverage for 30 minutes worth of work. MarketBuilders can submit directly.

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  8. Just looking at this submission form it seems as though you can only submit individual stories one at a time.
    Is that correct or is there a way of asking Yahoo News to crawl your site on a regular basis for new stories (in a similar way to Google News)?

  9. This is good advice, I would think that Yahoo News at this point would be considered almost in the category as an authority site, so the exposure would be good for you if you had something to contribute.


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  11. This is going to be very interesting. Sites try to get into Yahoo as well as Google news. I wonder if it increases their rank.

  12. Thanks for these instruction. We are trying to include our blog, and hope to join.

    What we're extremely frustrated with is how do we reach AOL News? We've been searching for this topic for months now. Also, for Bing News submissions the only way to reach is to submit to an email. (or something similar).

  13. Thanks for these instruction. We are trying to include our blog, and hope to join.

    What we're extremely frustrated with is how do we reach AOL News? We've been searching for this topic for months now. Also, for Bing News submissions the only way to reach is to submit to an email. (or something similar).