How to Search Twitter – the Advanced Guide

You might be tired to see Twitter-related posts every single day but this shouldn’t prevent you from using the tool. To network using Twitter or not – is up to you. There are still many people who just don’t get the very idea of telling others what they are doing. What’s definitely should be taken into account: Twitter is a great marketing tool that can help you understand your audience and keep track of hot trends in your industry.

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Now, to do that effectively, let’s look at how to search Twitter properly:

Use Twitter (advanced) search (formerly Summize):

Actually, Twitter advanced search feature is really unique and should not be taken lightly. Among pretty traditional options (exact match, language based, etc), there are quite innovative parameters: search by emotional coloring or sentence semantic structure.

Let’s overview briefly what we can do with Twitter search:

Twitter Search

Use Twitter Search Tools:

  • (as the name suggests) keeps track of all twittered hashtags (#). The tool also trends each one and shows you most popular ones: - seo

  • Twitseek searches for URLs twittered along with the keyword.
  • Tweet Scan is a simple Twitter search tool (updates results every second);
  • Twit Scoop searches and tracks the keyword-related conversations. It will also show you the trend for your keyword popularity on Twitter:

Twit Scoop

  • TwitStat is another Twitter search analytics that not only searches but shows you the query trend.
  • FireFox addons:

Twitter Search [Greasemonkey Script]

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22 thoughts on “How to Search Twitter – the Advanced Guide

  1. Great summary. I am sure *most* folks on Twitter do not yet realize power of search.twitter. I’m frustrated we’ve not been able to search people’s bios @ Twitter for over 2 months now. Any suggestions on that front?

  2. Wow Ann this is pretty cool. I use twitter search all the time but didn’t realize all the different search options. I’m sure this will come in very handy.

  3. Good, well written article. Crsip and to the point. We are ourselves as Social Media Management company. However Ann Smarty’s tips are comprehensive.

    Has anyone tried Firefox’s add-on plugin using which one can tweet from the address bar. Really cool and useful

  4. Twitter Search is one of the best tools around, however I have frequently seen it fail with searched involving finding keywords from a specific person, and generally searching inside a person’s timeline usually shows no results. Too bad because otherwise it would be the perfect search tool for Twitter

  5. Great article, I have understood much better what you can and cannot do with Twitter search. I have also tried it myself and published a short article on my blog. I have also madre reference to your post.

  6. I know I'm waking up an ancient post here, but the date range search is a joke, doesn't work at all. Tried multiple times, can't get it to search for an entire month, just a few days.

    Any tips for other resources? Thanks in advance.

  7. Try using this tool if you're looking for opinionated tweets (love/hate)

    I made a little twitter search engine for love/hate context matches to a search term, check it out here:!

  8. Try using this tool if you're looking for opinionated tweets (love/hate)

    I made a little twitter search engine for love/hate context matches to a search term, check it out here:!

  9. Very similar to google search parameters, very helpful, it would be great if you can write about google parameters too, which will be useful for seo purpose, thanks in advance

  10. Are there any auto reply tools that once a keyword or phrase is discovered it will auto reply with a message that I have already preset?

    I have read so many articles and cant seem to find the answer?

    Any help is appreciated!